High Level Quests

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High Level Quests

Postby Nottingham » Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:49 am

OK. So I have been playing solo quite a bit. And I have intentionally stopped attempting to gain XP, for I am already 2 to 3 levels higher than any of the friends and family I play with, so I have slowed down, letting them catch up. I am still at 16+, and I know when I level up, I will be at that 17.5 mark. I know all the XP I earn now will be lost when I level up, but, again, that is OK. I want my companions to catch up. I would have felt OK leveling up and moving forward if the level cap was 30, but at 20, I want to move slow and cherish these last few levels. I took several months off from playing because I did not want to get further ahead, but I have been getting the urge again.

And I have not wanted to explore on my own without my friends, for the thrill of encountering new areas and adventures when in a group on a gaming night is very cool. But sometimes I will creep around. And to successfully solo an area, not only do you have to have the right character build, but you often have to gain more levels to work through an area alone than you do when in a party. I know; we all know this.

Here is my dilemma. To successfully complete a quest solo, a character often has gained too many levels to qualify for the quest. I recently discovered the werewolf quest only to discover that at level 16 I was too high to complete it. Because of my grinding and treasure hunting, I bet I could solo it, but now my level is too high. I would do it for charity, if the havling would let me. 

Because of the lack of server activity and the need to adventure solo, can some of the level requirements for quests be changed? Even if they were scaled so that a base 100 XP is given for a higher level character completing a quest, that would be awesome… or even no XP, but just dialog and a thank you. The joy of completing a quest for the first time has been lost for a lot of quests that remain challenging. And it seems like that bump from level 15 to level 16 closed a lot of doors.

And just so I know, are there still a ton of quests left open after or at level 17?

When I take level 17, will I still be able to collect giant heads, for example?

One of my friends returns from about in October, and I anticipate more time to play this fall and winter.

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Re: High Level Quests

Postby Ron » Wed Aug 31, 2016 3:51 am

Boulderdash quest is playable thru level 17. Have you tried the battlefield OLM quests in Lendose?
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Re: High Level Quests

Postby MaoOn » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:35 am

There are many quests playable from 15 to 20. I can think of one (or two) in Cear, at least two in Tristan (And Drakkan 12-17), pretty much every quest in Ravenswatch and Ravenwood and all Overland Map quests in Lendose as Ron said. Lendose also has a several max level 17 or 18 quests, I'm not sure of the minimum level.

The Orc/dwarf mine quest in Morell Woods is also doable 10-20.
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Re: High Level Quests

Postby Jain Zar » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:21 pm

And if you really like a challenge... Thayad Mountain, which starts at the docks...
But the creature you fight in the end... better have a good divine fighter or something, or at least with you!
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