Dasaria 2 Campaign Thus Far

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Dasaria 2 Campaign Thus Far

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New players should review the Campaign Background as told by the historians of the Empire prior to reading this timeline.
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Re: Dasaria 2 Campaign Thus Far

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Dasaria II Campaign starts; Nelina: age 71.

Fifty years after the Fall of Dasar and the Marriage of Queen Nelina to Marcus IV, the men and women of the Far East have been fully assimilated in to the vast and powerful Varanite Empire. Only the faintest rumors trouble the prosperous and secure Empire.

Gangs of organized bugbears are reported operating close to the city of Cear.


An earthquake in the mountains to the west of Thrall’s Gate opens up a long-forgotten pass into the mysterious Korgov Valley. There, far beyond the treacherous moors and restless nightspirits of the vale, lies the lugubrious little burg of Aucklorn Mill, cut off from the world since before the coming of the Empire.

While the Talon are initially successful in opening the path to Aucklorn, over time attacks by undead in the Korgov Valley move from being entirely random, to being increasingly organized, as if some new force has begun directing them.

Sporadic attacks by undead creatures under the control of unknown forces begin to disrupt the otherwise orderly governance of the city of Cear. Citizens and adventurers of Cear are forced to hastily organize vigilante groups to help repel the creatures. Few clues as to the origin of the attacks are uncovered, though some claim to have found unearthly, carved black figurines in proximity to the places where the attacks took place and horrifying cries by nightwalkers that their “Master is coming!”

Faced with an inability to quell the attacks and growing lawlessness among the citizenry, the Governor empowers the Cerulean Fleet with jurisdiction over the city of Cear, the surrounding countryside, the various seaways and coastlines of Cear, and approximately three leagues out to sea.

Notorious criminal Vecra Vidier is brought to justice and put to death.

Summer’s End
A series of incidents are reported in which strange men robed in yellow and tan cloth are said to have entered into towns and villages on the Cearian peninsula demanding loyalty and tributes to what they proclaimed to their “King Eternal.”

There are strange disruptions in the weather and the harvest fails throughout the Empire.

Undead attacks escalate and there are even reports of various powerful, summoned creatures joining the assaults.

The Siege of Aucklorn Mill. The Master’s undead forces make their first assault on the Cearian Penninsula in the midst of the Aucklorn Harvest Festival. The siege is broken by the unexpected presence of a large band of adventures from Cear. Amongst the dead are found wands infused with necromantic magics bearing an inscription in the language of Old Varana; In Eternus Muneris ut Extrarius Rex rgis.

The town commemorates their delivery from the undead with a plaque erected to fallen heroes.

First Snow

As famine begins to set in for the poorest Cearians, lawlessness begins to rise. There are a series of high profile assassinations of Imperial Officials within the city walls reputed to be carried out by a notorious gang of Assassins known as the Blackhand Enclave. A long-simmering rivalry between competing gangs of thieves, the Brigands of the Cearian Coast, and the Kalem Brotherhood, breaks out into open bloodshed on the streets. One of the casualties is the Governor Verkethed’s wayward niece.

The Talon Garrison rides out of Thrall's Gate by cloak of night. Within days rumors reach Cear of that a great battle has taken place in a marshy river valley to the North known locally as the "Two Bridges." Unknown to the world at this time, the first of the Master's fearsome captains is unmade by a powerful Druid, himself destroyed in the process. His grave is marked with a simple stone of which is carved the phrase, Here lies one whose name was writ in water, which can still be found by those who know where to seek it. The victors seize a great trophy on the field of battle which is whispered to have been brought to Cear in secret and enshrined at the Cathedral of Tharon.

The fearsome Claw reappear in Dasaria.

The drought is broken, but far too late to fill the Empire's empty granaries.


At the turning of the year, 635, the entire populace was gathered in Cear Arena for a play and tournament in celebration of the Varanite High Holiday, Nex Ut Proditor. At this festival there was a assassination attempt on the life of Governor Nathan Verkethed by the Black Hand Enclave, foiled only by the sudden appearance of the enemy by magical subterfuge!

