The Origins of Camryn: devout to Lochwar.

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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The Origins of Camryn: devout to Lochwar.

Postby Elrith » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:51 am

18 Years ago…

The busy people of Varana thronged into the streets weaving their way among numerous shops, businesses, and places of relaxation. Today was just like any other day; the sun was high, the sky clear, and the glory of the Empire could be seen in every magnificent stone of the city. Everything was normal, except if you were to take upon the form of an eagle and soar high above the city; you might notice a small girl on her knees crying in the middle of the street. People shuffled about her as if she didn’t exist. No one spared her even a glance or thoughts of pity. It was almost like a river of living people breaking around this ‘failure’ in the road, and then merging again on the other side.

The little girl had brown hair, bright blue eyes, and looked very sad…

Ma… Ma come back!

…though she lie there crying she did it silently. Her father had left some weeks before. A day ago the girl’s mother had set her down in the street and told her to stay there. At the time the nameless girl thought it was a strange request, but decided to obey. She also thought her mother was dressed funny and carrying too many bags; something she had never seen before.

The little nameless one fully expected her parent to return. Being a good girl, (as she didn’t like it when her parents yelled at her) she would do exactly as her mother had told her. She sat in that very spot like a stone sentinel; waiting over the night into the next day where the people moved around her presently.

Hunger settled in quickly, and as her time present at that spot reached near twenty four hours, the blue eyed girl soon felt sleepy.

If I fall asleep, ma will be angry.

Heavy eyelids blinked in a futile effort to stay open, but the lure of rest overpowered them. The human girl dreamed of alien lands and strange shrouded figures. A dark mist was cast over everything she looked upon making it difficult for her to see. Then suddenly she found herself in the midst of a shallow pond. Strange lights danced randomly in the darkness, reflecting off the placid surface of the water. Peering into her reflection the girl noticed something terribly wrong. A pair of leathery wings covered her like a cloak, and her eyes glowed a radiant blue. With a blinding burst of speed the wings unfurled to reveal that her image’s hands were shackled and chained. The metal links ran from the image, out of the mirror like surface of the pond, then finally to the girl herself.

The poor human was chained to her demon copy and it to her. She stared blankly at her hands for a moment; the devil child feeling content to do the same. Then the human girl tugged lightly upward on her binds. Blue hazed eyes gazed mischievously back at her. Then the devil image responded by tugging as well.

Ow! Stop it, that hurts!.

But there was no response by the image to her plea, so she tugged harder trying to break free. Unfortunately for our poor little girl the devil decided to pull more furiously then before. This almost knocked the human off her feet.

Why are you doing this?

Devil image grinned back up at her from out of the water.
Tears welled up in her eyes and she pulled with all her might till it felt as though her arms would rip off, planting her feat firmly underneath beforehand. Almost immediately the devil responded with a force ten times greater than what the human child could muster. This time, she did lose her balance. The world seemed to slow down as she plunged head first into those very blue eyes on the other side of the water. They seemed so similar to hers, so inviting, yet terrible at the same time. The last thing she remembered from the dream was a loud crunch as her nose made contact with the water. No, with the face in the water.

She screamed as she woke up. Fear overtook her as she opened her eyes and the surroundings were different from where she had fallen asleep. Her body seemed to be resting on a comfortable bed. There were dark red and golden drapes everywhere across the ceiling. Her nose felt terrible and as her hand contacted it to comfort it from the pain she screamed a second time since waking.

“Hush child. Don’t move. You have broken your nose.” The voice was definitely feminine. It possessed soothing qualities, but there was hardness to it, coldness.

With wheezing breaths from her blocked nasal passages the child spoke, “It hurts.”

“I know dear, we have someone coming to make it better. Just wait a little longer. Do you have a name?” the older voice asked rather nicely.

She shook her head still lying on her back instead of answering. Her parents had never bothered to call her anything but daughter.

“Then I shall call you Camryn. It means one with a crooked nose. Though after we’re done treating you it will be just as beautiful as before! How did you manage to do something so terrible to yourself my dear?”

Camryn chose to bear the pain in order to speak her mind, “I saw a monster with big wings. It looked like me, but was very mean!” A wheezing breath escaped from her nose. “It had chains, and wouldn’t let me go. I fell… on my nose.” She pointed to it, but did not touch it. Camryn was still reclined in the bed, and didn’t dare turn her head to see whom she was speaking with in fear of more pain.

The lady must have realized this because Camryn heard the sound of a chair being moved and then her face was in view. “No my dear, that isn’t a monster, it is one of Lochwar’s angels sent to watch over you.” The woman smiled. She was slightly past her prime but very pretty, though her eyes looked weary and tired. “My name is Jestra. Would you like to know more?”

(to be continued)
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Postby SnorriHT » Fri Jun 01, 2007 10:25 am

((oohh...I like! more please :)
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Postby Mon-da-oth » Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:28 pm

My my. Nice.

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Postby Will » Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:10 pm

The devil inside every Varanite! Very interesting...
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Postby Minuvas » Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:52 pm

I've always wondered about Camryn, our only resident Maiden at this time. Its good to have such insights. I like your portrayal , thus far (;) ) of the Matrons.

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Postby Rheia Althia » Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:37 pm

Very nice! I enjoyed it! Can't wait for more!

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Postby Grayle » Sat Jun 02, 2007 3:48 am

I remember when I first met Maiden Camryn. You portray her very well.

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Postby Elrith » Sat Jun 02, 2007 8:57 pm

A few days later…

They had been kind enough to the blue eyed child; giving her new clothes, food and a place to sleep. She was not allowed to leave the room for any reason. Camryn soon began to miss the comfort of her mother. Jestra returned to her room often in order to watch over the girl and talk with her; always watching the child with cold appraising eyes, but exuding an aura of motherly concern.

