Tales of Elrith

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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Tales of Elrith

Postby Elrith » Thu Dec 28, 2006 7:21 am

((Please forgive the formatting. I wrote this in word forgetting it wouldn't transfer over correctly. If you have any suggestions for improvement they would be most welcome.))

A Dark Revenge
603 (Minilsuzyan reclamation)
Pit patpit patpit pat...
The steady pounding of water droplets against a man’s temple compelled him to wake, to open his eyes.

Darkness, he took in through his eyes.

The small cohering droplets frigidly caressed the side of his face and the man’s reflexes did what any others unaccustomed to the damp intrusion would do. They caused him to shiver. At this moment two things happened: He suddenly became aware of his bodies physical sensations, and let loose an agonizing scream so alien to him that it must not be his own. His heart responded by reaching a rate similar to the thud, thud, thu-thud, of a dire badger’s footsteps as it races towards its prey.

Oh Gods the AGONY! I’ve never felt something so excruciating.

It felt as if he had been dragged aimlessly for great distances over something rough and unforgiving. He ached in places never before thought possible. Muscles screamed in protest at the very effort they put forth just to hold his body together in one piece. The skin shed crimson tears as it tried with all of its biological efforts to seal the thousands of gashes strewn over it.

After what seemed to be an eternity the pain somehow became tolerable. The frantic breaths and quickly beating heart began to slow. Some semblance of rational thought returned to the man as his higher thinking processes wrestled free from the clutches of pain.

What in the hells have I gotten myself into now?

The eyes frantically darted back and forth gasping for light, but there was only darkness. He tried to stand but something was restraining him. Hands wanted to reach down in protest to this deterrent, but they didn’t seem to be working either. In fact they were tied in a rather uncomfortable position behind his back. Arcane words reflexively flew from his parched throat to try and shed some light on the situation. Instead of a burst of magical light nothing happened, and the darkness persisted unopposed.
The man sighed in frustration.
Think. Why do I know secrets of the arcane? Who Am I? How did I get here?

It all came back to him rather suddenly.

My name is Julius Rosen. I was born near Daris to a wealthy family. I work a respectable business as the owner of an inn.
Wait a minute that’s not right. He could recall his real “occupation” all too clearly now. My inn is just a cover. I traffic exotic slaves from all over the lands. He chuckled, a very lucrative…and pleasurable business.
I’m an important man then. Someone must be holding me for ransom. I am in no danger of dieing for now.

Julius managed to turn the corners of his mouth into a painful half-smile. In his mind this would all be over soon, and whoever had bothered to capture him would find they bit off more than they could manage. Soon they would be dead, and he would be free from this accursed dark prison.

He spent the next long hours listening for the noises of the nearby raiding party that must have captured him. But Julius only had the sound of his own strained breathing and the slow pit pat of water dropping from above to keep him company. Finally, after a long time, thirst and hunger overcame him. He needed assistance from one of his damned captors or he would die.

They treat me like an animal.

“Hello is anyone there?! I am in need of some COMMON DECENCY!”

Julius managed to surprise himself with the strength of his voice although rough and harsh. He waited listening to his words echo off nearby walls, while his lungs and throat punished him for breaking their simple rhythm of life.

“It is time we talked of recent memories anguished one.”

The reply came far too close to his liking. The voice was definitely feminine with a slight accent he couldn’t place, but it gave its possessor a seductive quality. How did she get so close to me not making a sound? It does not matter, now she will give me what I want and perhaps I will be merciful to her when I am freed. If she is…attractive enough.

He finally managed to sputter out a reply, “Come hither with a light my dear lady so that I Julius Rosen may look upon the fine features attached to that wonderful voice.” His plan was perfect. He would seduce his captor with his charismatic nature so that when the time came her guard would be lowered and his men could easily capture her. He had some of the best trackers of the empire under his employ, and many people in high places would hate for their frequent business opportunities with him to cease.

It was only a matter of time before he was found. Julius fully went on believing in his plan to succeed for about five seconds. Then a small pinpoint of purple light revealed just how dismal his situation really was. Standing before Julius was a terrifyingly beautiful and familiar drow female.

His men had found her some months ago sleeping alone in the treacherous depths below the surface. They were looking for the skulking creatures of eternal darkness, but decided that she was much more favorable to a beholder or something else capable of devouring them. So they captured her and brought her into the land of men. She was presented as a gift to the powerful Julius. He had never seen a drow before and kept her locked away while he slowly tried to convert her into his play thing.

Apparently he had failed miserably as he was now alone underground with her haunting red eyes fixed on him.

No, NO, anyone but her. Oh Gods she’s going to kill me. She must have escaped, and dragged me down into this hell.

He let out a laugh only fitting for a man who knew his death was inevitable.

“I can’t believe my adviser thought you were actually mute. You were watching me, waiting all this time without speaking a single word. Your kind really is as vile and treacherous as they say. Tell me; are you incapable of feeling passion and love? It would be a pity for something as beautiful as you to refuse everything I have to offer.” The man knew that he should have been pleading for his life at this point but it just wasn’t his way, especially when in the presence of one with such malevolent beauty as her.

Julius watched her move towards him as she spoke in what he knew were the last moments of his life.

