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Postby DM Fenrir » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:23 pm

Two nobles sits at a faraway table in the Ravencrest, sipping their wine, and gazing warily towards the many people in the inn. After some time, one of them starts speaking:

"Adelbert, did you hear about that initiative to help the.. hmm.. less fortunate victims of the plague?"

"Yes.. yes, Haagan. I have heard about it." Adelbert replies and adjusts his monocle.

"I was told that the plague has been cured though." Haagan says, and takes another sip of his wine.

"Yes, indeed. But word is, the plague has left many people weakened. And for the less fortunate, that can mean death even though they are no longer ill with the dreadful plague." Adelbert replies.

"Ah.. of course. That does indeed make sense. But i have seen the priests of Ineania and Nuarari hand out bedrolls, blankets and soup to the poor. Who the hells wants to pay for that? Surely those two churches cannot pay such an amount of crowns!"
Haagan says and chuckles, his chins dangling.

"No, Haagan. But i have heard that a certain half orc paid the whole amount by himself. A half orc! Gods be good Haagan.. what has Dasaria come to? I hear that he even became a ranking something of that fire god recently!"

The two nobles continues their conversation, and while they do so, the priests and priestesses of Nuarari and Ineania continues to hand out bankets, bedrolls and food to the poor and homeless. Somewhere, a small child looks at the flames of a torch this night, and says a happy, thankful prayer to Tyrak and his new Flamebearer.
"Much I have travelled, much have I tried out,
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