Verkethed was instead struck down by a hideous and powerful lich calling himself the “Voice of the Master.” As this terrible abomination called out in the tongue of Old Varana, In Eternus Muneris ut Eternus Rex rgis, Ex Abyssus Pectus pectoris EGO pungo procul vos!, undead forces poured through magical portals into Cear Arena attacking the populace. A massive battle ensued, with citizen-soldiers repelling the Master's troops and sealing his portals. The fighting spilled out into the city, with sporadic fighting continuing for days in some quarters.

Early Spring
The Empire suffers a series of setbacks. Praetor Pontius, the Commander of Talon Forces at the Two Bridges, is hemmed in, unable to break the Master's lines after weeks of campaigning. Simultaneously, reports surface through various channels that a million-orc force is pouring out of the Mountains of Kor, burning and sacking the cities of the North. Cear is cut off from the mainland.

News of the Talon’s imminent Defeat in the East reaches Varana.

High Spring
Empress Nelina is welcomed back to her homeland of Dasaria for the first time in fifty years. She arrives in Cear with a "black fleet" of Talon ships and suite of "advisors" from the Magnus Order, charged by her husband with reclaiming the Eastern Empire from the Master’s armies. An attempt is made on the Empress’ life, but is easily deterred by the Cerulean Fleet under the command of Torquil Lamond in coordination with Cear’s regular collection of vigilantes and adventure seekers.

Cear is abuzz with rumors that the war effort is going poorly for the Empire. Letters home from the frontlines now talk of open war with a savage race of Orcs from the Kor Mountains, orcs reinforced by human masters with fearsome powers of Necromancy. Remnants of the Black Fleet are discovered drifting offshore, suggesting that at least part of the Talon forces sent to reinforce the peninsula have been sent to a watery death beneath the sea.

Lendose is sacked by Canas' forces, though the accounts of survivors do not reach Cear until late in the year.

Summer's End
In the dying days of summer the enemy strikes for Cear, moving it's full expeditionary force into the Valley of the Two Bridges with the intent of seizing the Talon Road and a straight path southwards to Cear.

The Battle of the Two Bridges
The Legions, heavily beleaguered in the North, fly from Talonhold to intercept the enemy's force, but fail to reach the midlands before the battle is met. The area is instead defended by a small number of army regulars under Talon direction, bolstered by a force of local volunteers from Cear.

The Master is Unmasked as Canas, the first King of Varana, raised up by evil gods in undead form to take back his throne. His fearsome captain, a soulless and invincible abomination, whose coming was foreseen by certain powerful arcanists including the Magnus Order, confronts the Cearian defenders at the crossroads. He orders the defenders to throw down Marcus and swear fealty to the Eternal King, his "Lord God Emperor Canas, true Master of Varana and all the known World." The Cearians refuse, whether out of loyalty to Marcus, or rejection of the idea of becoming the willing slaves of Canas, who can say?

The defenders lead three missions against the enemy. First, destroying Kor trebuchets hammering Varanite positions and Siege Towers bound for Cear, answering with Talon Artillery and hand-to-hand combat with Kor fighters. Second, leading a daring raid on the Kor General's field command and taking his head. Finally, two companies set out, one to distract Canas' invincible lieutenant while the second companies delivers The Device, a magical munition developed in secret by the Magnus Order, to the Koalisk Caves directly beneath his position. The device serves its intended purpose, wiping out the Voice's minions and unbinding him from Canas' power in a tremendous explosion. Leaderless, the enemy force falls into disarray and is quickly obliterated by the arriving Legions.

While the cities of the Northwest burn, Cearians rejoice as the immediate threat to their city is eliminated. While sporadic pockets of enemy forces remain, the peninsula is reunited, linking Cear to Talonhold once again. The stage is set for the Empress to continue her task of reclaiming the rest of Dasaria from Canas. The House of Dairamik and The House of Siril are united in Nelina against Canas, their ancient enemy.