“You took me from my home into a place I never wished to set eyes upon and made me your slave. You are a pathetic worm, a small nuisance unworthy to touch me without MY permission...

...and now I'm going to return the favor."

At this point she was almost on top of him and motioned to slice the side of his cheek open with her rather long nails. She stopped almost as if forgetting to say something.

“I am Elrith. You will serve me in death locked within your agony.”

Before Julius could object he felt something cold bore through his chest, past his ribs, and into his heart. Elrith quickly withdrew the knife and smiled as she tasted his blood. Julius Rosen may have been a fool in life, but his magical aptitude, and various arcane journals she recovered from his home would one day serve her well. There was much to be done. She quickly dismissed the magical light and began to prepare the body for mummification.
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Postby Ludovic » Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:45 pm

That was a good story; I like twists and surprises and the fact Mr. Julius Rosen isn't the protagonist was a nice one.

It's also nice to see a proper drow; evil and with a good reason that caused her to come above ground.

Maybe I'll get to see you in game some time. Keep writing, don't stop now - make the character real and give it a personality.

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Postby Elrith » Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:12 pm

Business in a Dusty Tomb


Cold, dark, and inhospitable the mausoleum was not at all a quotidian place for a human to be. Waves of nightmares permeated the dusty old stones. Even the rats cowered as they scurried down the hall tentatively looking for an unfortunate meal to devour.

A ghastly frieze crept along the right wall depicting a gruesome battle. On the left, supposedly where the end of the narrative should be, the great kings and heroes of the tale stood with their capes full of wind. Their empty sockets were trying in vain to gaze back across the room and warn the heroes from the past of their impending doom. If the engaged sculptures in the wall possessed any form of consciousness they would be most annoyed at the pair of sanguine orbs impeding their ability to accomplish this task.

Unlike the sculptures these orbs did have life. They moved and quivered about curiously taking in every detail of the room. Not even the smallest dust mote hiding in the dark found sanctuary from their gaze. Small droplets of blood pattered guiltily along the floor; feeling resentment for leaving their master as he was lying there broken, defeated, and lifeless.

Of course the owner of the sanguine eyes had killed him. He was only in her way. Moments before the now dead man had been performing a necromantic ritual capable of making even the hardiest of men’s skin crawl. At least that was what he thought was happening until a bubbling acidic arrow was boring through his chest. Courtesy of one rather annoyed dark elf.

Elrith, though she was now thirty years older, had hardly changed from the first day she had been exposed to the surface. Her ambitions however, had definitely expanded. A particular book she had confiscated from the half-wit Julius Rosen had been rather serviceable in this matter. It had been thrown aside in his house as though the contents were mere fairy tales.

But she knew better, because with information comes power. She followed the books melancholy rhymes all the way to this tomb; a tomb which happened to be located directly underneath the pitiful town of Cear. According to the anonymous author of this mysterious book there was an artifact of great power here, and Elrith was staring at it this very moment.

It was an altar large enough to support the body of a fully grown human corpse, which is what it was doing rather well. The dark skinned elf tentatively neared the object of her desire and pushed the corpse away as if removing the lid on Pandora’s Box. At this point she recited a few innocuous words in preparation to do what any intelligent being would conclude must be done. She was going to drain the very essence out of the artifact and keep it for herself.

A dark hand with long razor edged nails shot out greedily to devour the energy within the altar. Contact with the blood stained stone was the terrifying bliss she had been expecting. The memory and the agony seemed to be limitless as it flowed effortlessly through her arm into her consciousness. Suddenly though something felt wrong. A presence was clawing its way into her from the altar. She could feel it slowly enveloping her fingers. As a panicked reaction Elrith tried to lift her hand away, but it felt horrible. It was almost as if a hundred nails had been driven into her, making any effort to move her limb unbearably painful. So she decided to wait, and for the first time in her existence was uncertain of what would happen.

She did not like this feeling, uncertainty; it brought about further waves of emotion: Helplessness, fear, weakness. The fact that she could feel this thing crawling into her consciousness reminded her all too well of how Julius and his men had handled her. Ever since that time she obtained a great aversion to any other living being coming in contact with her. This intrusion from the altar was an experience a thousand times worse.

Yet there was nothing that could be done. Finally the struggle between her and the invading force stopped.

Hello, came a voice from the back of her mind.

You and I are one.

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Postby Grayle » Wed Jan 17, 2007 1:32 am

Haha. Wow.

So many of us have such dark and twisted imaginations. The creative burst recently has been nice to see.

Nice PoV Elrith.

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Postby Inziladun » Wed Jan 17, 2007 1:50 am

Your story is very nice, indeed. I look forward to more tales of Elrith. :P

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Postby Elrith » Sun Aug 26, 2007 7:53 am

A Short Exodus, Chance Encounter, The Fire Burns yet is Cold

((I wrote this while away on vacation. It is very long and so will be arriving in multiple segments over a period of time so that people will have a chance to read it.))

* (Planning for Death)

Two men coming from separate paths converged in a dark alley. Both wore long coats that flapped behind them. Upon seeing each other they nodded then pressed their backs against the nearby building to stay out of sight.

“Do you trust her?” The man in the grey coat asked.

“Of course not,” rasped his equally shady companion in a dark brown coat. “But you must admit, because of her presence we’ve had a number of lucrative results.”

