The lovely Doraemon wallpaper

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The lovely Doraemon wallpaper

Postby Robert1998 » Mon May 16, 2016 4:57 am

Japan is an industrial country with cartoons and comics famous worldwide. If Americans have Hollywood, Bollywood India has the technology base production of Japanese animation also not inferior. Definition anime graphics so cute, nice, smooth motion effects, rich emotional script, dark traditional Japanese people. The Japanese animated film with a truth popular from across the film, which is the spirit of solidarity, the victory of justice, the winner between good and evil ... Japanese Animation often adapted based on comics (manga), the folk tale or an episode of the short film with a completely new storyline.
Doraemon is typical of that industry. Famous comic is Fujiko F. Fujio authors, this is regarded as a symbol of the rising sun. Doraemon is a robotic cat is Nobito, grandson of Nobita send three generations to the past for his grandfather to help Nobita progressive, ie will also improve the plight of the children of Nobita later. Each episode is an interesting adventure of magic cat and his friends Nobita, Shizuka, Xeko, Gian. The manga has been adapted into several types such as cartoon or musical ... Not only are your favorite children's ages, but also a lot Doraemon generation Japanese people of different ages known. Almost no one Japanese people do not know this character. Moreover it is also acceptance of many of the small world you. It has become part of childhood memories of many people.
There are so many the most beautiful Doraemon picture in Hd wallpapers. You can see and freely download all the wallpaper what you like to as the wallpaper of your computer and cellphone. So you can see it every time when you use you computer and cellphone.
If you or your friends love Batman or Iron man you can visit Batman wallpaper and Iron man wallpaper to download it for your computer.
Hope you’ll choose the picture what you like the most.


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