Deeper Darkness

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Deeper Darkness

Postby DM Seth » Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:35 pm

The weather is dull, grey clouds hold the light of the sun from reaching the living

On a road close to Morell a boy and his father walks. The willstrong father is a Dasarian loyalist, a fighter.

"Are we home soon, dad? My feet is sooo tired" Boy

The man smiles down at his child.

"Calm down boy, we still have an hour left.. But if you're really tired we can sit down for a bit" Father

The child nods happily.

They picked themselves a fine spot under a tree, the sun finally breaching trough the skies and covering the ground
with the soothing light. The shadows of the tree covering the man and his son. The place grows quiet and the animals run
away from the area, the man grows wary "Something is wrong?" His watchful senses takes their moment to look trough the area, but doesn't care to look under their feet. The child screams, his feet held by a dark shadow from which seemed to merge at the tree

"Stop it, let him go NOW!"

Nobody heard anything of what happened else, but the father came to Morell without his son, crying...
Storms rumble innocent pounding, destruction lay families apart. Embraced by death, attempt your escape. Hide and seek

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