So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Crimson » Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:36 pm

Part 2.

I was not surprised to learn that the gates of Cear stood open. Dirtied and rusted by years of neglect and immobility, the massive, wooden gates creaked mournfully in the wind as I passed them.
Even here by the wall meant to protect the city, there was no sign of battle.
Not a single scratch on the wall, not a single rusted sword on the field... nothing.

Even Laul's old wagon was still there, though it was now overgrown with wild plants and eaten away by generations of worms and parasites.

As I reached the outskirts of the farmlands, my invisibility potion's effect wore off.
The magic left me, and I was again exposed – but the immediate danger was gone, now that I had left the Dead City.

I passed the fields, overgrown and overtaken by nature, with the old farmhouse half collapsed and the old mill standing like a silent, enormous gravemarker in the dark of the night.

After a few hours by foot, I reached Thrall's Gate.


Thrall's Gate had once been a small bastion made up of wooden pallisades and watchtowers, with a temple to the mighty Lochwar as the central building. A place of crimson worship, where slaves were taught how to be less than human...

Now, it looked very different;

The wooden walls and towers were gone. Replaced with strong stone walls and square towers with ballistae pointing towards the nearby sea, ready to unleash a dreadful barrage upon any approaching ship.
A great, wooden gate reinforced with heavy steel marked the only way through the area – as the walls blocked everything from the edge of the cliff to the high hills towards Aucklorn.
Heavy banners hung from the wall, in crimson and black, proudly displaying the iron fist of Lochwar, and flaming braziers atop the walls revealed that there were indeed people here – of the living kind.

I halted for a moment while I took in this unexpected sight.
After Cear, I would have expected a demolished (or simply undead) Thrall's Gate – not a fortress like this.

I knew of Thrall's Gate's past, and I knew more than enough about the Lochwarians... but even though this could become dangerous, it could likewise become informative.
People here could tell me about the fate of the Dasarian Province.

I dreaded it... so much. Never in my life had I feared information and truth like I did in that moment.

And with calm steps, I approached the Gate...
“They say dragons never truly die. No matter how many times you kill them.”

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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Wired » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:04 am

*thumbs up*

But part of me is thinking:
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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Wired » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:08 am

My first attempt will be.

Rocks fall, everyone dies.

But my second attempt will come after some thought.
Yeah, been playing the OC a little bit, what was with that?

Set a bad tone with the railroading early on, there was no way to save Amie.
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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Sunset Fallow » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:06 pm

‘It started at the edges, the farthest realms…mythical places of which few had heard and fewer still had visited. They ran at first, those that could run, man and beast. Spreading slowly, it enveloped anything and everything in its path. They called it a great evil, the depths of chaos…more than nothing, less than something. It devoured the land; entire cities and realms lost without pause.

They sent messages across the land summoning their greatest mages and priests, scholars of every kind. They prayed and prepared great magicks…yet nothing slowed the inexorable advance. Each thing that stood against it was slowly eroded as if its very fabric was torn asunder, quietly made less than real, shrouded in darkness and pulled apart noiselessly, finally lost to the infinite void beyond.

They huddled in their Temples and Holy places, some screaming, others praying their whispered petitions of salvation. Some claimed the Gods walked among them….others saw only the mad who claimed divinity. They witnessed their end as it approached, advancing quickly now; its front devouring the land and all else faster than any could move. Those who stood upon that final mount in the city watched as it came upon them, the last of many in a once great land, holding those they loved, offering up their final words to Gods who no longer heard.

Then it was over. All that was vanished.’
“Oh my God…someone call the doctors…he’s awake!” The gray haired woman who was sitting beside the bed rushed to the man’s side. “John…John…it’s me Emily. Gods….where’s the doctors? Please, someone help me….it’s John. He’s awake…” She jabbed frantically at the call button, then rushed into the corridor.

“He’s awake…he’s awake.” She screamed down the hall as nursing staff rushed to the room. Feebly, John struggled with the tubes and strange sensations. All those years and dreams…the coma had left him weak, confused. Then he remembered…his dreams, now quickly fading, fragments of memories. It seemed so real. Was he really awake?

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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Jain Zar » Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:48 pm

Jain's fantasy 1.0

For months there have been rumors about large buildings with fortifications rising up in certain parts of Cuhanna, the Empire of Varana, and also Dasaria. All in a matter of weeks. These almost otherwordly buildings seem to be build with a magic unseen to the world, or rather perhaps a magic that was considered long lost. Sand, song and magic seems to be all that is used, the strange compositions proving to be indestructable and easily resisting any form of attacks., the walls hard as diamond.

