In The Worship of Rhauth- Brotherhood of The Trident

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In The Worship of Rhauth- Brotherhood of The Trident

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Blessed by Rhauth, it is said I be
Gifted with a longing for the Sea
My life in his hands
My soul his to keep
Sea air in my hair
Rolling waves 'neath me feet
I ask that he guide me true
With peaceful winds and skies of blue
Blessed be Rhauth, mighty is He
Master of the waves and creatures of the sea.
-common prayer of seafarers

In all coastal towns, there are those who claim to be called by Rhauth. The great god of sailors and fishermen, Rhauth appears to call male and females alike to his clergy. These individuals he blesses with a knack for navigation and the ability to read both the weather and the waters. All coastal villages have a temple or shrine dedicated to him. His priests or priestesses are often called upon to bless the waters and the boats before they set sail, some electing to sail with crews themselves to ensure safe journeys.

Brotherhood of the Trident
The Brotherhood of the Trident was formed by priests of Rhauth that sailed in the Empire's navy. Through the years, skilled captains, navigators and helmsmen were added to the ranks. This Brotherhood is largely responsible for the success of the Empire's naval force. These brave men ( here it must be said that few females are rumored to actually been invited to the Brotherhood, but this has never been confirmed) have mapped the seas and islands, established trade routes, and were instrumental in many sieges of coastal areas. In these more peaceful times, they are the guardians of the seas and ports. It is said they are taking a strict stand on smugglers and patrol the waters to insure that the seas remain under the Empire's control.

On the Brotherhood and Pirates

During the war with the great Emperor's consort's people, the navy was told to seal the ports by any means necessary. The Brotherhood of the Trident, in their wisdom, gave letters of marque to the more unsavory sailing crews. These letters granted immunity to any pirate crew that elected to work for the Empire and not attack Varanite merchant ships. These Pirates, in exchange for this immunity, entered enemy ports and gathered information, sold faulty goods and committed various acts of sabotage in the name of Rhauth. Some of these pirate captains even eventually joined the Brotherhood.

With the defeat of the coastal towns, the need for the pirates diminished. The Imperial Navy was then told to turn their attentions to the rampant smuggling operations of the pirates. Unfortunately at times, the bonds of the Brotherhood interfered. The Brotherhood did begin to actively hunt smugglers, but many times the crews with letters of marque were given a slap on the wrist instead of the more harsher punishments. Because of this, it has been decreed that a Priest of Lochwar will now be placed on every Imperial Navy vessel, a duty that is looked upon as punishment among the ranks of Lochwar's clergy.

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