The Hunter (old tales)

True stories and tall tales from the bards of Dasaria.
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The Hunter (old tales)

Postby Hvrankel » Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:29 pm

The hunter had been searching for his prey for several days. It had eluded him for so long and now the hunter was tired and annoyed. The sky was cloudy and there was no sun to be seen in the forest of Daris. The trees did stand close but the hunter moved silently between them. He stopped to sniffed the air and smelled the fresh air of the early morning. The prey was close. He could feel it in his bones. So he moved on again with renewed energy. Soon he was close to a opening in the surrounding trees and there he did see the prey. Just right then a cloud moved out of the suns rays and the light shone on the magnificent prey that the hunter had been looking for so long.

The prey stands still basking in the sunlight, not noticing the hunter that slowly moves closer. And finaly the hunter roar and attack. The prey has nowhere to go and the hunter swings his weapon and in a heartbeat the prey are cut down.
The hunter steps back and looks on the fallen prey.

There ya go ye bleedin tree! I been looking fer ya a long time now. The womenfolk has the stranges ideas about dressing up a tree with shiney items and who do ya think has to go get it eh? Hagar of course! He mutters for a while and then spits and takes a swig from his pocketbottle.
Lesse now. They be mad at me if i drag it home. Some more mutter and then the slightly aged dwarf (tho he would never admit that) lifts up the tree on his shoulder with the strength of a much younger dwarf.
But i be sure Ashlee and the clan will like it. Lagnapis will most likley nag about me cutting it down.
Hagar grins at the thought and start whisteling on a old dwarven drinkingsong and starts walking home to the Hall.
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