Bad weather

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Bad weather

Postby DM Odin » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:56 pm

Talk at the local Inns of Cear.

"It just keep pouring down! What in the gods is wrong with the weather?!?"

"Calm down boy. It is serious but be careful about using the gods names. You might be on to something. The temples are all very secretive about it but it is clear they consider the weather a bad omen."

"Its just rain! Alot of it but still just rain."

"Are you sure? Farmers are having problems with their fields. Port cities are experiencing water filled cellars and aqueducts. The fleet is forced to keep their ships from open water... This rain will do alot of damage if it wont stop soon."

"Well... I did hear folks talk about moving from Cear to the inlands just in case... It is getting to people."

"mmm... may the gods be merciful, this is not good, especially in the midst of a war..."

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