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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby comodohead » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:23 am

:wink: hehe ill think about it
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Peregrinus » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:41 pm

Do you wish to help protect the land?
Are you fearless in the face of adversity?
Are you willing to fight for what you believe in?

Join the Argentum Vigilo!

The Argentum Vigilo was assembled by the Crown Prince, the next Emperor of Varana, Princeps Iuventutis Dairamik to lead the fight against Canas and protect the roads of the land. As knights in service of the people we swear to:
  • To protect the roads between Ravenswatch and Lendose and those who travel them.
  • To defeat and destroy the Errant Knights of the First, also known as the Captains of Canas.
  • To protect the weak and defenseless and fight for the welfare of all.
  • To serve the crown prince in valor and faith.
  • To live by honor and by mercy.
  • To eschew unfairness and deceit.
  • To fight for Justice where and when it is absent.
Contact Sir Phelan Almaran in Lendose for details on how you can aid the the People and fight the good fight.

((OOC Info: The Argentum Vigilo is a generally good aligned faction, though we will accept characters of neutral alignment. There are no class restrictions outside of what you would expect of a good group. IE No Blackguards or Assassins. New players and new characters are welcome to join, as are old players and high level characters. We regularly meet Fridays at 8 PM EST. Not all our meetings are open to the public, but most are.))
- Peregrinus
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Malekyth_Bloodmane » Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:11 pm

This is more of an idea for a Guild, one that I would establish but wanted to run the idea by everyone here. If a DM deems this worthy enough then I'd love to establish it.

The Covenant of Hellfire.
Alignment: Chaotic good, Chaotic neutral and any evil.
Class restrictions: Hellfire Warlock or Warlock Initiates training to become a Hellfire Warlock, For those who do not have the Storm of Zehir expansion pack it can include warlocks with either Hellfire Blast, Hellrime Blast and Brimstone Blast. (Possibly Tieflings)
Covenant Matron: Ryna Nightkiss.

Deep in the underbelly of the great city of Cear lies a forgotten cult, one who was driven underground during the great war. With them they managed to save many tomes on the secrets of hellfire and so vowed never to share their secrets nor the name of their coven with any above the surface. They are a secretive order, condemed to the underworld, afraid to enter the light, marked as heretics because of their powers, occassionally venturing to the surface to retrieve ancient Dasarian tomes to which they guard vigilantly.
Most within the covenant are 'none interventional' individuals, prefering to remain hidden to protect all they have guarded from the Varanite Empire, scholars and devouts of the demonic powers that suffuce their souls. Whilst many do worship deities, none seem to be devout to merely one, worshipping all, Forbidden or commonplace and as a result they welcome any of varied beliefs into their order so long as they vow to protect the ancient books gathered, saving them from being locked away, concealed within the great libraries of the Varanite capital. The Covenant is very much like a religeous sect, seperated into a hierarchy. The head of this Covenant is the Matron, below her are her counsil or Keepers of the library, then below them are protectors and the lowest in the hierarchy are Initiates and scholars. The roles of these Hellfire Warlocks vary and sometimes appear to contradict the Varanite laws yet still they attempt to remain peaceful wishing only to exist as their forefathers once did under the Dasarian empire. These goals are as follows..

- To retrieve any hidden tomes and house them in their secret libraries.
- To welcome and give sanctuary to any of Fiendish Heritage ( Tieflings, Fiendish heritage feated characters and Warlocks)
- To practice, remember and protect the 'Old ways'.
- To retrieve the gate into Pandemonium.
- To subtly infiltrate the Varanite empire in order to progressively rebuild the beliefs of the Dasarian empire.
- To maintain peace between the conflicting empires of the surface world, for what purpose in unknown. Those who hear rumours of the Covenant believe this purpose is to enable them to quietly retrieve the ancient tomes without raising suspicion.

