A miracle at Thralls gate

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A miracle at Thralls gate

Postby DM Odin » Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:57 pm

Talk between two Legionnaries overheard at the gates of cear.

"It happened in the aftermath. The Bishop's body had barely been found before black sails staged an attack upon a Thralls gate in schock. Yes, they say three ships were seen. It must have been planned somehow, it cant be a coincidence to attack almost at the exact time as they had lost one of our greatest leaders. The Lochwarians had barely had the time to mourn."

"Those bastards!"

"Yes, the ships unloaded a horde of Kor warriors and other servants of the black fleet. The Exemplar guard were ill organised and outnumbered three to one at least. It could very well have been the end of Thralls gate as we know it."

"What happened?"

"The priest happened. He rushed out of the temple and with what appeared as the Iron will of Lochwar himself he urged the Exemplars to stand firm. And by Tharon they did. Aided with two so far unknown visitors The Father personally led a counterattack and pushed them back. Finally they took the fighting to the cliffside. There they faced the Kor leader, a monster of an Ork. It is said the fight lasted for hours but in the end the priest and his allies stood as victors."

"Praised be Lochwar."

"Yes, I guess the Kor forgot that retribution is what fuels the Lochwarian blood."

"Never the less, it seem like a miracle and I for one will remember to pay my respect at the shrine of the king of gods this evening."

"You know what? I think I'll join you..."

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