Beautiful Christmas Light Decorations

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Beautiful Christmas Light Decorations

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Beautiful Christmas Light Decorations
Light decoration is a must thing to have when dressing your Christmas tree. Lights take the most important role of Christmas tree’s beauty. They make the tree sparkling on Christmas nights. The fact that people did not decorate their tree with lights because they could not afford them in the past. It was not until the 1950s that electric lights became popular. Today, Christmas lights also called fairy lights are the most necessary thing for a perfect Christmas tree in every household on a festive day.

Christmas light decorations 1

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree adorned with colorful and blinking lights becomes the symbol of New York on Christmas season.

In the past, Christmas tree was adorned with a simple kind of electric lights like mini-light strings, it was just decorated with many colorful globes wired on the string. Now you can find various types of lights. If you intend to dress your tree but have no idea to choose the right light decorations, take a look some types of lights below. You will find the most suitable light for your Christmas tree theme.

Although there is a variety of Christmas lights, it has got two main types of lighting decoration: traditional lights and modern lights.

Traditional types of Christmas light decorations

As can be seen that there is a numerous type of Christmas lights, but for many people, traditional lights are the most favorite one. One of them, mini-light strings are the most popular because they are versatile. These lights seem never out of fashion. They are also used for both personal and commercial uses. There are many colors from traditional colors such as red, white and so on to multi-color sets of these lights to choose. Some people like white or yellow string lights because they bring the warm and cozy feeling to the house while the other likes multi-color lights because of the brilliance and beauty that they bring.

Christmas light decorations 2

A set of mini string lights

The common light type used to be incandescent light bulbs. This type also used to be popular in American culture. However, people found it difficult to repair or troubleshoot when there was one burned bulb on a light set, so they started to use its energy-efficient alternatives.

how many days till Christmas
Modern fairy lights

In the recent past, by combining modern LED technology with modern style decorative lighting now, there are many different types of modern fairy light options for you to decorate your house and Christmas tree. The selection of modern fairy lights has a bigger variety of styles and colors now than before. Now the simple style of globes, bulbs and teardrops are replaced by an extension choice of modern lighting styles like lighting festoons, wreaths, or sparkling giant candy canes, etc. Instead of decorating by traditional styles like string lights or standard fairy light bulbs, you can choose some modern alternatives such as lighted decorations, pine cone or berry bulbs and so on to display your Christmas themes ideas. Even indoor or outdoor lighting decorations, you can have lots of silhouettes and motifs to choose to display your house and Christmas tree as you want.

Christmas Light Decorations 5

White battery powered LED stars are one of the modern outdoor Christmas lights

In some shops, stores or malls, many Christmas trees, windows or signs are adorned with medium or big-sized colorful or unique fairy lights from lighting festoons, snowman or Santa silhouettes to three-dimension baubles to attract people.

Christmas Light Decorations 4

LED lighted ornaments can replace some traditional fairy lights

After all, even though you display around your house and tree by traditional Christmas lights or modern ones, it can be denied that fairy lights take the most important part in this festive season.

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