Those fortifications also seemed to grow by the day, slowly transforming into what appeared cities that really looked magnificent, displaying an elegant architecture consisting of tall wondrous towers, large smooth walls and other strange structures that somehow blended harmoniously with places of natural beauty.

One day the gates of such a city opened and from its gates came forth an army of a race that seemed to live in grace, a race imbued with magic unlike any other. They looked like elves but they were just a little larger. The supposedly-extinct Tuigan had returned, and they were intending to stick around. Hidden among the rest of their kin spread all over the world, they have been preparing this for many... many centuries...

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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Alterity » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:14 pm

A thousand-ten-thousand skeletons 'n' orcs, little ones, do you know how many that is? There are perhaps a thousand leaves in the pile of leaves you so love to jump in each Autumn - now imagine for a moment that each of you has one of those piles. That is a ten-thousand Canites.

Now imagine that for each leaf in your pile, you had an entire pile again - fill this entire inn from floor to ceiling t'would. More leaves than you have seen in your lives, t'would.

That is how many Canites marched down the road towards Ravenswatch, orcs and skeles as far as the eye could see. You could feel the rumble of their steps, shaking the ground. The bells were ringing, the ground was shaking, and fear? Well lets just say; the Prince called for his brown pants. The town evacuated right away, anyone that wasn't needed packed up and went to Cear. The rest piled into the keep and we shut the gates to the city, glad now for the long ramp to the city gates.

Ten hours we stood off, rocks flying at our heads, us hurling those same rocks back. Every rock that lands killed a hundred orcs or their skele friends; but it seemed to make no difference. We only had ten thousand defenders, each of our losses counted all the more. Each of us had to kill a thousand if we were to win.

Ahh but a valiant defence it was kiddos! Our wizards and sorcerers launched meteorites, our druids summoned ancient elemental spirits to destroy our foes, our archers ran out of arrows faster than we could make 'em and the priests of every god and goddess kept us going. And yet, their numbers might as well have been limitless. By the tenth hour, we were down to half our force and it hardly looked like we had touches the foes. It was then that the true threat emerged.

The Mindworm they called him. Dozens of our soldiers answered his call, their minds lost. The gates slowly began to open as brother slew brother in surprise and the gatehouse was taken. Didn't matter if they were Rebel or Imperial, dwarf, human or elf - soldiers from all groups turned. Even some of the druids and wizards turned and blasted their fellows to dust.

T'was then that the prince's honourguard took action. The Argentum Vigilo attacked the Mindworm, bringing the full power of their group to bear as they did against the Winged Death on a similar battlefield. The Knights died to the last, but ahh what a glorious battle it was - you have all heard the songs that are sung of it. They slew the Mindworm with their final breath, and his thralls were released! The Canite army began to fight itself as those taken were released from their thralldom - although they were cut down by the Canites quickly. But more importantly, those within the walls regained their senses.

But the damage was done, the gates opened, the orcs flooded in. The Prince sounded the retreat to the keep as the enemy flooded in - hundreds died in the retreat and as many were captured and later eaten alive. Nigh three thousand made it to the keep, among them many of our most powerful - but many of the world's best heroes had fallen.

T'was then that a plan was devised - you see, we had a few tricks up our sleeves still. The entirety of Ravenswatch was a large trap, and we simply needed the enemy to dig in, as they had done. We were a juicy target which had resisted being crushed under the Canite boot and that irritated. The Canites ravaged the countryside, but their main focus was destroying our last hope. They piled into the city as we retreated. Millions of canites rushed into the city, pillaging and killing anyone that didn't run as fast as they could.

As we barricaded ourselves in the keep, the orcs started beating on the door. The Ordo Magica set up a teleportation pylon within the keep and people started moving out to Cear. Alas, one thing we failed to consider... A dracolich. Imagine if you would, dragon with all its might, but t'would not be terrifying enough. Nay, this Dragon was made of bone and strengthened with foul magics and could tear a living dragon in two. The dracolich breathed its fell fire and melted the gates to the keep, and the orcs burst through ahead of schedule.

