Lachdanon - Light Raid

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Lachdanon - Light Raid

Postby Domina » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:50 am

As with most of my designed stories for other players...this one is not G rated. Expect violence and some minor language. Love you all and hope you enjoy Lach's/Aegis' story!


*Cel and Lach arrive at the Temple of Light where the sun practically makes the Temple glow. The door is opened and the air of holy is almost delicious. Ada, a light lady who invited them, stands talking to the temple clerk and turns to acknowledge the pair*

“Ah, a pleasure you could make it in haste.”
*Lach to her respectfully as Cel gives a quick smile and wave*

“S-sorry about that! So what do you have for us?” Cel speaks up.

*Ada nods and speaks*
“There is a small village a few miles towards Morell from here and there is a demon who uses possession as his main talent. This one seems to target women of teen age and often leaves its victims dead. Now, your objective is to get to the town and exterminate this threat to the common citizens.*

*Lach listens attentively*

*Suddenly Ada hands Lach a map*

“You're one of the recruits I have not met personally. I know it has been a year or so since your joining. I am Ada Setz. Sister of the Champions of Light.”

*he nods*
“A pleasure,”
*wonders for a moment what the proper title would be*
“ahh.... sister Ada…”
“I am Lachdanan De'valyns.”

“Rel blesses our meeting today. It is not too often we get men in our organization. We look forward to seeing your work. Normally I would send you to deal with undead, but I did not know you were asked by our Demon Hunter to join. This should be a good learning experience for you, Lachdanon.” *Ada nods*

*he nods*
“I have been on the front now for... nearly two years... I have not been on hand for duties here for too long. My apologies.”

“Rel sees all below. You will have many opportunities. Now if you would excuse me...our numbers are increasing, but the new candidates need training. Good luck and wear the armor of light, brother and sister.”

*Cel looks to Lach*

“Yes. lets go.”


*They make way to a cart that takes them down towards Morell. They get within a few miles of Morell and then veer off the track. Another hour of this travel makes a half day gone, but they arrive at a small village with the over board...Village of Sareson. Cel looks at the village with a slight frown, but tightens her hair band and looks ready for action*

“Hmmm.... i suppose we visit the chapel first milady?”

“Yes, hun. Maybe they have a priest or pastor.”

*the cart pulls up to the gate and the horse nays as it stops*

*hops out of the cart and turns to hand Cel down. Shetakes the hand and is helped down gently*

“Thanks, Lach. Shall we? *smiles sweetly*

*smiles slightly*
“After you milady.”

*The walk into the village is quiet. The dark wooden houses are closed and all one sees is the occasional peeking out of the windows to see the two champions of light. Their fear can be felt from a mile away as the pair walk down the straight dusty road that leads directly to the church at the end of the village.*

“Well, this isnt creepy…” Cel mutters
“Is it always like this….?”

“I would hope not! Everyone seems freaked out and don’t even want to leave the home now.”

“I mean... hunting demons.. in villages. I have killed a fair few, but always summoned or corporeal demons, and never in a populated area... hmmm.”

*Cel informs*
“There are many types of demons. Not all of them are openly causing wonton slaughter. Many demons also are masters of possession, dream haunting, poisoning, shape shifting for instigation and many more. Demons are a bit more diverse that way than Devils are.”

“Hmmm, I suppose since demons are chaotic…”

“It just depends on how creative they are and their own nature of chaos that a demon chooses to do what it does.”

“Hmmm well.... lets get this over with... i have a feeling his is going to be unpleasant…”

“Always is.”
*looks to Lach and gives a slight reassuring smile*

*They reach the small temple. This appears to be a temple of Teshalia and Nuarari. It is built with defined curves like a human figure might have in its pilaster’s shape. The building has a large rose stained window that seems to gave Moon iconography. The building is curiously abstract and seems to have the most creativity in terms of its creation among the village, but welcoming enough. Lach shrugs a bit in his armor settling it as he mentally prepares for anything. The doors are heavy and large to the point where Cel has to use some effort to push open a brass door. Inside there are six rows of long benches. A center rug fairly worn, but holds iconography of swords with gold coins embedded in their pommels. The light shines through the rose stained window like the moon light would and centers on the podium in the center.
There is a man and woman kneeling in front of the altars, but turn head when the pair enter. The woman looks to be around nineteen, and the man seems to be around forty or so.*

*Lach nods to both respectfully but also warily. Letting Cel take the lead with them*

*The man speaks as he stands and gives the pair the same nod given*

“Welcome to the Temple of Beautiful Moon. Are you two the ones sent to help us with our issue with the demon plaguing our village?”

*Cel responds*
“Yes! We are here on behalf of Rel to bring this darkness into the light to be exterminated.”