“I’m not denying that, it’s just...” he sighed, obviously agitated beyond normal levels. “...her requested payment is a bit odd you know. Black Opal, ha! Why would you ask for that when money would get you so much more?”

“Who knows? She’s a witch, remember? I’m sure she can think of something ingenious that would make our own desires pale in comparison.” The brown-coat smirked. “That leaves more gold for us, you know.”

“There is another thing; her relationship with...”

“...the boss.” completed the other man for him. “I especially don’t like that. However, we must remember that her contract with us will be over after the next job. If she doesn’t want to leave, I think you and the others should be ready to do what we discussed earlier.”

A church bell rang in the distance, signaling the start of the day and the end of their meeting.

“She’s a piken drow. You should worry a little more Ethan.” muttered the man in the grey coat as he walked away.

Maybe, thought Ethan; but it has been a long time since I’ve seen brother this happy.

He turned and walked down the alley, contemplating the future of his family while mixing in with the morning market goers.
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Postby Elrith » Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:20 am

* (A Pleasant Morning)

Rupert Willows cracked open his eyes as sunlight began to creep into the room like an unwelcome guest. It slowly funneled its way across his work desk where a multitude of ink bottles sparkled vibrantly as if in greeting to the light. A myriad of papers lay scattered across the desk; most of them displaying trade routes in the area. All were heavily scribbled upon with notes and additions about the terrain, weather, and what sort of defenses merchants had brought along to protect the goods.

His eyes slowly came into focus as he spotted used clothes crumpled on the floor, which were lying next to a chest of very expensive stolen goods they would be selling in the next few days. He smiled, and turned to look over his shoulder at the other side of the bed. Silvery hair, dark skin, and a pair of beautiful ruby red eyes gazed back at him.

“Morning. It figures, you’re always awake before I am.” Rupert said lazily. He took a few more long moments to stare at those beautiful eyes. They held his gaze in a way that was almost unnatural. He could stare into them forever. Then he remembered the first night that he had encountered the woman lying beside him...

* (The Past)

It was nearly three weeks ago. Such a short time, but he felt like an eternity had passed between then. Rupert was traveling along the road with his brother back into town. Rain was pouring. He distinctly remembered the wet slimy feeling of his traveling cloak and his sopped hair; the pattering of water against splurching mud and most strongly the sinking pit in his heart. Their business deal had not gone through and the blacksmith refused to provide them with the tools, and resources they needed. Ethan Willows was still cussing on about what a coward the man was when Rupert suddenly stopped walking down the trail with a loud splosh as his boot planted firmly into a puddle.

“Rupert, watch where you’re going. It’s not every day we can score a pair of boots like those.”

Rupert seemed to have very little interest in the longevity of his boots, very little at all. He was staring at something up ahead a small distance away from the road. There was a figure sprawled out with its hands dug into the earth as though whoever he or she was had been clawing to some destination. But at this time the figure did not seem to be moving very much apart from some rapid shallow breaths.

Rupert began running ahead of his brother toward the figure crumpled near the side of the road.

“Wait Rupert! This isn’t a good idea.” His brother proceeded ahead not taking care to heed his warnings. “Dammit.” Ethan sprinted after him.

After sprinting for a minute he caught up with his brother who was standing over the crumpled body: Now obviously a woman. Ethan was out of breath, he certainly wasn’t in as good of shape as his older brother. He took a look at her while getting some oxygen back through frantic breathing.

“Oh... -gasp- We can’t take her -breath- back with us - inhale- not to the order.”

“They’ll have to make an exception. Or she’s going to die.”

“B-but, -he paused a moment to catch another breath- we’ve killed plenty of others before. Why should we drag her along?”

“There’s something about her. Come on.” He was already moving to support her weight on his shoulders by slinging one of her arms around him. She did little to resist.
“Dammit. Dammit! Why must you always complicate our lives so much?” After his brother failed to respond he grudgingly took hold of the other arm and together they hoisted her up to a nearly standing position.

“Lochwar’s gauntlet, you’re heavier than I expected.” Rupert grunted as they lifted. She merely smiled at him. Her eyes half open drifting between death and whatever reason she chose to continue living.

Ethan piped up in a mocking voice, “Well, what now, O wise and merciful brother?”

“We’re taking her back to the hideout.” Rupert sighed and started walking.

“What a bad idea.” Ethan fell in step with his brother.

“You think everything I do is a bad idea.”

“Well, of course. Look at where your ingenuity has landed us now.”

They walked for a half a mile, maybe a little less. It was hard to tell carrying an extra half a person each. The rain was still pouring until they finally arrived at the outskirts of a little town; then it slowed to a few drops. Rupert turned to their injured luggage.

“Almost there just hold on a bit longer.” He frowned. Her eyes weren’t even open now.

“Hey, do you think she’s dead? My back would feel much better if we could just leave her here.”

“Oh shut up. We’re not going to leave a dead body...”

Suddenly a gruff voice boomed from behind them. “Well, well, if it isn’t the Willows boys...”

Ethan muttered furiously, a flurry of curse words escaped from under his breath while his hand moved to the hilt of a dagger.

