Galius's Rage: New Plans Are Made.

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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Galius's Rage: New Plans Are Made.

Postby Aegis » Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:41 pm

Galius cain sat in his rooms and fumed. It had been a little over a month after his restoration from the spell Ar'Temis had laid on him in his moment of triumph.
A young woman knelt beside him. Working on the nails of his right hand quietly.

"He sent me back to old Varana in a box."
The thought isnt a new one.
"He humiliated me."

His teeth grind. Jaw clenching, his handsome face contorts, teeth baring at the thought. A fleck of foam forming at the corner of his mouth as he went over it again.

"The sheer arrogance"
He raged inside.

"I was betrayed. he had friends. Why did he have friends?! If only they had kept out of it. I would have had him! If it wasn't for them!"
His rage grew.
"Make a mockery of me will you?"

The thought Burned in him. The humiliation fueling his anger.

"He will pay. They will ALL pay for this."

He begins to plan again.

"Going to hide behind others Brother? Going to shield yourself with them? Fine... I'll tear them all down in front of you. One... At ... A ... Time... You can watch... You can watch them die... The betrayer first. Yes, i think he'll tell me what I want to know. He'll know, who I have to kill to hurt you most... Yes... He has a ship... The impulse. I will start there.... I will make you suffer before the end for this... brother of mine. You and everyone who has helped you."

A sound catches his attention.
A feeble gagging sputter.

His eyes flicking down to the woman, her hands weakly plucking at his wrist, his fingers digging into her throat. Even as her hands work pleadingly at his wrist her eyes barely register anything. No fear, no desperation, not even pain. It was a blank stare, her hands alone expressing her last instinct to survive.

He stares for a moment longer, watching her struggle before releasing her to collapse and convulse on the ground. He watches her choking and gagging, fighting for air untill finally she lays there limply. A puppet with cut strings. Then, her hands blindly feel around for the small nail file and she drags herself, into a kneeling position, resuming her work on his nails.

He watches this as well before pulling his hand free. Wiping his mouth and examining his fingers... They were pale.... He'd need new ones again soon. The old ones... HIS fingers had worn out. The necromantic energy insufficient to sustain such small appendages. His other hand.... That was different.

A pleasant smile suddenly as he looks down at the slave at his feet. He stands then, taking her by the hand and pulling her up.

"I want you to worry. brother. I want you to see me coming this time."
He thinks as he pushes the young woman back slowly, up against a wall with his hand. She moves limply, unresisting, her eyes empty.

"Do you want to be free?"
He whispers in her ear as his left hand Slides up under her ragged shirt. Pale hand tracing a lingering line up her abdomen
It's alright, you did well. Its over now."

He steps in closer, right hand moving to her cheek, tipping her face to meet his gaze. While trapping her firmly between himself and the wall.

A pleasant smile, reassuring. His voice silken and promising.

"After this you can be with your sister again... She'll be so happy. Things will be just like they were. Just like I promised... I always keep my promises... Remember?"
His left hand pauses under her shirt, a light touch just over her heart. Feeling her heartbeat, the moment it speeds up, that instant of hope she couldn't help even after all that had been done to break her. A carefully preserved ray of light. A light HE had preserved.

Her hands move obediantly up around him even as her eyes filling with the final tatters of that tiny little hope she'd been left with. That last thing he had left her to hold her mind together. Willing to do anything for it.

He gazes into those eyes, gently, promising, before his hand pushes forward. Fingers digging in as dark energy surges down them.
She convulses violently, clutching weakly at him now.
His other hand catches her by the chin the forcing her head back, forcing her to meet his gaze.

"I'll do this to you brother. Just wait a little longer."
He thinks savagely as he stands there, watching hope die.

She crumples to the floor as he steps back, flexing his new fingers again. His smile becomes colder.

"One at a time brother. It seems I need to teach you why bringing outsiders into family matters is always a bad idea. I'll kill you in pieces."
veram potestatem venit ab intrinseco.

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