*the man and woman look at each other with a smile*
“This is my daughter, Alexandra.” *she bows* “I am Morrison. Father of this temple.”

*Cel smiles kindly*
“We would love if you could tell us of the issue at hand.”

*Alexandra steps forward*
“The women of this village are plagued by an entity that possess them and makes them do terrible things before they suddenly combust after a few days. It is horrifying…”

*Lach frowns a bit listening carefully*

*Morrison speaks now*
“There is a woman currently in the village under possession, but we cannot find her as she has decided to keep quiet for now. Everyone has locked away in hopes to keep their daughters away from my blessings, which seems to make the monster hostile and results in the woman ...combusting.”

*Cel winces and lets out...*
“Gods...that is utterly horrible!”

“hmmm... unpleasant.”
*echoing his first gut feeling*

“We asked for Paladins and Paladines in specific because they have an innate ability to sense evil. This will allow you find her without having to cast blessings about and enraging the monster.” Morrison reveals.

*Cel smiles a slight*
“That is rather clever of you.”

“Hmmm... do we split up... or stick together mlady?”

“I think we can split up. The path has houses on both sides so we would only be a few meters apart at a time anyways if we keep in sync.”

*Lach nods*
“And we find it faster. *sighs* no sense waiting around.... hmmmm... lets get to it. Ahh... just one question.”

*Cel smiles and waves to the pair and goes outside with Lach*
“Hmm? What is it?”

“Hmmm... what do i do with it if i find it?... i am afraid my skills are almost entirely martial.” Lach inquires.

*Cel considers a moment and holds her ponytail*
“I suppose try to learn what its abilities are. Just swinging at it wont do much but kill the possessed human, but maybe she is lost anyways. It really depends. If you can restrain her, great! If not...stall her out and make note of what abilities she uses. A lot of demons like the use of fire or acid. Some make it as a vapor.”

*Lach nods*
“They combust, lets hope that means this demon likes fire. I can deal with fire.”

“Be careful, hun.”

“Hmmm of course. and you”.

*Lach heads off to one side and the first house.*
*waves and jogs over to the house parallel of him*

*knock knock*

*The door of the house Lach approaches is quite old. Maybe older than most of the others. A woman peeks out the window and hides soon after.*

“Go away…”

*sigh* “I am sorry. i know what is happening here. i have come to help.”

“You cant take my daughter! Go away!”

“I am not taking your daughter. i just want to talk. please, calm down.”

“Why should we believe you!”

“I am a paladin of Utu. I will not lie to you. i understand you are frightend, but i am a friend. and i am here to help. I will drive away the shadows that haunt. Please, open the door.”

*there is silence for a long minute, but then the door opens at a woman holding a knife*

“If you do anything to my girl…”

*motions to a young lady around fifteen sitting at an old table looking nervous*

“hmmm are you the only two living here?” He asks gently
“Y-yes…” she squeaks*
“hmmm then i can do all i should need from here.... i hope” *softly under his breath*

*the young lady stands and shakes nervously*

*detect EVIL!* *scrutinized both of them*
*they both don’t seem evil*


*the women look at each other and then to Lach as seemingly nothing happens*

“Never fear. you are both fine. and free of taint.”
*pulls a gold coin out of his bag*

“T-thank you!”
*the young lady preens*

“Take this. and what blessings i can give.”
*casts light on her*
“Appologies, but i must move on to the next house.”

“Ah...thank you. Look mother!”
*the two hug and speak among themselves as he leaves*

*The next house looks a bit more modern as that might be in Lendose, but in less repair. Cel like wise finishes and moves on to the next house parallel of Lach on the other side*

*knock Knock*

*at Lach's house, there is a man who looks out the window and gives Lach a rather vulgar gesture…Lach sighs regretfully*

“Sir. please open the door.”

“You wont take my stacy!”
*kicks the door from the inside making a loud bang*

“i do not want to take your stacy. I am here to scour whatever evil has come to prey upon you. i am here to help.”

*opens the door and points a crossbow at his head*
“If you make even a scratch on her...I'll see your brains darted to the damn WALL”

“Do you live here alone with your stacy?”

“ Yes...she is in the room upstairs. She has a cold. Do not be disturbing!”

“I see. i will need to have a look at her sir. and i am also a practiced combat medic. it may be i can heal her as well.”

“F-fine...just hurry it up.”
*he motions upstairs*

*Lach walks slowly making no sudden movements. There is a young lady around eighteen sitting in the bed with hands folded gently*

“There she is…” Lach whispers.
*detect evil*
*seems BOTH of them are evil*

*lachs sighs*
“Your name is stacy right?”

*she nods once and shows some physical signs of abuse*
*she replies with some snark*

*fighting urge to just kill him now*

“Tell me... how do you feel stacy?”

