On The Faith of Teshalia: The Order of The Golden Chains

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On The Faith of Teshalia: The Order of The Golden Chains

Postby Jehannum » Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:54 pm

Order of the Golden Chains

*written on a tablet stored deep in the temple of Teshalia*

"And the Lady said, those devoted to the pleasure of others are to be revered. Those trained in the arts of pleasure are blessed. Woe to any who treat MY chosen with disdain. Woe to any who show My chosen disrespect. For My wrath will be visited upon their houses and My blessings shall be withheld."

It is said by those who should know that there is a sect of Followers of Teshalia that is honored, though rarely spoken of in public. These young priests and priestess are usually trained in either bardic or priestly duties, pleasing to the eyes, and charming beyond compare. They are educated from childhood in the arts of song, dance, and sensual pleasures.

This sect of priests and priestesses of Teshalia are much sought after as companions to the nobility of the Empire. It is said they bring good luck to their patrons, who make hefty donations to the temple in exchange for the pleasure of their company. They are known by the golden chains worn about the neck, wrists and ankles, the number of chains denoting their devotion and years of service to Teshalia.

Matrons of the Golden Chains
Those females who begin to age in this service to Teshalia eventually become Matrons of the order. These elder priestesses evaluate the children brought to Teshalia's temple, choosing those of particular beauty and temperament to be trained into the sect. These matrons then pass down ancient arts of Teshalia, rituals long forgotten.

Elders of the Golden Chains
The males who become to old to perform in the capacity needed in the sect become elders. They are the teachers and loremasters of the sect, as it is said that true pleasure stimulates the mind as well as the body. These elders are said to be fonts of knowledge on a vast array of different subjects.

Initiates of the Golden Chains
The lucky individuals handpicked by the matrons become initiates. They live in seclusion in hidden temples as they learn their craft, the matrons and elders their only contacts until they come of age. It is said that their are many schools of pleasure, many paths that some of the order may choose to specialize in.

Priesthood of the Golden Chains
Once the initiates come of age and show their utter devotion to Teshalia, they are given the title of Priest or Priestess of the Golden Chains. With the title comes the responsibility to forever be discrete in their dealings. No tales or secrets are ever spilled from the Order's lips on pain of sacrifice. It is said that this silence is what has earned them the trust and devotion of the ruling class.

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