Please, Death, please be a dream

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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Please, Death, please be a dream

Postby Elrith » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:02 am

The thoughts of Beatrix after her meeting with two other men regarding some disturbing events. I felt it should be posted here since this is all just going on in her head and she isn't interacting with anyone else.


N-n-no... it can't be true! Can't! Can't! Can't! Can't be. No way it could be.

But I had been there. They had convinced me there was no logical reason for them to take him away. Yet the Commander himself came in and freed the 'man' who had tried to murder me and the others. I felt my knee connect with his stomach, had felt him exhale painfully; remembered the color of his clothing. The look on his face just before he vanished into thin air.

And they let him go.

Why?. While talking with two others hidden away from prying eyes one suggested the impossible. A great spell had left the elite forces of Cear compromised, or they wanted it to be this way; they betrayed us.

Cut off by a great army to the North...
Separated from the rest of the Empire...
The Master. No, some thing called Canas controlling the forces in the region only bested by one thing...
No way to call for help...
Claw can't help us...
No route of escape...
The sea is blocked...
The road North is under siege...
Under Siege for far too long...
The man called Shard was their only warning...
The beginning of a war against the entire Empire itself...

Oh gods we're all doomed if its true. Insanity... What am I thinking? They'll cut off my horns... hang me... it can't be true. Impossible!

Flashes of childhood...

I'm not a monster I uphold the law! No... Don't laugh at me! Stop it... I... I... I DIDN'T KILL HIM! *growing softer* no... don't send me away... I'M NOT A MONSTER!

It repeats...

Until I cry myself to sleep. Yet, I know there is nothing I can do but wake up and fulfill my job to the Empire. Do the rounds, file the reports, care about the people. That is all I can do to show them. I-I...

The meeting was over. I went to leave but my legs wouldn't move. There was some great force stopping me at the door. Finally I had to jump over the great chasm and when I landed outside...

...something was different. I no longer felt happy about living with this great burden placed on me. Why am I like this curled up in a ball afraid to live? This isn't me. My heart is so heavy. My eyes sting. I can never show anyone else.

Never, never, never, NEVER, NEVER!

Until its over, but when will that be? Months, years, a decade? Will they murder every last one of us before they succeed... silence the Varanites so loyal to our home?


Trapped us in a cage...
Spears pointed on all sides...
I can never show anyone...
Must always be myself...
I'm not a monster...
Find something to be happy about...

What's this? A flower. Isn't it pretty how it shines beautifully in the light? Alive though everything around us is nearly dead. Why can't I be alive like this still? Making others around me see Life, Order, Happiness. I've always just wanted to be alive...

So I took the flower home with me and cried myself to sleep with it by my side...
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Postby ChikenKannon » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:24 am

The largest wound will come from those you considered friends.

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Postby Zephis » Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:20 pm

Sad :(
I really like your char hon :)

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Postby Mon-da-oth » Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:41 pm


I had written more but let time sort out the facts.

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Postby Black Hand Enclave » Mon Jan 21, 2008 4:33 pm

Very well written.
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