Elvina Hellcat - A beautiful servant and a dangerous Master

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Elvina Hellcat - A beautiful servant and a dangerous Master

Postby Jain Zar » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:11 am

Another demoness was presented, standing alone before Him in the desolate throne room. Torches burned on every pillar, the flames weavering in the breeze as the doors were shut behind her, her bare body gleaming with the oil applied on the reddish skin. The souls of those she caught had been imprinted in her skin in the shape of tattoos, each a work of art and complimenting the natural shape of her body.

He leaned a bit forward in his throne, staring a moment at his next creation, his eyes intently fixed upon the woman as he slowly rose from his seat. His step, as he descended the stairs and approached the demoness, was grave and stately, his expression serious. There was a hint of fear in the red skinned woman’s eyes, that she was not being enough, but there was also pride and a tingling sensation that shot up her spine when he put his warm hand on her.

For a moment there was a shade of indecision in his own look, maybe through an anxiety that this may not work at all. But with a small effort he dismissed that feeling, stretching forth his hand up over her shoulder, his fingers tracing the flawless lines of the ‘artwork’, and then going back down over the side of her belly.

He had her core trembling again right before she asked, speaking in a quivering voice. “Who do you wish to watch, Master?”

The Master looked up from her bare body to her eyes. “No one who is already in here yet.”

He looked so handsome, so powerful with those deep eyes of his. Her heart started thundering when his hand cupped her fingers. That strong jaw, those fairly broad shoulders... even when in this human form he was more than just appealing. That he in fact was a devil did not matter to her. That he was powerful... all the more.

“What can this one do for you?” She froze instantly. Had this been the wrong question? Wasn’t she supposed to know what or whom he desired? But she had no idea as she was in this life since a few years only, and even in terms of a demon she was still very very young. But oh so talented...

Luckily for her he didn’t hit her. And somehow she knew he never would as long as she could please him, one way or another. Instead the Master’s gaze settled on the space behind her and a light flashed briefly. A keen gust of wind swept over her bare back, and when she turned to look, she saw two large bubbles floating in the air just above the altar in the middle of the room. First it just looked like a pair of huge air bubbles, but then slowly a change appeared, and there were imagines of people trapped within each.

She inhaled the scent of brimstone deeply while she watched what he wanted her to see. In the left bubble a male elf appeared, with two kids sitting on his lap, and a stunning blue haired woman joined him on the couch in what looked like a comfy home. In the other bubble she perceived a woman with short hair standing behind a very beautiful woman with long white hair. Immediately she sensed something was off with all the people at a display. They weren’t just regular people, and she could almost smell the importance of some of them. The blue and the white hair… and there was also something with the short haired girl...

“You want them?” She asked, admiring the beauty of them herself. But they weren’t as beautiful as her.

He looked at her, sternly, as if he had picked up her last thought.

Though he didn’t rage at her, and instead brought his hand so close to her more sensitive parts that her skin flushed hot. Her firm shape, not concealed by anything, betrayed her excitement. She wouldn’t halt the advance of his fingers, her nails itching to dig deeply in his own skin.

“I want you to study them before you get to work. And you make no move before I say so. Understood?”

She lowered her head -and- her eyes, a sign of submission. “Yes, Master…”

“Now, go.”

Go? Did he just say… go? “Yes, Master… as you wish…”

Not wishing to annoy her new master, the demoness turned around and walked out of the room, her hips swaying invitingly.

But the Master’s attention had already shifted back to the bubble with the white haired woman.

Please, use your powers again, Elvina.

...So that I can feel you …

In his fantasy he could see her again, wearing that white gown...

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