Creation Myth

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Creation Myth

Postby Jehannum » Tue Oct 31, 2006 11:42 pm

The Creation Myth: as is revered by the priests of the empire from sea to sea:

In the beginning the Void was all and wanting. From beyond the Void came Apsu, of the sweet waters and Ch'taia, of the bitter salted waters. And through their divine union created Mammu, of the earth and Lakhmu, of the sky, who gave birth to Etoth, Lochwar , Farallis, Iaosia, Culnul, Ineania and the other divine children.

Over time discord broke out among the gods, though they were brothers and sisters. Apsu and Ch'taia could not silence the clamor; their behavior was bad, overbearing and proud. Ch'taia and Apsu became angered by the noise of the ill-behaved godlings. Wanting only peaceful rest, they talked of killing off their progeny. But their plans did not go unheard. Farallis heard their parents plotting. And it was he who told Iaosia. And it was Iaosia who took first action.

Iaosia spoke the word that charmed the waters, it fell upon Apsu, he laid asleep, the sweet waters slept, Apsu slept and lay drowned, undone. Ch'taia was outraged at this and created dragons, monsters, and abominations to rise forth and make war upon her children. There was no pity in their weapons; they did not flinch from battle for her anger was mighty, supreme.

Then she created Dahak, the three headed dragon, the devourer, to captain her army. Mammu and Lakhmu were the first to fall, creating the land and sky. The Void was no more.

The godlings became frightened at such a host. So Farallis created Tharon to do battle with Ch'taia. Tharon was then given godly gifts. A bow from Farallis, a sliver net from Etoth, and in secret a single red arrow from Lochwar , who said, “Take true aim upon your target for this arrow will slay our enemy and you will be victorious. But I say this; its use comes with a price.” So eager for battle and victory, Tharon took the gifts and set off to lead the godlings to war.

The battle was great, the new land and sky trembled. Sparks flew from clashed steel creating the heavenly lights. Blood spilled from both sides creating life upon the land, both moral and unmoral.

Finally Ch'taia and Tharon clashed and the battlefield fell silent. For all those present knew the outcome would be decided here and now.

Tharon, made swift by the four winds, caught Ch'taia in the magic net. Furious she opened her great jaws to swallow the upstart Tharon. But Tharon gathered the four winds and drove them down Ch'taia maw. The winds raged and her body became bloated. Stringing the bow and notching the gifted arrow, Tharon took aim at Ch'taia’s swollen belly and fired. The red arrow pierced her swollen belly and Ch'taia was undone.

The Gods rejoiced, praising Tharon. Tharon was then called forth before Etoth, Lochwar and the other second born. They called for Tharon to lead them; to be King of the gods. All agreed, but for one. Lochwar came towards Tharon and demanded the price be paid for the gift bestowed to him. And the price was to be his crown. An uproar shook the newly made heavens and earth. Etoth came foward and demanded Lochwar to explain himself. Lochwar told of the gift he had given to Tharon and of the price. Lochwar also told that if the price was not to be paid, then Tharon would be undone.

Tharon was outraged at Lochwar's trickery and was ready to strike at Lochwar , but Etoth interceded. He declared order must be maintained and a that the bargain made was binding by universal law.

Lochwar then became King of the Gods, Overlord of All.

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