In worship Nuarari - The Oracles of the Dreamweaver

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In worship Nuarari - The Oracles of the Dreamweaver

Postby Wyvern » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:17 pm

The Oracles of the Dreamweaver are a supported cult within the worship of Nuarari. These priests and priestesses often reside within Nuarari's temple, regarded with the respect of the oracles of old. The sect itself is divided within two parts, the Moonsingers and the Whisperers. Neither of the parts is regarded as more important than the other, instead they are seen to work in tandem, each of importance to the Mistress of the Moon. They answer to the High Priest or Priestess of the Temple in which they reside.

The Whisperers
These are the wise priests or priestesses within the sect of the Oracles that are skilled in the interpretations of dreams and visions. It must be said that while they will give their interpretations of the vision, they will offer no advice on what to do with the answers received. Much like the Order of the Golden chains,the Whisperers have taken an oath of secrecy. What they hear stays private between the whisperer, the dreamer, and Naurari. Because of this, they are often called upon by the government officials who often suffer from poor sleep. The Whisperers will listen at these individuals' bedsides, offer their interpretation of the dreams, then leave to let the Moonsingers do their work. They are known to wear robes of silver with periwinkle borders and are said to speak in soft soothing tones. They radiate peace and serenity.

The Moonsingers
Known for their sweet soothing voices, the Moonsingers of Naurari often take some training with well seasoned bards. It is the duty of the Moonsingers to bring aid to those with troubled sleep. Their sweet lullabies call upon Naurari to bless the troubled souls with only sweet, calming dreams. Their soft hymns are said to have the power to soothe all, from irritable infants to the most troubled political figures. Their robes of periwinkle blue with silver borders illustrate their position as the Whisperers' other half.
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