“I always thought you were up to something fishy sneaking around in the early hours of the morning. Now I’ve got proof! Where are you taking that body?” finished the voice.

“N-n-nowhere constable. She uh... needs help.” The words practically spluttered out of Ethan’s mouth like he was spitting out food.

“Help obviously from those stab wounds you inflicted upon her.” He readied his cudgel. “Now drop the drow and come quietly with me, before I pummel the snot out of you both.”

Rupert looked over at his brother trying to decide what to do. They couldn’t be arrested now. There were too many people depending upon them to show up tomorrow. It was then that he noticed their unconscious female was now awake and seemed to be staring at the constable through half closed eyes. He looked back at the officer. The man hadn’t noticed yet.

Just as he was about to announce their dark friend was alive and well a peculiar noise emanated from her closed cheeks as though she had just snapped a twig in her mouth. She wrestled weakly against Ethan’s neck for a moment in order to free her left arm, (Ethan was more than happy to let go) and then spit whatever crushed substance was in her mouth onto her hand.

To Rupert it looked putrid yellow, probably not so savory.

A strange sensation of air rushing up from beneath him caused a slight involuntary shiver. Then he noticed her silver hair was being moved about in this unsettling wind. With one arm still wrapped around his back the dark elf raised her left finger, pointed at the constable, and spoke for the first time in Rupert’s presence. It wasn’t a language he had ever heard before. To his horror it also had some rather unseen effects. The man intent on stopping them barely had even a moment to look surprised as a green ray, hotter than anything the brothers had felt before, plunged straight into the constable’s chest causing him to melt right before their eyes.

The overall effect took less than a second, but it was still rather gruesome. The first thing to go were the constables eyeballs which sagged into a puddle at his feet. They were quickly followed by his skin, and then the rest of him collapsed in an oozing congealed mass which soon evaporated. All that was left was a tiny pile of dust that started sinking into the mud almost immediately.

Contrary to a natural fear and against his better judgment he held onto the slightly shorter elf at his side during all of this. She looked up at him with deep red eyes that were slowly sagging into the embrace of sleep again.

“We must go. I won’t be able to do that again.” The elf went completely limp for a second time.
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Postby Elrith » Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:32 am

* (Mistakes)

A run down looking house on the outskirts of town cast lantern light into the darkness. Quite frequently a dark figure would pace one way in front of a window, blocking the light for a moment and then come back the other way repeating the cycle.

Ethan was muttering a torrent of curses that would make even the most tolerant priest’s ears turn red. “What are we going to do? They’ll find out. It’s over. Over, all because we helped her.” he seemed to be muttering at a volume level intended for his own reassurance rather than anyone else.

“‘Aye ya bloke, sit down befer the whole town seez ya. Have a drink! At least I know ye can handle alcohol better than nerves. Bumbling fool.” A short dwarf (by human standards) in patchy looking armor set a mug filled to the brim on a nearby chair and kicked it so that it slid across the room to Ethan. The effect was only slightly messy.

“Yeah, thanks Rockthorn.” Ethan seated himself in a rather unsteady matter till he was comfortable with the mug in his hands and began draining the drink.

“That’s right laddie, keep your nerves under control. We don’t want to be agitat’en our guest downstairs do we.” Rockthorn let out a large burp seemingly contradicting the advice he just gave his human friend. As is customary of dwarven culture, he just took another sip of his drink rather than apologizing.

Creaking floorboards under Rockthorn’s chair would have given any adept listeners nearby a good indication as to where their secret little underground entrance lay hidden. Moments later there was a rap on the trapdoor and Rockthorn slid off his seat to open it; furling a giant rug out of the way and disengaging a trap as he did so. Rupert stuck his head out from the ladder way.

“Alexander says she’s waking up. I want both of you downstairs in the main ante-chamber as soon as possible.” A rap, rap, rap came up from the passageway and he was gone before either of the two humanoids had a chance to speak.

“Alright ye greenhorn.” Rockthorn bellowed to Ethan. “Out with the torch, lock the doors, and down we go!”

Ethan just shook his head as the dwarf slid down the ladder laughing along his way. He decided to shout down at him, “I’ve been here longer than you!” After blowing out the lantern, baring the windows, and locking the only door into the building; he plunged into the darkness closing the hatch as he went.

* (Wake Up!)

Rupert looked to the door behind him. Rockthorn’s thunderous laugh was already echoing down the hallways and into his ears. Flicking his gaze back to the front of the room he saw Alexander ‘Stitch’ Steadyhands attending to the elf that they had rescued. Or perhaps she had rescued them with her strange powers. He let out a strained sigh and rubbed his eyes. They had barely gotten any sleep. It seemed like the entire day had flown by arguing with his younger brother. At least Rockthorn had shown up in the afternoon to calm him down. Things really were a mess.

“Is it ready yet?” he said after returning his thoughts to the present and looking up at Stitch.

“So impatient, always busy-busy, just give me a minute. Only a minute should do.” The gnome piped back at him. He was tinkering with some sort of device that they had scrapped together. A crystal was suspended over the shallowly breathing dark elf by a metal frame. They had been unsuccessful in waking her up using normal methods. Stitch had proposed this idea of funneling light from a bunch of fireflies into this crystal with an electrical discharge. Rupert had no idea how it worked, but Alexander was a full blown genius when it came to piecing equipment and animals back to a working state. It was how he earned his nickname after all.