The Sack of Lendose
Details concerning the Sack of Lendose emerge from the accounts of survivors. Canas himself is said to ride before his black host, breaking the gates and slaying hundreds with a word. With unholy powers he throws down the Temple of Lochwar; A new temple is later raised there, erected by the populace enslaved, and Canas is worshiped there as both God and Emperor. One of Canas' most loyal Captains, Phellaithil 'the headless' Phazzan, second Emperor of Varana and protector of the Eternal King, is installed as Lord in Lendose.

The Council of War
By Sea an important dignitary from Varana arrives in Cear. Empress Nelina calls a COUNCIL OF WAR, during which she entertains the advice and counsel of the heroes of Cear on countering the spread of the worship of Canas as a God, and on taking the battle to his forces still entrenched in the Dasarian heartland.

At the council, the Magnus Order revealed new details concerning the Knights of the First. Each knight was said to carry a shard Canas' fabled mace as a token and manifestation of his power. Kadmiel Greywolf proposed that each of the Knights be pursued and destroyed in turn and their shard claimed, an idea which seemed to catch the ear of the Empress and her mysterious companion, a man dressed in ceremonial armor. Lepold Von Bruhl, a good and loyal Varanite Citizen, proposed an alliance with the faithful of the banned God Rel, well-known to be fierce foes of the undead.

Cuhannans present, including the wizard Mordecai and Taran, Gur of Cuhanna, noticed that an honoree claiming to be the Cuhannan Ambassador appeared false. This false ambassador, revealed to be an agent of Canas, made an attempt on the life of the Empress. The attack was thwarted by her mysterious companion, who quickly interposed himself between the assassin and the Empress, cutting the man down with his sword. The man referred to Nelina as 'mother,' revealing himself to be the heir to the throne himself, Princeps Iuventutis, Siril Dairamik, firstborn son of Marcus IV and Nelina.

The Departure of Siil
Prince Siril Departs for Western Dasaria, assuming command as Praetor-General of the Tenth Legion with the intent of reclaiming Varana Irredenta, including the captured city of Lendose. The Fourth Legion, under Praetor Pontius, remains to defend the peninsula against further incursion.


The Liberation of Lendose
At the turn of the year 636, Prince Siril undertook a campaign to liberate Lendose from Pellaithil, though it left many brave legionnaires of the tenth wounded and dieing on the killing ground before the gates.

Rumors soon spread concerning the assistance of mysterious "new allies" of the Prince in the battle, utilizing their "cleansing light" to burn Canas' Captain, Pellaithil Phazzan, from his lair at the very darkest center of Canas' temple.

The Temple to Canas at Lendose was later razed the the ground, disassembled brick by brick, as the taint of the abomination Canas infected its very stones.

Pellaithil Phazzan himself escaped and fled Lendose for the East, pursued by Siril's fleetest scouts. As his coming was marked by the flight of all the creatures of the Earth before him, his very existence being so anathema to the living world, Siril's forces tracked him easily and an ambushed was laid for Ravenswatch.

Ambush at Ravenswatch
Answering Siril II's call to muster, the heroes of Cear come forth to Ravenswatch to meet Pellaithil in ambush, assisted by Siril's strange new allies, the so-called Champions of Light, who proved to be very effective warriors against the undead. The Magnus Order created a new "device," with which to unbind Pellaithil from the world as had been done with Nergahamman the thrice born, but delivery of the device failed. Pellaithil was however defeated in direct combat with the heroes of Cear including Leopold Von Bruhl and Kadmiel Greywolf, who struck the killing blows. Pellaithil's relic of Canas' mace strangely went missing in the battle, however.

Assassins plague the area North of Cear

Freeing of the Thralls, Argentum Vigilo
In celebration of the defeat of Pellaithil Phazzan at Ravenswatch, her son's 40th Birthday and imminent return to the front lines, Empress Nelina decrees that the sentences of all indentured servants, thralls, and slaves in the Province of Dasaria are forever and irrevocably commuted. The news is welcomed with glee by the secret friends of justice everywhere, and with begrudged acceptance of her rights as Empress by those who trade in and benefit from the work of slaves. Others have stronger opinions, though they wisely keep them private.