T'was then that the Free Vanguard Captains nodded to one another. The Captain's Anne and Sam recalled their forces with the rest of Dasarian troops, while the Captain's Firin and Fyvre took a few handpicked elite and took to the inner gate. Far enough back that the Dracolich couldn't roast them, but well placed to stop the orc and undead tide. For an hour the Captains fought with their dozen soldiers, losing one after another until the Captains stood side-by-side, alone against the flood. Working in perfect tandem the Captains proved why they led the Free Vanguard as they finished the wall of corpses.

Alas, it could not last forever; even the strongest warriors tire - a poorly deflected blade, an unblocked arrow - little wounds stack up. No one knows who fell first, for no one found their bodies; but they lasted long enough for everyone to escape and the portals to close. They were trapped on the other side as the city exploded in a magical trap which consumed the orcs and undead utterly. They say the Shadow was the last through the portal, unwilling to leave her husband to the last and witnessing their last moments before leaving and ordering the portal closed.

Captain Sam, ever the bard, renamed the Free Vanguard to the Last Rearguard in honour of their fallen captains, but their rearguard saved hundreds of lives and destroyed more a thousand-five-thousands of the Canites when Ravenswatch exploded. T'was then that we won the war; for our forces from Cear, Ravenswatch and Lendose, and the surviving Varanites from Varana proper attacked. With the Mindworm destroyed by the Argentum Vigilo, the Emperor MArcus regained his mind and Varanites across the country rose up against Canas.

We were now one people under the Princeps Siril, and we attacked as one and marched on Canas. Every powerful mage of Ordo Magica, druid of the Sacred Grove, member of the Cerulean Fleet, Last Rearguard, Legions and rebels, and priest of every temple worked together to bring that monster down. And while it cost almost every hero their lives, we won.

We won.
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Re: So...How would you imagine Dasaria 2 in 50 game-years?

Postby Jain Zar » Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:25 pm

Jain's fantasy 2.0

It happened in the night of the 26th day of Teshaver, in the year 653 MR, the first year of the reign of Emperor Marcus V. What should have been a month filled with festivals and celebrations, turned out to be a disaster. It was a chilly night, and stars seemed to burn a thousand times brighter than usual. But one was shining even more brightly than the Wanderer's Guide, the brightest star in the skies.

Those who were looking up at the beautiful, surreal blanket above their heads saw that it moved, and that it came from the direction of the Blanket of Durace. People held their breath, some wondering whether it was a dragon whose belly was lit by the sun on the other side of the world, the scales glowing like iron in a smith's forge.

One moment it was on its path to pass without causing any harm, the next it headed straight for the center of Därs. How much death and pain it caused was not known, but it hurled the world into a great war. The giant, mysterious rock that struck the world had always been part of their destiny, its path determined millions of years ago. They just didn't know it at the time. Not that they could have stopped it. Not at all...

When the meteor struck, it did not only shook the world, but also the strategic cards. Wizards, sorcerers, bards and anyone who practiced arcane magics suddenly found his or her powers not working anymore. A large dead magic zone seemed to have been created around the mysterious rock. A rock that was so big and so heavy there weren't even enough dragons in the world to lift it and toss it back into space. Those who practiced more 'wild' magic found that their powers had increased.

It did not take long before Canas gathered an army of Pacted and sent them to safeguard the rock, the stone which was still glowing even months later, without doubt an agglomeration of many unknown elements that they could be put to use. Arcane academies were closed and more people turned to outsiders and alike to obtain the powers they needed to withstand Canas. As a result, slowly yet gradually the world became infested with devils, demons, fey and other sinister offspring until it many years later was a place one could call... hell...

Even decades later, thick clouds drifted constantly along the skies and there was a lack of sunlight. The weather system had changed dramatically. Dasaria became a dry place whilst endless rains struck Cuhanna, creating rivers and vegetation where there was none before. Därs, Old and New Varana became hot, while Rell and Iryrod never had been so cold before.

Under the growing population of outsiders, people -rules and peasants alike- were turned into pets and slaves all over Varana, but it would not go any further without a fight. Far away in Cuhanna, beyond the former great desert, an army was gathering, a civilization created. Those who managed to escape were joining those who had been preparing ever since the meteor struck, their numbers growing by the day. All of them had turned to the gods and the most talented were instructed in the use of divine magic. The disciples and followers of the gods had never been this numerous before, but they were running out of time as they were running out of resources.

Divine versus occult... who will prevail... ?

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