At least the gnome had stitched the elf back up and stopped the bleeding. If their plan to wake her failed she wouldn’t be in any danger of dying for a few days. He hoped. They desperately
needed a miracle for his plans to start working. There would be no resistance without funds, no funds without stealing, and no stealing without ability. He had already deducted that this elf had plenty of ability, but would she be willing to help them? It was a question that he and Ethan had returned to many times.

After the dwarf and his younger brother entered the room Stitch stopped fiddling with the crystal, tapped the glass container holding the fireflies a few times so that they buzzed around in anger, then proclaimed rather excitedly, “It’s ready!”

The dwarf scratched his head, “How in blazes is this thing going to work? It looks like a goblin patched it together with troll spit!”

Stitch whirled around atop his little stool and glared at the dwarf as though he had just insulted his mother. “It will work, just put out that torch and cover your eyes.” His little gnome hands grasped the goggles around his forehead and securely slipped them over his own large and squishy seeing orbs, which had the effect of making them look ten times as big as they really were.

Rockthorn couldn’t stop himself from laughing at how ridiculous Alexander looked.

The gnome cleared his throat and looked at Rupert. “Ready, sir?”

He nodded, the three of them closed and covered their eyes. Rockthorn was still chuckling in the back of the room.

Stitch turned to a rather large lever connected to an electrical trap on his left. Jumping off his stool he landed on top of it. The lever slid downward with a loud clink while the gnome held on with his feet wiggling in the air.

Lightning from the trap funneled down a copper rod into the cage where the fireflies were being held, and they buzzed around frantically for a few seconds then... exploded, making quite a mess. The air inside the tube turned green mixed with firefly guts as it moved down the glass until reaching the crystal, which began to light up and glow green as well. Stitch shouted, “It’s alive!” as he clutched onto the lever looking up at his handiwork.

The crystal increased in luminosity until it felt as bright as the sun and then exploded. Everything was dark. Muffled “Rmph...ggurggle...arfhs” could be heard coming from near the table.

“Get a torch lit, now.” …
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Postby Will » Sun Aug 26, 2007 4:36 pm

Ah, just found the time to read all this. Great story with our favorite drow. Very interesting.
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Postby ChikenKannon » Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:16 pm

Poor fireflies. :)
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Postby Elrith » Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:36 am

* (Did it work?)

… “Right.”

A small light flickered in from the hallway. Ethan pointed it at the table. Alexander had moved from the nearby switch to a spot suspended in midair where his feet were dangling wildly. A pair
of black hands were strangling his neck. “Rmph!” He squealed. His face was beginning to resemble a blueberry.

Rockthorn and Rupert both lunged toward the table securing the gnome from the grasping hands and forcing the elf to be still so she wouldn’t overexert herself. She stopped struggling after her eyes landed on the human. “Where are we?”

“A safe-house out in the country. Everything’s going to be ok” Rupert responded.

Alexander let out a gasping wheeze in response to this. His face finally began turning back to a normal shade of peach.

Her gaze swept around the room: stopped momentarily on each of its four occupants, the strange broken contraption above her, and then finally onto the blanket lying on top of her. “Where are my clothes!?”

“We had to remove them so your wounds could be treated. I’m sure you understand.”

“How dare yo-...”

Ethan interrupted her, “Relax; none of the men took them off. We had Kallen look at you first.”

The elf glowered at him obviously still infuriated, but decided to change the subject. “I have to leave, can’t stay here. Have to find...” She grunted trying to get up, “...the road back.” Quivering slightly her arms held her neck up for a few seconds until the pain overcame them.

“You’re in no condition to be moving young lass,” interjected Rockthorn as he looked up from his slightly less coughing companion who had moved to a sprawled out position on the floor.

“Fine. But you expect me to sit here and do nothing while I recover? That’s hardly an option.” Her dangerous looking fingernails clutched the blanket closer to her chin.

“What the heck. How about you work for us? I was intent on asking you anyway. You’ll have something to do while recovering.” Rupert looked at her hopefully.

“Doing what?” She retorted.

“Well for starters not attempting to murder my comrades...” Alexander showed his appreciation by managing to cough a little at these words. “...and stealing. We need to come up with a large amount of money in a few weeks. Certain parties are interested in supporting us after that.”

“How do you expect to compensate me?” a tone of voice was used so that everyone in the room could tell this was no joking matter.


Rupert held up a hand toward his brother, “Lower your voice and wait outside.”

He stormed out of the room after shoving the torch into the dwarf’s hands rather unexpectedly.

“Now, we don’t have much money to pay you with but I’m sure you could take a percentage from the items that we steal; with your help of course.”

“I’ll consider your offer while I rest. You’ll be sending someone with my clothes I presume?”


* (Displaced Nobility and the True Name)

A young woman in her late teens with soft red hair, blue eyes, and elegant features could have been a noble if not for the clothes she was wearing. They were not unclean, but someone of noble birth would never be caught wearing them if they could help it; yet despite this fact, the girl still carried herself with an air of nobility about her. Almost as if, she truly believed that was her place in the world.

