Cear Docks: Rumors and darkness

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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Cear Docks: Rumors and darkness

Postby Aegis » Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:38 am

Click. . . Step. . .Click . . . Step.

The alley was Dark. dank. Dirty... The three shady men occupying it held motionless. Eyes transfixed on the approaching apparition. A being made of darkness, shifting ethereally yet blotting out the little light that reached the alleyway from the street.

Click. . . Step. . .Click . . . Step.

Even as it approaches their feeble wills struggle against the powers that bind them, fear growing moment by moment.

Click. . .Step. . . The man made of darkness stops.

"You've been spreading rumors... The wrong rumors... for the wrong people. Now, you will spread mine."

It's hand raises before them, and the world as they knew it ends.

He took his time, in the privacy of the dark. He knew from experience what it took to break someone's mind.
He took his time. Waves of abject terror, adoration, despair. And all the while, he told them at each moment, so they would remember: "Worse than death awaits those who seek red horns.". Again and again until those words were all they had left.

Finally, he sends them out. staggering. stumbling out, on their way. To spread the word.

The dark man watches them leave. A disgusted sound coming from him. Object lessons worked best. he'd been taught. Falling back on those lessons however, was bitter indeed.

The faint "Click. . . Step. . ." is all that is heard as he leaves. invisible and unseen.
veram potestatem venit ab intrinseco.

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