At this time Siril II commissioned the creation of the Argentum Vigilo, a knightly order in his service with founding members from among the victors at Ravenswatch. The groups official patent was to be the defense of the roads between Talonhold and Cear. They were quartered and victualized with Prateor Pontius' Fourth Legion at the Two Bridges, making uneasy roomates with the celebrated and feared Talon veteran of the War with Dasaria.

A Conflagration of Dwarves
Free Dwarves, seldom gathered in any force within the Empire of Men, began to mysteriously converge on the region, forming a sort-of makeshift camp outside the city. Whether the low-folk were driven out of the mountains by the advancing Kor hordes, or came in search of something else, none can say. Perhaps they searched for some sort of lost dwarven homeland?

The Defeat of Siril
Rumors reach Cear and Ravenswatch that Siril II has been slain by the enemy on the battlefield.

On the nineteenth day of the fifth month, the heir to the throne of Varana was struck down by his and his father's enemy on the plain of battle. Scores of Talon and the fanatically-loyal Claw formed a human shield around him, but this proved little barrier for the one they called Zumen, Commander of Canas' Armies in the field, known as "the Winged Death," sometimes "Master of Dragons." He came upon the Prince and his camp from the sky, cleaving a path in the earth and in human flesh as he came, and was gone again just as quickly to some other place in the battle, leaving the Prince dead.

The Changing of the Guard
With the defeat of Siril the Empire's prospects for victory began to look dim once more. Able bodied men were drawn from all over the province to bolster the failing frontlines.

The Empress disbanded the Cear City Watch and its members were variously dispersed to Solace and Lendose to bolster the Imperial Legions attempting to hold those areas. Thus, the Cerulean Fleet was raised up as the soul law enforcement body for all of Cear. The Fleet was forced to deal with the rise in desperation and lawlessness within the city as the hardships of the war mounted with only a third of the manpower it'd once required to preserve order.

Likewise, the Talon Garrison at Thrall's Gate was finally ordered shuttered and all its company dispatched with haste for Lendose. Religious authorities were instead granted license to police that area, with the Church of Lochwar's Exemplars gleefully taking up the mantle of enforcing their own unique fervor for the interpretation and observance of certain laws there.

High Summer
Rescue of Siril II by members of Argentum Vigilo and a Pathfinder Agent
As the hot and heavy heat and humidity of high summer blanketed the East, the knights of Argentum Vigilo, having received word from Lendose that the Prince might still be restored, but was clinging to the living world by a mere thread, undertook a plan to rescue him. Having consulted the White Witch of Ravenswatch, they scoured the East and gathered to them three powerful artifacts of the age of legends before the coming of new men. They also convinced the Pathfinders, in possession of a fourth, to lend it to the support of their mission, albeit in the care of one of their own agents, Braldt Ironeye.

Once the relics were secured, the group traveled from Cear to Morell by ship, and from there up the Ravensmouth by ferry into the Forest of Daris, bypassing both the main fields of battle and the haunted ruins of Daris. They made their way through the forest to Lendose, finding the city still in smoldering ruins and under tight control of the Legions.

The Prince's body lay in repose at the Temple of Etoth in the care of Alvinne Anthurium, the White Lady of Lendose, called "Saint Alvinne" by the Lendosians for her role in burning Pellaithil Phazzan out of that city. Through the combined power of the relics, the divine magics of Anthurium, the Orators of Etoth, Father Magyar Leonis, Battlepriest of Lochwar, and Fina, High Priestess of the Rite of Autumn and Guardian of the Coven of Ioasia at Lendose, the unnatural forces of suspending the Prince between this world and the next were overcome, and his soul restored to its mortal coil.

