The unexpected path.

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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The unexpected path.

Postby Aegis » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:24 pm

A small gesture. The road curves.
  • Artemis lay in their bed, staring at the ceiling in the dark. He couldn't sleep. His one eye moving restlessly, a crossbeam, a shadow, The eye moved on to other details but he saw none of it. Not really. His mind was elsewhere, busily turning over their problems. over and over, round and round, the thoughts went nowhere but he couldn't stop.

    She lay there curled up next to him, sleeping soundly. Her head Pillowed on his shoulder. She was warm.

    A small noise. a tiny sigh, brought on by a dream. it intruded on his endless train of thought. Catching his attention. He never would have guessed he could end up here, like this. Never saw it coming. Never planned for it. How had it happened? Memories. He sorted them now. it seemed important. Had it really only been three months? It hardly seemed possible, his life had changed so completely. His mind went back, seeking details.

    They met in Morell, in a den of thieves first and later at the inn.

    She had been helping a small group searching for some kind of poison. Some plot. He never really learned the specifics.
    He had been looking for books. More to pass the time than anything. A gesture to placate the dead, from a man driven past caring anymore.

    She shifted slightly next to him, his eye darting down, watching attentively in the dark until she settled.

    The Ni-triads had stood little chance and the search was over quickly After they had left the hideout, the Cleric had wanted to pay her for her help. She declined, backing away, but the cleric insisted.

    She clearly just wanted to leave. whatever her goal in coming had been she'd done it and was ready to move on. Was this cleric blind? He stepped in.

    Cutting the man off, limping past him. She was crouched down behind a sign, wary, when he stopped on the other side.
    He didn't remember exactly where he'd gotten the necklace. but he lost it then.
    She looked at it, the cleric shrugged and moved on.

    Later, at the inn, she returned the favor. helping him to acquire a bottle of the tainted wine. it was an unusual drug. Something he could use to take the edge off his pain he thought. And then they had parted ways. He did not expected to see her again.

    Was that it? He wonders. Was that the moment when his road turned off in a new direction? It didn't seem like much to him. A chance encounter. A flash of insight. An act of ... kindness? Was that really all it took? He didn't know...

    His thoughts come sluggishly now. She was warm and it slowly lulled him, his worries ebbing little by little next to that comfortable presence. And then the eye closes as exhaustion finally overcomes him. The lines of his face softening as gentle sleep Leaves his remaining worries far away.
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