Morellian rumors

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Morellian rumors

Postby DM Odin » Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:54 pm

"Yep, thats the Edarda. One of the fastest ships in the Curelean fleet. They say she is here to pick someone up."

"hm... could it be that fancy noble visiting Governor Ozur after the attack on sheppards landing? He never really fitted in with Ozur if you ask me. Pointy ears and blue foreign silk and all. Talked funny to"

"mhm, well I Heard that the governor has been tormented by bad dreams ever since he arrived. It's a bad omen and the brute squad dont work well with bad omens around. I bet the Governor is eager to get rid of Sir Pointy Ears Before those half bloods start to get all spooked up about it."

"Probably, but word is also that some pretty nasty creatures tried to kill Ozurs fancy guest. A bold group of adventurers made sure he reached Morell in one piece though. But just barely. I recon he is important enough for the Edarda."

"Aye, maybe, maybe."

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