In Worship of Brintha- Order of the Diamond

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In Worship of Brintha- Order of the Diamond

Postby Wyvern » Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:33 pm

In Worship of Brintha- Order of the Diamond

Those the pay homage to the goddess of the forge are usually a pragmatic bunch. Showy temples and ceremonies of worship are not their way. Instead, they show their devotion with every masterpiece created. All of the major schools are welcome, everything from smithing, weapon and armor crafting, jewelry making, and mechanical inventions. It is often the way for these crafters to pray to Brintha throughout the whole crafting process. Some even claim the the goddess herself appears to them as they work, offering her words of advice. These claims are mightily disputed as the dwarven worshipers swear mightliy that she appears as a dwarven female, the gnomes will say she appears as a female gnome, and humans maintain that she is a sturdy human female.

The Order of the Diamond
The Order of the Diamond is not a religious sect, although most within the order believe in giving Brintha her due. The order is an association of Master Craftsmen, Junior Craftsmen and Apprentices. The members of this order discuss everything from the rarity of supplies, guaranteed prices for their works, new recipes, and expansion of ideas. In order to join, an apprentice must do three things.
1.) Be sponsored by one of the Master Craftsmen
2.) Complete an assignment for the Order in their field of specialization.
3.) Take an oath to be loyal to the Order of the Diamond.

The Order has three tenants they ask their members to follow:
1.) Do not claim a fellow member's ideas as your own.
Stealing another's ideas is looked upon as a major offense. Those who break this rule find themselves removed from the Order and their names blacklisted among merchants. They will find it very difficult to procure supplies and carry on with their business, as the Order will quite successfully attempt to force them into complete ruin.

2.) Abide by the minimum prices agreed upon by the Order-
The Order affixes a minimum price for crafted goods. The crafter is allowed to price as high as they want, and competition in pricing is encouraged, however the Order does not want anyone undercutting the prices so drastically that their members suffer. Any who undercut the agreed price will find themselves fined by the Order, the fine collected being offered to Brintha.

3.) Share notable knowledge with the Order
While the Order knows the importance of trade secrets and do not ask the members to reveal their masterpieces, it is asked that the small tricks of the trade that can aid in production be shared among the order. Cleaner, quicker ways of forging iron, easier ways to develop mechanical components, and collaboration between the many different specialization in crafting are greatly encouraged.

Hierarchy of the Order
Apprentices- The newest members of the Order that are still learning their craft are considered Apprentices of the Diamond. The Order will aid them in their craft, offering advice, schooling and experience under a Master Crafter.

Junior Craftsmen- These are members of the Order that are capable in their chosen schools, but have not yet crafted an item that would grant them Master craftsman status.

Master Craftsmen- These are those who excel in their craft. The Master craftsmen decide who to invite into the Order, set prices and by and large regulate trade. It is said that any business that wishes to succeed seeks to be on good terms with the Master Craftsmen of the Diamond.
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