Finally during one of Jestra’s visits Camryn asked, “When will ma be here?” She spoke without difficulty to the older woman as her nose had been painfully set back in place and healed. “Mother is never coming back child. She is a coward and abandoned you, shirking her duties as a Varanite woman. Your mother… is a traitor.” Camryn began to cry softly, but she continued. “Such actions weaken the faith of the Empire. When children are left to themselves they cannot find the true path. Thank Lochwar an inquisitor found you and was kind enough to leave you in my care. If you were left with that woman who knows what miserable existence you might have lead. ”

She wiped at the stream of tears running down her face and looked curiously at the older woman. “True path,” Camryn repeated, “What is that?”

“Serving Lochwar with all your heart, mind and body,” She replied. “It is the least we can do for the king of Gods who has given us so much.” Jestra paused for a moment watching the child before making the calculated move she had been working towards since meeting her. “Lochwar has been gracious to you Camryn, sending you one of his angels and healing your injuries. He feels your place is at my side, learning to live and serve as a true woman of Varana should. So I ask you now that your mother has betrayed you and left you to die; will you stay with me and learn how to become a Maiden of Lochwar?” She smiled, “The path will be difficult, you cannot turn to weakness, but I sense that you and your angel are strong together. She will take care of you as long as your faith remains. What do you say my dear?”

Little Camryn nodded and leapt forth to hug her new Matron as hard as she could. In these few days the woman had shown her more kindness than her own mother did. She would rather be the daughter of a Matron than a traitor to the Empire like her mother.

Jestra laughed as the little girl squeezed her leg then she reached down and ruffled her soft brown hair. “Get some rest child. Tomorrow will be difficult for you. Pray to Lochwar that he might smile upon you and show you the true way.” She turned to leave but then paused momentarily after opening the door. “Tell no one of your angel; not even the priests. It will be our little secret.” Then she was gone, and the door closed with a loud thud.

That night after her prayers Camryn entered the land of dreams again. This time she was flying through the air. Looking to her left and right she could see the great leathery wings that carried her aloft. An endless grassy field was below and a small winding cobbled path cut its way through the growth. On the road a horse was galloping franticly carrying it’s rider who was barely able to hang on. Camryn swooped down closer and began chasing the horse, but not of her own free will. She was an observer to the ‘angel’ that was in control. Quickly she approached the rider from the sky, and the person on the horse turned their head to look at the flying girl. It was her mother.

I hate her! Camryn thought. Then she closed in on top of the rider, her wings casting a great shadow larger than the horse in the moonlight. The blue eyed girl’s mother looked back with a face of pure terror as this thing descended upon her…
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Postby Greyshore » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:47 am


I couldn't help but picture that last scene.

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Postby SnorriHT » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:47 am

beautiful :)
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Postby urgualamand » Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:03 pm

Very nice :) -sigh- and grim :)
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Postby Elrith » Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:21 pm

Very early in the morning...

Camryn tagged along curiously behind Jestra, her little eyes wide with wonder. They were traversing the halls of the Maidens cloister. “Ma never took me to a place like this.”

Jestra wisely took the time to recite the story of creation to the child, and explained to her, as they walked along the near empty hallways that, with faith, great things could be accomplished for the glory of the church and Empire.

Abruptly they stopped before a large almost black door with the Red Fist of Lochwar at its center. The Matron kneeled to reach eye level with her new initiate, grabbing her by the shoulders as she did. “Today you will learn never to question anything I, the inquisitors, or any of the spinners tell you.” She still stared firmly at Camryn. “Is that understood?”

The Matron’s words were followed by a very frantic nodding from the girl.

“Good.” Jestra broke gaze with her for a moment and looked at the door. Camryn’s eyes followed. “You are never to go through here unbidden.” Her voice was different; the loving tone was still there, but it had been replaced by something militaristic, cold, and very serious. The Matron then stood and began walking down a hallway to the right.

Camryn hurried to catch up as Jestra was moving much more quickly now. She decided to spare the ominous door a second glance as curiosity overcame her, and then turned to follow obediently. After walking for a few moments and passing numerous other doors, some marked and some not, they arrived at the end of the hall. Jestra opened the single door at the very end and ushered Camryn into the small room. It was nearly bare except for a reading stand, a little closet, three beds, and a small opening near the ceiling to let light in. The reading stand was covered in numerous books. Two of the beds were occupied by girls not much older than Camryn. The girls looked up with surprised faces as their Matron was standing in the doorway with someone new.

Jestra turned to Camryn. “You will be staying here with these two from now on. They will see to it you become adjusted properly for your new life.” With that the older woman turned and left. Closing the door on her way out before any of them could speak. Awkward silence followed as the two resident girls stared at the newcomer. Camryn felt the need to nervously play with her hair, but refrained from doing so.

This must be some kind of test.

After what seemed like an eternity the girl closest to Camryn swung her little feet over the bed, which was much too big for her in the first place, and walked over to where Camryn stood. She paused in front of her for a moment. “I’m Lucille. Who are you?”

Who am I? A happy smile came over her face as she realized she had something to call her own for the first time. “Camryn.” I am me.

Lucille and Camryn stood there, unsure of what to do, till Lucille remembered something. She spun around, her blonde hair flying in all directions and looked at the other girl still on one of the beds. “Helen, aren’t you going to say hello?”

Helen spoke briefly, “Spinner Miria will be here soon. We should get ready.”
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Postby LONOmakesWAR » Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:33 pm

With a blinding burst of speed the wings unfurled to reveal that her image’s hands were shackled and chained. The metal links ran from the image, out of the mirror like surface of the pond, then finally to the girl herself.
frickin awsome XUL
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