This was Kallen, the grandchild of displaced Dasarian nobility, and she was reluctant to give back the robe being carried in her hands. A deep grey with blood red tapestry woven into them. To her it was the most beautiful peace of clothing she had ever touched. The fabric was like silk,
but stronger as it barely had a scratch on it. Even the tear around the woman’s wounds to whom the robes belonged began repairing itself once she started washing it. It now looked pristine. Kallen did not wish to hand it back but she knew that she must. These clothes did not belong to her.

She rapped a few times on the side of the wall. Just shy of the curtain that had been placed up for their new guests privacy. Kallen thought it was strange; as this place was always dark without a torch. Why would one need a curtain in complete darkness? Come to think of it, she had never seen their new guest using any source of light at all.

“Come in.”

Kallen pushed the curtain out of the way and walked into the small pitch black room. “I’ve finished cleaning your clothes” she announced to the darkness in front of her.

“Place them in front of you.”

She did so, setting them down gently. “Have you made a decision yet? So that I have something to report to Ru? It’s been two days.”

There was a pause. Then, “I have.”

Such a momentary pause gave Kallen hope. “You’ll agree to help us then?”

“Yes, but tell Rupert my conditions of pay have altered slightly. We can discuss the details as soon as I change and...” the drow’s voice dropped intensity slightly as if she wasn’t used to saying such things. “...you help me upstairs.”

The girl backed out of the room excitedly only hesitating halfway out of the cloth barrier as she remembered something. “I don’t mean to offend, but some of the men say...” she called back into the darkness, “...that you worship Tiamat, and even fouler dark gods. It’s not true is it?”

“Hmpf. You should know that our reality is shaped by how we want it to be. Not how it is. Perceive me as you like; I do not intend to try and win you over.”

“Alright. I will wait for you outside.” Somehow she felt more at ease around the drow from now on as she pondered those words.

After a few minutes of rustling and what Kallen took for elvish curses the dark elf emerged from her room with a slight limp. Lighting in the hall caused her to squint. She wrapped her arm around Kallen’s waist, putting most of her weight in the girl’s territory, and looked down the hallway that snaked around to where the exit was. “Shall we Kallen?”

Passing various other rooms on their way to the ladder Kallen asked, “I know you’ve introduced yourself to Ru and the others yesterday, but could you tell me your name?”

“Why not? You might have some difficulty pronouncing it, but I think you’ll catch on quickly. Unlike those men.” Kallen laughed. The elf leaned her head onto the girl’s shoulder (like her sister might if she was still alive) and whispered, “Luanilee” just as they reached the ladder.
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Re: Tales of Elrith

Postby Elrith » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:00 pm

((A note: I found the rest of this story the other day. There may be some inconsistencies but hopefully it will be enjoyable.

I should remember not to delay in posting things because I want to change the endings. Years can fly by all too quickly...

Incoming multiple posts!))

* (She’s Decided!)

“I do not like your infatuation with...” Ethan paused in mid sentence as an usual sound made his thoughts lurch. There was a grinding clink as a lock on the other side of the trapdoor slid in its track. It popped open and Kallen was struggling to hoist herself up with the dark elf in tow. The two of them barely managed to fit through the small entrance.

Rupert stood up from the table leaving his partially eaten breakfast of cracked oats, wheat, bread, an apple, and water sitting lonely by itself. “Here, let me give you a hand.” With a bit of effort the two women finally emerged out of the hatch and took a seat in the room on a nearby bench.

“Would you two ladies like something to eat?” He offered them his food, gesturing at the table.

Kallen responded with a polite, “No, but thank you cousin.” while the sharply dressed elf just shook her head.

“I wasn’t expecting you so early lady Elrith. Do you wish to discuss something?”

“That’s fairly accurate, yes.” She responded to Rupert while batting at some silvery-white hair around her ears.

Ethan was stabbing his food irritably before shoveling it into his mouth, hoping that the drow would just go away.

“You’ve come to a decision then?” The older Willows brother drank some water while waiting for her reply.

“I will work for you no more than a month, after that I must leave.” He nodded. “My payment...” for a second Rupert could have sworn she had glanced at Ethan. “...will change. I do not want a percentage of our income. Instead, I only require that certain items fall into my possession. I will choose these based on our circumstances. That way you will overall be paying me far less and I will acquire what I need immediately.”

“Good, straight to the point then. We only have a few days before a shipment I’m planning to acquire arrives. Will you be well enough to accompany me?”

“I can help her.” Kallen was teetering on the edge of the bench looking for some way to be included. She looked at Elrith optimistically. “That is, if you would permit me to.”

A dash of reluctance crept into the drow’s voice which she did not try to hide, “I’m tired of relying on you people, but I probably will need your help. In any case, I’ll be ready when you need me.”

Rupert took a bite of his bread. “Excellent. Kallen if you could attend to your chores in the orchard while the three of us go downstairs. You may join us after you finish.”

“Of course cousin.” She stood up, gave a parting nod to the three of them, and walked out as proud as ever.
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Re: Tales of Elrith

Postby Elrith » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:02 pm

* (Preparing for Battle)

Kallen was befuddled: “You won’t need to bring horses”, the drow had said. How in the world do you plan on stopping them? If only I knew what you were thinking. She had not brought the horse she owned, nor her lance because Elrith had said they were unnecessary. At least that way she didn’t have to worry about Arthur getting injured or having to spend more money on expensive repairs.