In reward for their service Sir Braldt Ironeye was dubbed Knight-Errant of the Empire and the members of the Knightly Order of Argentum Vigilo were reassigned from the Forth Legion under Praetor Pontius at Two Bridges to Siril's Tenth Legion based in Lendose.


Argentum Vigilo is splintered, with several of its members turning rebel, taking onto themselves the name of the "Daybreak Alliance." Shortly thereafter warrants are posted for Kadmiel Greywolf for desertion of the legions and for suspicion in the assault and murder of a Priest of Lochwar.

The Lochwarians seize secular power in Thrall's Gate, displacing Talon forces called to the Front. Shortly thereafter, the religious community's popular spiritual leader, Father Marrent Arghivius is gruesomely murdered at the hands of some unknown beast in the wilds. Coincidentally, sightings of werewolves in the area increase suddenly, though be they real or figments of the popular imagination incited by the dismemberment of Arghivius, none can say.

Arghivius' funeral is given at the newly restored Temple of Peralia in the Valley of the Two Bridges. The mass is given by Darius Aylomen and presided over by the Brothers of the the Requiem Order, a newly-established faction dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Peralia and responsible for the restoration of the Temple.

There is some sort of magical incident at the University in Ravenswatch, with what appear to be battles between the members of the Magnus Order breaking out onto the streets. The Daybreak Alliance arrives in force at the city gates and is refused entry to the city, finding it sealed by the Order. They force their way into the city, cutting down both sides, including the entire faculty of the Magnus Honors Society then burn their the headquarters to the ground. Reports surface later that the group continued to the long-disused Baron's Fortress from which the sounds of mundane and magical battle continued for some hours.

Empress Nelina, having successfully executed Marcus' orders to free the peninsula from the clutches of Canas, his Captains Nerghamman the Thrice Born, and Pellaithil Phazzan, prepares to step down as Governor of Cear, her attention turning outward. Praetor Phillip Augustin Pontius, Commander of the Fourth Legion, is named as her successor in the post of Governor. What Nelina's own plans are, none know for sure, however the war still rages in Western Dasaria, conducted by her son.

Zumen, "the Winged Death," Commander of Canas' Armies in the field, though ring-fenced in Western Dasaria by Siril's Tenth Legion, begins launching suicide attacks against the stronghold of Cear. He sends small squads of airborne fighters over the Gulf of Cear to harass the citizenry and strike fear into the populace. The Cerulean Fleet forms a new special forces unit, C.E.A.R., Cerulean Engagement, Assault and Recon.

On the eve of the Harvest Festival, Thrall's Gate is unexpectedly assaulted by Undead Forces under unknown leadership. The invaders raid the Library of the Temple of Lochwar, but suddenly withdraw, having achieved whatever mysterious objective drew them there. A group of fighters from Cear manages to successfully defend the Temple and its occupants from harm during the assault, but are quickly re-called the city by rumors of Canite and Dragon Legion activity.



A group of werewolves in harries the citizenry of Cear. Their leader is eventually captured.

A group of heroes stages a raid the Tower of Iraeiymraema, Canas' Mystic Theurge. She is ultimately slain by Dame Edana Genvaldi of Argentum Vigilo, or, as her followers come to believe, merely forced onto the Plane of Wild Magic. In either case the heroes put an end to her breeding program of dragon-men and other half-human abominations that swell the ranks of Canas' army. Before she is slain, however, she meets and parlays with a new group under the leadership of the Wizard Bart Aers, and bargains for the death of a group of Paladins that had been harrying her.

Clan Stormbeard, intent of reclaiming the lost lore of the Dwarves in Dasaria, discovers an ancient Dwarven ruin in the hills East of Tristan Village along the Talonroad. They begin excavating the site in earnest. Meanwhile, their allies, Clan Redleafe, begin a buildprogram in the Valley of the Two Bridges, aimed at restoring the war-torn village there.

The ruins of the Great Library of Cear are discovered by Hyel Loremaster. He enters into an agreement with Praetor Pontius, Governor of Cear, that permits him to begin the legal cataloging and restoration of the site.

