A Dasarian Story

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A Dasarian Story

Postby Sahji » Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:56 am

Hello, you forum Dasarians you. Those that know me, know that I have a tendency to soapbox. Alas, the IRC is rather absent of people to rant to, so my soapbox will just have to be here.

I love Dasaria.
That means, I love Dasarians.
I love you, avid forum-lurker!
Sappy sounding, yes. But I have reason to be. And I mean this genuinely. The type of love that makes you want to be the best you you can be. Because...

I got to know you. Not everyone, but a lot of you. And you were beautiful people. You weren't always perfect, but neither was I. And that was okay. You accepted me. I felt like we were a family. We laughed. A lot. And we argued over petty, stupid things, like siblings do.

I did not have this in my life before.

I was a very isolated person.

I was emotionally abused by the one person who should never do so.

So believe me when I say Dasaria was important in bringing me an attachment to people I didn't have before.
Not only did I make some of my most long lasting and real friendships here,
but I was encouraged.
An encouragement I did not receive except from teachers, who are really supposed to be encouraging as part of their job.
Encouragement in the steps into adulthood,
but also encouragement in creativity and simple fun.
I was safe here.
Now that's not something I've gotten in other online communities. Maybe it was because we were a smaller community.

For those of you I was not well acquainted with, I can honestly say I appreciated all of your characters. Just because they didn't click with mine, I loved the differences in mindsets, the challenge, interaction, or even sometimes the LACK of interaction, the ambient chance I ran across your roleplay. Because, you are a creator. You, like me, had a story. An idea. You gave it shape. A face, a name, a personality. Feelings, and histories. You helped to create a living, breathing world that I shared.

I'm not perfect. I'll be the first to admit it. I was wrong, sometimes. Maybe pig-headed. Or over-sensitive. I'm a human being. I'm sure I said things I didn't mean. But I've always thought that, mistakes are made, and the best for all involved is to move on, do better next time. To let it go, because if you don't, you're left with negative thoughts, about yourself and others. And those thoughts desaturate and try to eclipse good memories.

To those that have left:
I understand some of you felt unappreciated.
Some others felt ignored.
A few specific people were angry at a specific person.
And there's the agreement that at its core Dasaria is a game, and you shouldn't play it if its upsetting you.
I can't argue against that.
And I'm told, sometimes, that it's just run its course for some people, that they've found other places, activities, life struggles.
And I wish you happiness, and good luck.
But I'll be here.
As long as I'm welcome.
And when, if you log in, I'll be happy to see you.

I'm playing here still, developing character stories as always.
And I've recently re-read the epic typos thread. It made me laugh.
And it made me wonder about all those stories I was never directly involved in.
The romances, the rivalries, the quirks, the aspirations.
In one of those typo posts I sent a tell to Rohenna once, asking if "he'd woo'd her yet". I can't remember who that was about, but I wish I did.
And I remember being semi fixated on Baby's Nuararian. She's the one that inspired me to try Vana, who I'm still playing occasionally. I kind of want to capture that dreamy, ascetic quality, but don't think I can!
I remember Terrah working quietly behind the scenes, fueling information to a certain wizard she respected and thought could and would use the information she provided to destroy a common enemy.
I remember Fyvre and Naq Runalia "Click" being asked to have dinner with Artisan Smith. Those two wildwomen agreed--but on their terms. They had an outdoors fancy dinner! Click, raising her pinky finger to "sip" from her mug was priceless.
And the Vanguard in general I still love all the oomph behind it. Perhaps we were clumsy in our efforts, but what do you expect from a rowdy group of hell-raisers and misfits?
The Wogs. Willow and Ward, the most strange duo EVER. Lockslotho from Utu's misfits. Terrah arguing with Carric...

Dasaria gave me an exercise of feeling. Rage in conflict, despair in loss. And wonder from the very get go. A magic super bear, ressurrecting a party from doom... A strange, warm tree in a dying, morose town. Always when things seemed doomed, there was a glimmer of hope.
I have so many good memories, if I could capture them in paint, I could fill every inch of wall in the house.
It's these I hold close, as I move forward.
Some might think it silly that an entirely imagined world could or should mean so much to someone.
But, those people aren't really Dasarians.

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Re: A Dasarian Story

Postby StaffSgtSkunk » Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:52 am

So I'm guessing only a few know me due to my crazy ideas and wacky experiences but for those who don't know me I hope that one day we will meet in the Dasaria world.

Now where do I start with this, there are so many things that make me love Dasaria and the people playing inside the world. I love creativity, I love the ideas some people have and all of the other players wanting to join in. I love how I have met some of the best people that have helped me through IC as well as RL problems. I want to meet them all in person and have a cracking time but the way things are that might be longer than expected XD.

It's an rather odd story on what Dasaria and the people in it mean to me, before my mate even gave me a copy of the game I wasn't really a peoples person. I always kept myself locked away inside my bedroom playing all sorts of video games, I very rarely went out as well as hiding all my great ideas and emotions. I was like the ugly duckling though not ugly and more 'kept to myself' kinda duckling.

