On The Church of Farralis

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On The Church of Farralis

Postby Jehannum » Thu Jan 18, 2007 11:36 pm

Western Ranks:

Clerk - the lowest ranking member of the Church, such men and women are interested in the secular adaptation of Farallis’ work, often preparing for an opportunity to advance toward a high ranking position in the government, or perhaps a merchant agent’s career. Their knowledge of the lore is limited to suitably applicable areas. They are the primary source and workforce behind the Empire; the commoner’s perception of such individuals usually depends on what their particular position is.

They are not considered representatives of Farallis, and are not allowed to perform any priestly duties.

Neophyte – the lowest ranking religious member of the Church, Neophytes are initiates learning the lore and ceremonies associates with worship of Ferallis. They are usually understudies of the Learned, although occasionally are placed as religious supervisor of a group of Clerks. They may perform limited priestly duties, mainly consisting of simple daily ceremonies in observance of Farallis.

The Learned – they are the middle ranking members of the Church, performing duties to both the government and the God as needed. They are ordained with the full rights to perform the work of Farallis freely and at their discretion, although they may at any time be questioned upon it by both higher ranking members of the Church as well as representatives of Lochwar of similar or higher rank. Frequently, they also serve as advisors to merchant houses, bankers, or other such professions, where they contribute both their experience as well as ensure proper homage being paid to Farallis himself.

Sage – few reach the prestigious title of a Sage, which is often reserved solely to those dedicated to Farallis who reached the ranks of advisors for local Governor or a high ranking administrative position within the Capital itself. They are the highest rank most may achieve, capable of changing the canonical law as well as determine the Truths in matters of both records as well as verbal lore with the assistance of similarly high ranking members of the Church of Lochwar.

The Truthsayer – the title of the Truthsayer is the official recognition of the Church of Farallis of an individual as the ultimate representation of the God. His word is law both within the Church as well as Empire, with the only people capable of addressing a possible issue within his proclamations being the Emperor himself and similar representative of Lochwar. He is the among the closest of advisors to Marcus the Fourth, forever bound in his duty to the God and the Emperor. The positions has been held for the last fourty six years by his esteemed lordship Colthar Devenor.

Eastern Ranks:

The Eastern Heresy, in clear sign of rebellion, practiced no ranks within their now outlawed organization, using the titles of Priest and Priestess for all their members. While currently still in use in some of the eastern provinces, this practice is frowned upon, if not outright discouraged, by the Church’s high ranking members. However, in Farallis’ wisdom, it was decided to allow continuation of using such titles for ordained persons directly associated daily operations of a particular temple.

Short contemporary history, as available for public viewing in any Temple of Farallis:

The centuries of dogmatic schism between the West and the East came to the final solution during the year of 561, when the Eastern Heresy was officially outlawed by the Truthsayed Goren Thiral. With the assistance of Church of Lochwar, the Heresy was harshly dealt with in all the provinces during the campaign of the illustrious future Marcus the Fourth, spurring brief, if bloody, clashes between followers of the heresy and the faithful, assisted by Churches’ representatives and Imperial agents. The truth about a number of unfortunate events, such as the burning of Dasar library by the heretics, and similar accidents within the Ferallis temple in Cear as well as the University’s library, have been twisted by the heretics into being attributed toward the actions of the liberating Varanite army – currently a focus of continued efforts by the Churches of both Farallis and Lochwar to address the false claims as well as the continually surfacing Heresies against the Truth of Lochwar and Farallis.

Following the reunification, the Eastern provinces' religious organization has all been placed under oversight of the Varanite Temple, with virtually all the mid and high ranking members of the clergy residing within the capital itself. Appointments to the eastern temples are often considered punishment for individual lacks or dogmatic indiscretions, as the seclusion from the vibrant life of the western provinces all but ensures lack of opportunities for future advancement.

Members of the Church in the eastern provinces are limited to Clerks and Neophytes, supporting the daily workings of the Empire and its local representations. Occasionally, a more promising individual may capture the interest of a secular representative of the government and be sent over to the Capital as appreciation of their work, as well as an opportunity to study further in the ways of Farallis. Of such, few return, and fewer still by their own will.

The Church of Farallis’ continues its close association with the Church of Lochwar, often working together toward weeding out the last seeds of heresy among the population. The issue of the Eastern provinces is, even after such long time as has passed since the liberation of the East, a matter of utmost concern to both; in particular, the heresy of False Accounts so predominant among the easterners.

Rumors of a decisive and final action to be taken against such Lies by both of the Churches have been increasingly surfacing in recent months, neither denied nor confirmed by the clergy.

Note: the use of any other name for Farallis is a Lie, and as such shall carry the appropriate punishment for the spread of Heresy.

~Submitted by Kartina

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