(( OOC Information.
As this is only an idea and I am quite eager to begin something similar to this I would be looking for DM to give assistance into guiding this very secretive Covenant to what I desire, as a none aggressive guild who's purpose is described above. I feel that having said Covenant would add something new to the lore, something any other guild does'nt appear to have touched upon, the retrieval of ancient tomes which were intended for storage in the Great Library to protect citizens against them. Also any players that like the idea I would love comments on it ^-^ Thank y'all for having a mooch, hope you'll give me some feedback ))
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Wired » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:28 pm

Sounds well thought-out. Factions don't strictly require DM approval (though we do read these and would certainly say something if we noticed anything objectionable :D ). Find some other players willing to sign and we'll get you set up with a subforum where you can begin to flesh out your storyline ideas and faction organization.
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Malekyth_Bloodmane » Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:32 pm

Excellent, Thankyou. There is currently only myself and another player in the faction as warlocks are somewhat rare. How many would you like in the faction before we can gain access to a subforum page? I do have interest from other players and will have to RP their entry first so whenever you have the time to and want to set it up just pm me ^-^.
Thanks again.
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby na85 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:07 pm

Chala Cral is a hellfire warlock. You can seek her out in game if you like

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Malekyth_Bloodmane » Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:34 am

Ryna shall indeed seek any out who wish to join, those who do just reply here ^-^ Thanks for the support.
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Thralik » Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:57 pm

Uzzik Stormbeard, warlock extradinare, is always interested in the arcane & would consider joining such a group.

Of course, because of his background (chaotic neutral) and past, some people think he's insane. Uzzik totally disagrees and can't understand why people can't resolve their differences with the throw of the dice.....

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby ChemicalAgent » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:21 pm

Jawin, halfing warlock and crafter, would also like to join.

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Malekyth_Bloodmane » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:34 pm

Awesome, to you both I shall seek you out ingame with Ryna 'Nightkiss', then afterwards I shall distribute a total amount of members for Wired to look at, hopefully then we shall have our own sub-forum. Thankye both :P
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby LordVare » Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:51 pm

Faction Name: House Leonson
Type of Faction: Noble House with the goal of the Defense and Welfare of the Empire and its citizens.
Point of Contact: Lady Gloira Leonson or Captain Baliska Tatzelrik, generally located at the Leonson Manse in Cear.
Alignment/Race/Class Restrictions (if any): All races, all functional alignments, and all classes are welcome.

What you're all about: House Leonson is about tending to the needs of the people of the Empire. The house is divided into two functional branches, The House Attendants and the Sterling Guard. Both groups serve the Lady Gloira Leonson as requested and assist in tasks given to their particular group within the household.

The House Attendants, beyond the general upkeep of the household their tasks include assisting in the healing the wounded as able at the Lady Leonson's side, providing services and goods to those individuals who do good works for the people of the Empire (typically the adventurers), handling the purchasing of supplies and materials from the merchants and others who wish to sell their goods to House Leonson. This is commonly the group for those with skills in crafting, scribing, researching, organization and logistics, artificing, book keeping, tailoring, etc.

The Sterling Guard, is comprised of those who have combat experience and who wish to serve as the militant guard of the Lady Leonson and her title stead. The Lady is fond of making frequent trips to the front lines of the war with the Canites and these retainers are those who protect their patron as she takes to the battlefield in support of the Empire. Lead in most cases by the Captain Baliska Tatzelrik, the Sterling Guard carries the standard of the Red Eagle. The members of the Sterling Guard are called upon by the Lady Leonson to defend not only her personally, but all of the people of the Empire both on an individual and group basis. Each member of the guard is well trained, provided with the best available weaponry and armors, and given the tools necessary to best assist their fellow guards and others they meet and work with in their travels as well.

((There is much more to it of course, but the rest can be discovered I.G. easily enough.))
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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Luis4u » Tue May 17, 2011 3:35 pm

Faction Name: Defenders of the Sacred Grove
Type of Faction: A group of druids, rangers and arcane archers that are trying to protect the wilds from chaos.
Point of Contact: Lagnapis Stormbeard is the first of the Defenders of the grove. Whisper his name to the wind and soon you will meet him (PM me if you want to meet).
Alignment : Chaotic neutral, Neutral
Race :any except Tiefling
Class Restrictions : Druid, ranger or arcane archer
Deities: Ioasia

What you're all about: A Defenders mission is simple. Keeping the balance in whole Dasaria. Since pathfinders organization and its scouts does not pay much attention to the wilds, the defenders will try to track down the last unique animals in Dasaria and protect them by putting them into the Sacred Grove. Its second main objective will be to clear the chaos spreading in the wilds. Bringing back the balance to these lands the defenders will face the various enemies, but no one knows what allies they will gain.

Remember : Those possessing true wisdom are aware, all that can be built, can be undone. Civilizations can be founded, lost, and rebuilt once again, but nature reclaims all in the end.