The body of Marrent Arghivius goes missing at the Temple of Peralia in Two Bridges.

Clan Stormbeard uncovers an ancient Dwarven Hall at their digsite near Tristan and begins restoring it, christening it Stormhold of Kharadur. They also discover the remains of an extensive dwarven civilization deep beneath the mountain, be it held by wicked creatures from the dark depths.

Orell Stormbeard goes missing, but is eventually found in the ruins beneath the hall. The Clans also stages a bold mission to recover the body of Grand Thain Hamrod of Kharadur, lost some four hundred years in the ruins of his people's civilization, and lay his remains to rest. In the process the path to the underworld is sealed, and Kharadur's ancient enemy locked away with it. Rumors, however, persist of a secret way down, a circumstance which continues to attract fortune seekers who, strangely, seem to frequently go missing.

The Defense of Lendose
Canite forces under the leadership of Zumen muster out from their strongholds in the Northwest, pouring into Bloodrun Pass, overwhelming the Imperial and Rebel forces that had been containing their advance there. Zumen directs his army, aided by clandestine groups of Canite Sympathizers, to recapture Lendose, claiming it once again in the name of Canas and atoning for the ignominy of the defeated Pellaithil Phazzan.

Prince Siril plans to break their advance at his newly constructed Fortress there, recruiting heroes from throughout Dasaria to hem their advance while innocent civilians are moved to safety and the Fortress is secured. The heroes, aided by Imperial troops, fortify the approach to Lendose and bravely break the first waves of the Canite assault. Ultimately, they are forced to retreat within the protective walls of the city, but not before buying sufficient time for the citizenry to be secured within the mighty Fortress.

A group of Canite provocateurs known as Dread Malice, under the leadership of the notorious Wizard Bart Aers, conspires to thwart the Defenders' efforts. They descend to the lowest levels of the ruins of Canas' destroyed Temple in Lendose, where a magical ritual is performed to make safe the soul of Zumen from divine magic during the assault. Aers is slain during the ritual, but raised as a Lich in Canas' service. Dread Malice, invigorated, takes the field with the Canites against the Defenders at Fort Lendose.

The Canites are successful in taking the outer walls of the Fortress, but are held by the Legions and Dasarian Defenders at the second. Zumen himself comes forth, emboldened his protective magics, and excoriates the Defenders to lay down their arms and swear fealty to Canas.

Kingsford, one of the last true dragons, who, travelling in form as The Bronze Knight, had first warned Dasaria about the coming of Zumen, answers Zumen, challenging him to death by single combat and is slain.

Zumen enters a rage, attacking anyone and everyone, slaying Defenders and allies alike, until the field is littered with the bodies of the slain. Only a handful of survivors hold out against the onslaught, until he is finally killed by the magic of the Wizard Hyel Loremaster, Knight-Patent of Argentum Vigilo, and Archmage of Ordo Magica. Hyel takes his enemy's head as a trophy on the field, while the terrible Spear of Zumen, bearing a shard of the Mace of Canas, is secured by an ally. In the aftermath, Bart Aers and his Dread Malice cronies escape.

Stormhold of Kharadur
Clan Stormbeard has made progress in resettling this ancestral home and made their mark on the area as a result. They have cultivated a crop of tobacco that has earned particular interest from a small clan of giants in the area and begun farming honey bees. Little more is known of their other activities to outsiders and non-dwarfs.


Nelina: age 76.

A Plea for Help!
Outlaw Unicorns
Ordo Magica and the Discovery of the Grey Grimoire
Restoration of the Portal Network


Canite Victories, the Fall of Osgörand
The Eclipse, a Shadow Falls on Thrall's Gate
Bold Attacks East of the Frontlines

Council of the Seventh Moon
Empress Nelina calls an urgent Council in Ravenswatch, with a SUMMONS to all defenders of Dasaria, Rebel and Imperial alike. Siril's Tenth Legion, Praetor Pontius' Fourth muster out to Ravenswatch, along with the Armies of the Dasarian Rebels and other irregular forces. At the Council it is revealed by the long-hidden, much-rumored, and newly escaped Daughter of Marcus, Sabrina, that Varana has been beset by a terrible turn of fortune.

