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Recruiting - Halfling Family

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:47 pm
by Sahji
AN interest check and a recruitment post for the Overhills, a large family of halflings trying to eke out an existence some 60 years after their home was commandeered.

The Story
The Overhills once resided along the coast of Morell and had a decent standing in their community. They were known for their pig stock and their bold attitudes. The fabled great-grandfather Falco Overhill has various legends of wit, wile and courage attributed to him, and each family member remembers his stories in the way that best fits the current situation. Falco Jr. Overhill's five children each had homes of their own, and their farm was a bucolic and profitable home for a growing family.

When Varana claimed Dasaria, the Overhills were one of the unfortunate halfling groups to be stripped of their farmland. In the ten years following, the family attempted to keep together under Marigold "Mam" Overhill (who survived her husband, Falco II), filling positions in the cities as itinerant workers. However, over time the family grew apart. Some found work as servants in human homes, filled labor jobs, and others turned to petty thievery--or worse, organized crime.

Almost sixty years after the Overhills lost their home, Mam Overhill's health has long since been failing. She has survived all but one of her children, and her role as family matriarch is all but forgotten. However, on the eve of her hundredth birthday, she called the Overhills together for a reunion to remind them of their proud origins and bade them find a suitable ancestral home for the generations to come. The fourth generation, many of whom had never met other Overhills outside their atomized family, are the last hope. Will they come together and live up to the great Falco's legends, or will they fall apart and fade to history?

The Goal
The Overhill Family doesn't have to achieve anything specifically, each member is encouraged to make their own legends. But Mam Overhill's last request is for the family to have land and be economically independent. Whether that means they own a large thieves guild, another farm, or make wealth off the sea is all up to what the Overhills want and progress toward. The original family alignment was Neutral Good but there's room for any alignment or disposition. Your Overhill is not defined by anyone else--unless you'd like to team up with someone else and make twins, or something!

Halflings only, any subrace. Due to a lot of marrying over four generations, there's no set physical requirements, though it's said the stock of Overhill tend to be strong. Also everyone gets the name Overhill even if their mother married to someone outside the family, JUST to simplify and make ourselves recognizable (though you can add a second family name before or after Overhill!).

Job wise, take into consideration that the family has been only barely eking out an existence the last 60 years or so. While there may be some members more affluent than others, it'll be a hard fought battle to be taken on as an apprentice of a privilaged job. That's not to say don't do it, but remember to tailor your story to the Overhill struggle.

We will hopefully play once a week, doing whatever a bunch of halflings out to prove themselves do.

Re: Recruiting - Halfling Family

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:03 am
by IronWaffle
I'm about to have a ton of free time available, and love the underdog story of a half-ling. Sounds like a great way to kill it!

Re: Recruiting - Halfling Family

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:27 am
by Sahji
Nice to have you aboard Ironwaffle. Make your character at your leisure. I'll probably make mine after dinner. I'd love it if you post a screenshot of your character with their name and whatever other details you want to add. :mrgreen:

Re: Recruiting - Halfling Family

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:47 pm
by Aegis
was thinking about making a ling. nice excuse to do so. :)

Re: Recruiting - Halfling Family

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:19 am
by Aegis
"Lil" Ivan Overhill

Ivan Overhill is a small Halfling, diminutive even by Halfling standards. Being a Halfling means being looked down on, and when you are as small as Ivan people must look very far down indeed.

Having grown up serving the moderately wealthy merchants in cear, Ivan has spent much of his free time watching fencing instructors, and has gained some skill at fencing as a result.

Upon his 20th birthday, tired of being looked down on and wanting to restore his family's name. Ivan left to become an adventurer, and to prove to the world that, no matter how big or small, nobody bests an Overhill.