((OCC: there will be more in the faction forum because I don't want to reveal my plans in front of the chaos :wink: ))

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby vastgoten » Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:40 pm

The Canite reign has so far struck the Varanite Empire several devastating blows. It is not enough.

Eager to raise their Lord – God-Emperor Canas to his rightful place the Canites wreak havoc and spread evil across the Dasarian province. Opposing the light Canas forces has embraced the shadows and work tirelessly to enslave the Varanite nation and eradicate the so called Champions of light and their cursed god, Rel.
Join the Canite hordes and surrender your will to the true evil that is the Canite Empire.

The Canite is a faction dedicated to the Canite cause. As such you will risk much - becoming an enemy of the Varanite state is to be expected at some point and only those who know what Canas stands for in the campaign should bother applying, else you risk loose more then you gambled for.
In the darkness lies the truth. The dread Lich Lord Aers and Father Arghivius will see those who crave membership in this dark society.
“I pledge my soul and body into servitude of the Unholy trinity.
I praise the night and curse the eternal burning eye
I solemnly believe that the shadow has ruled in truth
The three eyes watches all, beneath their gaze I bow
I give unto them, the Unholy trinity, my fate
This I swear
((To apply - contact us either in game or here on the forums via PMs to “vastgoten” or “anon0276.”))
Main character:
Father Marrent Arghivius - Priest.

The Canites
My story index

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Alterity » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:08 pm

Join the Church of Lochwar, become a devout follower of the True King of the Gods, serve the Varanite Empire to the fullest.

There is no truer calling then serving Lochwar, no truer goal in life then performing the will of the True King of the Gods. Even in the darkest moments of our time, Lochwar still aids the devout. It is Lochwar's chosen that carved a path through the Canite army to save Princeps Iuventutis Siril Dairamik, it is Lochwar's warriors that defend Thrall's Gate, the last bastion of defense on the crossroads between Two Bridges Aucklorn Mills and Cear, and it is Lochwar's devout that have routed out the heretics and blasphemers that once plagued these lands making it safe for all to live.

We of the Church of Lochwar voluntarily promise to devote our lives to routing out heresy and blasphemy in all its forms. We freely pledge to defend the Varanite lands and its citizens from outside invasion and internal strife. We gladly vow to uphold the laws as Lochwar has spoken them. We willingly swear our souls to Lochwar's servitude for as long as He wishes!

Become one of the devout of the Church of Lochwar, fulfill the will of the King of the Gods, find your true calling, make safe the lands of your family and friends, and find true peace in the afterlife. Join today!


((The Church of Lochwar is a well developed faction that takes any race, class, or alignment. It is suggested that you be human and of Lawful Evil alignment, as you are typically expected to be lawful, and Lochwar's actions tend to be neutral at best, evil at worst. As it is a varanite culture, non-humans tend to be looked down upon, but other races are allowed. We have room for all classes, and will gladly help you with figuring out what kind of character you'd like to play. To get a brief description of the different subfactions, click the above seal to go the Church of Lochwar page. If you would like to join, send me a PM, or talk to ChemicalAgent, BlueNaga, Kriskow, Mallason, Althalus, Elrith or Alterity in game))
Sir Hyel Loremaster- Knight of Argentum Vigilo, Archmage of Ordo Magica , Slayer of Zumen the Winged Death, & Head Librarian of the Great Library of Cear- Captain Firin- Korangar "The Wall" - Lucian Rhaz - & Glanin Redleafe.

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Re: Factions Roll Call

Postby Sahji » Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:25 pm

Faction Name: Free Vanguard (previously the "Ashald Mercenary Company" )
Type of Faction: Mercenary/Militia
Current membership: Vanguards: Sammil Card, Fyvre Aeltheart, Firin D'Adlaer, Anne Anathema, Adrian Anderson, Arethus
Point of Contact: Sammil Card (Althalus), Fyvre Aeltheart (Sahjii), Firin (Alterity)
Alignment/Race/Class Restrictions (if any): All races, classes and alignments are allowed, although we do have standards.
What you're all about: To, under Charter from Nelina, Queen of Dasaria and her son, Siril II, Emperor of Varana, raise and field a mercenary militia in their service. This militia will be irregular, and capable of providing military services that a traditional Legion cannot, or cannot afford to be used for.
Meetings: Every Thursday 6 PM EST.

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