Not gonna lie though arriving on Dasaria was a little hard to get used too and I have to thank Outbreak for putting up with me for the first month or so I think it was. Only ever followed him around and very rarely left him to go find my own RP but eventually I did. I met some amazing people and even now after all the arguments that took place I still try to keep in contact with them.

The players of Dasaria and Dasaria it self IS a second family to me and always will be, I had some great moments both IC and OOC that I wish one day we could do again. I hopefully aim to play the game a bit more than what I have been doing, RL really kicked me in the teeth not too long ago and only a few know the reason why.

I love this place as it was the stepping stone in my life to meet new and great people around the world. It helped me with my confidence and I will be honest, if it wasn't for this great and wonderful place I wouldn't be in the job I have.

Well that's all I have to say, Dasaria and the Dasarians inside have really made this a place that I can call family and home too.

(P.S: Miss you all, lets one day try to get together again IG :) )

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Re: A Dasarian Story

Postby Krylan » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:53 pm

When I first started on Dasaria, oh... 3 years ago, I was popping in and out of servers like no ones business, finding either empty ones, or ones with weird Rules, or environments, Until I happened on Dasaria. I remember my first day on Dasaria, I didn't have a job back then so I could just stay on for however long I wanted. But I found something truly amazing.

I'm talking about a community of which the like I had never seen before, where everywhere on the server was in character, there were no griefers, and everyone just got on for a good time. I remember running around doing quests and not being able to complete a single one because there was always someone new to interact with.

I remember my first DM event, where I was taken completely by surprise when the DM started doing double spawns against our huge questing party, giving us a serious run for our money, and a reward that even further enveloped my love for this server.

Let me just put it out there that I am infact a drifter. I don't stay playing one game for too long before I move onto the next one or cycle through a couple of games every month or so, However, neverwinter nights 2 on steam has 2387 hours logged into it, and is still the highest played game on my steam list. And you know what? 95% of all of that time was spent on Dasaria. You cant beat that.

It does us no good to look back at the glory days and think about how great the game WAS and wish it had happened THIS way or THAT way, because the game is still here, people still play it, and we're still around.

I'll see you in Cear when you're ready.
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Re: A Dasarian Story

Postby Domina » Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:38 am

*adjusts mic* This thing on? Okay...

I started on Dasaria almost four years ago now. Damn...where does the time go!
I was a pretty fresh university student when I got on Dasaria. My love had introduced the game to me as he gave up on it the first week. So I popped in the game and found Dasaria as it was the only area that would let me join without DLC. (before I knew how to mess around with my comp to make it work on a Mac)

While Celestia was the character to really take off...Selene was my first. Didnt really garner attention. I was bored. So I came back a few months later with Celestia and thanks to Darion and Father Marrent...I fell in love with Dasaria shortly after. Slowly meeting everyone in this large and curious game world!

The community really pulled me in. No one harassed me for being a gal. Tried to pick me up or hit on me in uncomfortable ways like I had experienced in most games. (which is why it took most of 2-3 years to really introduce myself to some) Aside from the few trouble makers who have passed... I have lots of fun here! This is where I come to escape my reality filled with shallow people, harassment and more math and bio than i'd like in any given week. A place i can explore my creativity and artistic side with positive encouragement! Though i'm still learning whatever artistic side I have!

Mass media sort of portrayed DnD players as these odd people and awkward existence's, but everyone is so chill when I speak with them. I love all of you and enjoy playing with everyone here! I hope to make many more stories that will make you happy, sad, curious, and interested in all I do and each other!

Long Live Dasaria!
The night is far spent, the day is at hand;
Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us wear the armor of light.
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Re: A Dasarian Story

Postby Outbreak1992 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:31 pm

Taken me a while to get around to writing this and I'm always a bit rubbish at writing these sort of things but here we go... So I started Dasaria originally many years ago, probably somewhere around 2008 when I was about 15, didn't really play a lot and avoided the forums as I casually played whilst adjusting toNWN2, being a casual NWN1 player back then. It wasn't until a couple of years later after learning about RP a little from various servers on both games, not really finding an RP community I felt welcome in. Finding dasaria I had one of the very early versions of Xarion, I think he was a crappy dual weilding barbarian haha, whilst he was a poorly built character, with a noob player at both the game and RPing, I was still encouraged to keep at it and develop my character further.

Dasaria has been an interesting place to be over the years, growing up from an adolescent into an adult, so I'll take this opportunity to apologies for any moments over the years I've been inapprioriate, rude or nasty to any of you. I'd like to think dasaria has helped teach me some good morals in life, despite the game being fictional, the characters that I've interacted with feel real, having actual personalities that can really make you question... well do for me anyway.

I've always been a recluse on dasaria, still am now if I'm honest... I'm hoping nobody thinks I personally go out of my way to avoid people, it's more like I don't want to gate crash player's character stories. I've had my fair share of self criticism on my characters and RP abilities, almost convincing myself to leave a few times now but always been talked into staying. Despite NWN being such an outdated game these days, it's great to see the world still ticking with fresh characters and stories, a good community that is relaxed and welcoming, what I'm trying to say is... That... Ah screw it the gif will the do trick. xD


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