The Canite Recruitment

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The Canite Recruitment

Postby Outbreak1992 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:03 pm

OOC - The following text is taken from previous recruitment adverts for the Canite's along with additional information, I take no credit for the IC text written below.

IC - The Canite reign has so far struck the Varanite Empire several devastating blows. It is not enough.

Eager to raise their Lord – God-Emperor Canas to his rightful place the Canites wreak havoc and spread evil across the Dasarian province. Opposing the light Canas forces has embraced the shadows and work tirelessly to enslave the Varanite nation and eradicate the so called Champions of light and their cursed god, Rel.
Join the Canite hordes and surrender your will to the true evil that is the Canite Empire.

The Canite is a faction dedicated to the Canite cause. As such you will risk much - becoming an enemy of the Varanite state is to be expected at some point and only those who know what Canas stands for in the campaign should bother applying, else you risk loose more then you gambled for.
In the darkness lies the truth.

“I pledge my soul and body into servitude of the Unholy trinity.
I praise the night and curse the eternal burning eye
I solemnly believe that the shadow has ruled in truth
The three eyes watches all, beneath their gaze I bow
I give unto them, the Unholy trinity, my fate
This I swear
OOC - By joining the Canite's we warn players a few things
1. Must accept the possibility of EoS (Enemy of the State) status.
2. Preferred non-multi faction characters, especially those enemies of the Canites, factions associated with the Canites debatable.
3. Evil aligned characters only
4. We recommend applying players, have some in-depth knowledge on the Dasaria Campaign also.

Requests to join the faction can be made in-game also, by visiting the Temple of Culnul and seeking out Deathspeaker Xarion Black.

Contact Vastgoten or Outbreak1992 for further details on the faction or applying.

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Re: The Canite Recruitment

Postby Arkalezth » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:48 pm

OOC: The moderators of the Canite sub-forum are no longer active, so perhaps another one should be designated. I don't know who to contact in order to get forum access.

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Re: The Canite Recruitment

Postby LordAers » Wed Oct 22, 2014 4:57 am

OOC: The moderators of the Canite sub-forum are no longer active, so perhaps another one should be designated. I don't know who to contact in order to get forum access.
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Re: The Canite Recruitment

Postby pwdcrk » Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:52 pm

may i be added to the canite forum please ? ( char Elith cys'variana )

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