Peering around the large boulder she and Elrith were hiding behind she noted that the road was still clear. The trading caravans would be coming soon though. They were all sure of it. Elrith was busy beside her trying to pull a bolt back into a crossbow, and not quite making it.

“Here, let me help you with that.” Kallen reached over and locked it back into place with one hand. The drow just looked up at her in an annoyed manner and then sighed at her own weakness.

Up above on either side of the road were two small hills just big enough to hide ten prone people behind. A number of trees were scattered around the area making it a good ambush spot. Rockthorn kept peeking up over the hill on the left; trying to see what the young girl and the dark elf were up to.

“Stop doing that, someone will see you.” muttered a stocky looking human who had his hand on a bow next to him.

“What are ye talkin’ aboot? We dwarves blend in well with the earth!”

“Not with that bloody axe sticking in the air. Give it here.” The archer snatched the axe and laid it down on the grass.

“‘Ay! No one touches Jezebel!”

“I just did. Somethin wrong with that?” Oh dear gods, he named it Jezebel?

“Psst. Shut up you two, we have a job to do!” A third man had joined the conversation on their left. His knuckles went white as he clutched the staff of the glaive in his hands; pretending most likely that it was the dwarfs neck. All was quiet after that apart from a few exchanged glares.

Down near the road Elrith sat looking positively bored while Kallen kept glancing out from behind their hiding spot. Occasionally the dark elf would tap the crossbow on her knee. The Dasarian girl always had one hand on the end of her rapier.

“They’re late” announced Kallen.

“Obviously, I’m surprised one of the idiots up top hasn’t managed to blow our cover.” Elrith twitched her ears. “Finally. They’ve arrived.”

“How are we going to alert Ru?”

“I’ve taken care of it.”

Just then Rupert was waving his arms furiously at a giant bat attempting to land on his shoulder. “Ack, no get away pest!” His efforts failed to deter the fuzzy flying creature and it successfully latched onto him with both feet.

Stop struggling; it’s me. A familiar voice seemed to pierce into his mind.

“Oh.” Rupert said out loud. Some of the men were giving him funny looks as he shuffled his shoulder around awkwardly that was holding the bat. It responded to his shuffling by beating its wings in his ear until he finally held still.

You could have at least given me some warning that you could do that.

Minor detail, I must have forgotten.

You’re laughing at me, aren’t you?

I might be, but more importantly; our target is coming around the corner right now. They’ll be here in a minute or so. Kallen has line of sight.

Rupert looked around at his men on this side of the road. He knew Rockthorn would be ready on the other side.

Everything is good here. Are you sticking to the plan?

It will be easiest that way.

The bat on his shoulder unfolded its wings like a cloak, let out a large screech and sailed into the sky out of sight. Probably to go check on the enemies defenses Rupert thought.
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Re: Tales of Elrith

Postby Elrith » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:06 pm

* (It Begins)

Larry possessed an innate fear of sea creatures ever since he was a small child. So wisely he had decided it would be best to pick a career on land. Being a cart driver wasn’t so bad. The moon was out in full smiling upon them. A cool breeze was blowing across the cart. The pay wasn’t the best, but at least it was relatively safe. Companies hired the best men to protect their cart drivers. It was all about the bottom line: Getting the product safely to the next destination with as little mishap as possible. He was an important part of that process. So nothing bad would happen to him, right?

These thoughts streamed through his tiny close-minded brain until they were interrupted by something landing on his shoulder. It screeched at him.

A guard sitting next to Larry the cart driver informed him, “Larry, you have a bat on your shoulder there. Huh, its eyes kinda look like they’re glowing.”

Larry looked over at it.

Then there was a blood curdling scream emanating from Larry’s lips. Stupid guard, that’s not a bat. It’s a lizardman. I should have known they would be coming for me. Ingenious they live in the ocean and can walk on land. Oh gods. It’s chewing on my face... AGHH, THE PAIN!

Larry suddenly grabbed his cheekbone, and fell off the edge of the cart. Upon meeting the ground some of his vertebra snapped cleanly from the rest of his body. He stopped rolling in a gruesome lump with his limbs and head twisted around unnaturally. So was the end of Larry the cart driver. Killed on land by a twisted creature of the sea; all thanks to a little magic and the touch of a wizards familiar.
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Re: Tales of Elrith

Postby Elrith » Mon Mar 18, 2013 8:14 pm

* (Your Things are Mine.)

The dark elf next to Kallen was laughing hysterically. “Is something I’m doing funny? This is hardly the time to be laughing. They could hear us.”

After catching her breath Elrith looked up into Kallen’s confused face, “I doubt that matters now. Help me to my feet would you?”

Kallen did so. As the elf steadied she withdrew something from her robe, broke it, and threw it into the road while whispering words directed at that very spot. The strange powder turned into a bubbling lake of oil that expanded to cover the entire path.

Just a few ticks of time later Larry’s cart ran right into the tar, toppled over sideways (for they were going at a rather fast pace), and began to skid. The guard was still looking behind to see where the driver had fallen off when he slipped out of his seat. Then another cart slammed into the back of Larry’s as the horses slipped, sending that driver and his guard flying forward through the air.