The heart of the Empire has fallen to Canas, after its Emperor is corrupted by 'Azai,' one of Canas' Knights who was smuggled into the Summer Palace by high-ranking clergymen of Culnul and Coloth. Marcus lives and breathes still, but his will is no longer his own. He, along with leading members of the conclave of the the faith, proclaims the divinity of Canas, and he leads his own Legions against Old Varana in the name of Canas.

Queen/Empress Nelina and her Son Siril break with Marcus and establish a later-day Kingdom of Dasaria with Nelina as its head, uniting Rebel forces and erstwhile-Imperial in the struggle against the Canites. Praetor Pontius of Cear, loyal to the Irone Throne and House Dairamik (the laws of Varanite succession would pass the title of Imperator to Siril II), and Governor Ozur of Morell back the new government. Siril announces that he will continue to defend the frontlines as General of the Tenth Legion and Master of Lendose, deferring administration of the land to Nelina.

He also lets slip his engagement to Alvinne Anthurium, the head of an order of Relite Paladins, and proclaims worship of the Old Dasarian Gods legalized. To what extent this message will be embraced by the Inquisition and other Varanite-Orthodox religous figures remains to be seen, however there is no denying existence any longer.

An assault on the Druid's Grove South of Tristan is repelled


Cuhannan Raiders cause significant damage to the Cearian Docks after setting a blaze with "Cuhannan Fire"
Defenders repell an attack on by Kor Orcs

Canites steal the Dakhan Blade
Canites defile the Druid's Grove South of Tristan
The One Tree

Ordering of the Armies of the East pics

The war changes character, with the frontline being locked in a constant battle each side seeks ways to penetrate the enemy line.
A new threat rises under the name of "the Mistress." Her servants spread chaos and confusion among the Dasarians. Some say she is one of Canas Captains. Other claim she is an entity of her own.

Continued attacks are made by the Mistress
The Cear graveyard sees new risings of undead. They are repelled by adventurers.


The Mistress stages an attack on Thralls Gate
An effort to remove the infamous staff of Maelstrom takes place. It is led by the Argentum Vigilo and Ord o Magica after years of preparations it is finally successful.

A meeting regarding counter operations against the mysterious Mistress is held. Many of the Dasarian heroes turn up to contribute.
Prince Dairamik and his royal wife Princess Remina receive twins. The royal succession is secured.
The first news about a new form of ghastly ships being sighted are reported to the Cerulean Fleet. No one knows where they come from and they never seek confrontation. Instead they slip away to an unknown destination.
Ordo Magica acquires a new base in Cear. There are rumors that the building used to be haunted. Others claim the Ordo Magica wrested it from the secretive Magnus Order. Either way, the Ordo Magicas standing as one of the City's most prominent wizardly order is strenghtened.
A joint venture to expell the Mistress hold over the graveyard in Cear is a success. is the Mistress defeated or simply weakened for the time being?

A plague of nightmares haunts Cear. A group of devoted Colothians is found to be the source. They are hunted down and believed to have been expelled during a several month long effort by heroes of the land.
Proof that the Mistress still lives surfaces. The struggle against the Mistress continues.

A new set of nightmares spreads over the province. Is there any way to defeat this threat?
An Iryrodian Ambassador arrives to the lands carrying word about the terrible Black Fleet under Canite flag. Despite denial by authorities rumors persist that Iryorodia is on the brink of loosing the war. If Iryrodia fall, what is to stop the entire Black Fleet? The Dasarian province will surely be next.


The Cerulean Fleet departs to hunt Black Sails harassing the coastlines of Dasaria.
Cear is attacked by a ghost ship, laying waste to the harbor and leaving the city in despair before it departs at the first light.

Present time.
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