Elrith watched all this chaos and mayhem with a slight grin on her face.

The third, and last cart behind them, managed to stop before involving itself in the collision. Four guards jumped out and ran forward to inspect the state of the other two carts; calling out to see if anyone was alive as they approached.

A great battle cry erupted from over the hill looming above the hired guardsmen. It possessed a distinctly dwarven accent. “Raaaaaaagh!”. Rockthorn was bounding down the incline - axe quivering in anticipation - on his short but powerful legs.

“It’s an ambush! Take cov-...” But it was too late, there was a dull thud as something pierced the man’s armor and he looked down to see a bolt in his chest. The rest of the men were slipping in the bubbly goop, barely avoiding the hail of arrows raining down upon them.

By this time the man with the glaive had already positioned himself to cut off the enemies retreat in their last upright carriage. Rockthorn had reached the site of the crash, and rather than wait for the spell to disperse decided to jump headfirst at the nearest cluster of guards. He quite comically fell flat on his face a few feet away and began sliding toward them; now an armored dwarven wrecking ball.

Near the large rock on the side of the road Kallen saw something resembling a tiny man knock over two guards and continue sliding towards the first carriage a little distance up ahead. The last of the mercenaries not pinned under the carriages were crawling out with some difficulty. A few slipping on their buttocks.

“Was that - Rockthorn?” Kallen asked with a sense of disbelief.

Elrith replied by slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand and muttering, “Dimwit.”

Men from both sides of the ambush were now engaging the last remaining guards - who had managed to make it to the edge of the oil stream - in close quarters combat. Rockthorn was on his feet hacking away at another bunch he had just knocked over.

“That should be enough.” Elrith braced herself on Kallen’s shoulder; dismissed the oil field; and walked slowly to the first carriage which had toppled onto its side. A man was trapped, his ribcage had been crushed by the weight of the vehicle on top of him.

It was Larry’s protector that had noticed the bat. “He-lp mh-ee” he spluttered. Blood was running down the side of his mouth, cascading into a little pool beneath him. Kallen figured one of his lungs had been pierced by bone; he would not last long now.

“Should I...?” the noble girl raised her sword near the suffering man and hesitated.

“I have other plans for him.” Elrith bent down and covered the man’s mouth with her hand. A few select words later and she was sucking the last remaining life straight out of him. The man gave a pitiful quivering breath, and then his eyes glazed over in death.

Filled with a new vigor she stood unassisted just as Rupert and Ethan were making their way over to them. The assault was already over. They had won without losing a single man.

Rupert smiled widely at Elrith his face reflecting victory. “That was amazing. It was over so quickly.”

Ethan was behind him holding a crinkled piece of paper, trying to catch his breath.

The dark elf snatched it out of his hands before he could say, “Inventory List.” Her eyes were already scanning down the page. She turned abruptly and walked over to the second carriage. Hopping inside unhindered by her injuries she began to scour through the items. A large
burgundy carrying case emerged followed by a significantly smaller wooden lock box. Elrith slid out and began dragging the two items back over to the group, seemingly ignoring her injuries.

Rupert was in the middle of shouting out orders to his men. Ethan was staring greedily at the two items the elf was carrying. Kallen was looking around at the damage they had caused; a vacant
expression was on her face. Rockthorn was sitting in the grass petting his axe as if to comfort it. His beard and armor looked greasy after being drenched in oil.

Alexander ‘Stitch’ Steadyhands ran over from the injured men he was treating and scowled at Elrith. “Careless, careless! You’ll rip something,” he bounced up and down in anger at her making sure he was noticed.

“Whatever.” She pushed him out of the way and set her things down neatly; handing the list back to Ethan.

The man greedily searched through the list till he found the two items Elrith had brought back. He named them allowed: “The Royal Alchemist Societies Deluxe Kit,” he said looking skeptically at the large burgundy case, “and...” his eyes squinted at the page, “A box of jewels and miscellaneous components... to be delivered to the Magnus Order.” He stared at the box, seemingly concentrating so that he would see through it.

Elrith noticed his stare and quickly said, “Spell components and a little something to mix up for our next job.”

“Right.” He clearly didn’t trust her.

“Look, we already agreed she could take what she wanted. It’s just two items.”

Ethan sighed and handed the list to his brother.

“Besides, there are over 10 emperors of goods here. You should be happy. For the first time we’ve managed to get everything.” Rupert turned and looked Elrith straight in the eye. “Thank you.”

She nodded absent-mindedly; giving him a slight smile. She exhaled and a purple mist seemed to escape from the elf’s body. Kallen caught her as she winced in pain.

Alexander was muttering, “See! See!” behind her back.

A calculated smile. The witch is playing us. Ethan thought. His mind suddenly backtracked, “W-wait. Did you say ten emperors?”
“I did.” The older brother laughed as Ethan went to go look through their spoils.

In truth Ethan’s fears were far from unfounded. That was indeed an alchemy kit, but the little lock box did not contain spell components. She had magically altered the list while in the carriage. A trick picked up from decades of practicing theft. No one would ever know that something potentially very dangerous had gone missing.

And the dark elf... well... it was her lucky day.
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