“I feel stupid being examined by some pretty boy...humph. I guess I have a stomach ache. Headache.”

*being called a pretty boy by someone a decade younger...*

*her father sighs*
“Are we done here?”

“How long has she ben ill?”

“Maybe a day and a half…””

“I see... we are done for now. i may be back however.”
*hands him a gold*
“For your trouble.”

*he sighs*
“Fine...whatever. Just go.”

*walks to the door and pauses on the way out*
“ …Keep your hands off from now on. Just a friendly piece of advice. hmmm?”

*he smirks and motions to the door*

*Lach marks the house in his mind and moves on. Suddenly there is yelling from the house and the girl screaming loud enough to be heard through the door*

*runs back in but kicks the door in since it doesn’t open fast enough*

*as the door is kicked open suddenly she is standing infront of him...with blood on her dress and the crossbow in hand. And shoots Lach...her red eyes noticable and evil smile showing. She has weak arms and shoots him in the left arm, but she is a bad shot, only scraping the armor*

*she screams and runs upstairs*

*Lach tries to grab for her, but she is curiously quick, perhaps the possession is granting her some supernatural abilities? Lach up the stairs after her then. As he gets upstairs the doors to room is locked and he begins to hear an echoing laughter. It is her tiny voice with the background base of a deeper one.

Lach hits the closed door like a wrecking ball. Said wrecking ball's reckless abandon leaves him with a splash of acid from his left side as he booms into the room*

*hisses as her acid blast hits him*

*Lach is direct, what can i say.*

*Dnd so does the acid love the metals that it begins to quickly erode*

*He staggers likes he’s stunned, taking stock of the room and her location in it. The room though is about fifteen by fifteen. Small, but nearly empty. Only a bed and a shelf with a little close. The red eyed young lady takes advantage and launches a supernaturally strong punch at him. Lach will take that and use her forward momentum to close and grapple her to the floor. Of course that means he gets punched, supernaturally.*

*Lach gets a few broken ribs, but the demon is effectively grappled and slammed to the ground. She looks at him and gives a deep hiss.*

“Let me have your SOUL! I'll make ‘love’ to it for eternity and ravage the memories like a child with broken wood!”

*Flips her face down…painfully*

*As she's face down a pool of acid builds under her and the ground weakens...and then gravity plays its part*

“How .. err ... gh... about... you ju-“

*they fall through the formally wooden floor to the first floor now and in this moment she slips out of the grab and laughs*

“Lets play~”
*claws rip out from her fingers*

“Hnnn lets not.”

*lach might notice the ravaged body of the father hung on the wall behind the door*
*the demon girl gets on all fours and dives at him with a scream*


*And Lach has had enough. A hard right cross, with the intent of putting this demon bitch on the floor. Her high agility gives her a slight preemptive slash on his arm, but it takes a +11 strength fist full to the face, and meets her body to the now cracked wooden frame of the floor*


*Lach pants and Wheeze after the full force attack with with broken ribs and some internal bleeding. The demon is embedded face first into the wooden frame*

“Go.. gods blood…” Lach groans

“Hmmmrrr….” the demon painful groans.

*Cel peeks in the house*
“I’ve been waiting for like, forev——oh damn…”

“Alr... alright.... sh.. i... its down….”
*huff* huff*

*She runs next to him and looks at the blooded thing on the ground as its skin begins to peel off...and slowly reveal the incubus beneath. The incubus looks up with a half broken face and smiles with what is left of it*

“ugh... don- dont even thi... think ... about it…” Lach threatens.

*Cel sighs and points Elios at its face and blasts it with a sound blast*

“Well.... i was .. kind of hoping... there might be something left to save... clearly ... i was optimistic…. Hmmm...."
*slides painfully to the floor nest to the wall*

*Cel puts a hand on where he bleeds internally and puts a full force of divine energy into her hands as it mends about 80% of the damage, though it surely does nothing for the pain*

“Are you alright?!”
*she looks a little panicked at his injuries*

“Ahhh..... ill be fine.... i think... hmmmm. I was right though.... heh.... unpleasant."

*she smiles faintly*
* Cel ruffles his hair gently. She taps him with a dispel and negates any of the acid's remaining slow crawl. Lach looks at his armor with disgust.*

“Hmmmm.... the smith is going to murder me this time…”

*she looks around at the scene and winces*
“You had...quite the fun without me. And yes, the smith will eat you for breakfast…”

*He makes a somewhat pained smile.*

“Lets go tell the father and get out of her, ya?”
“yes... just... one last thing to do... hmmm”
“Mmm?” *helps him up*

“Hmm... nothing important. probably nothing at all... heh. Lets go mlady. I am eager to be away from here….”
*He looks at he collapsed ceiling meaningfully*


*Cel helps him make way to the father who congratulates them and hugs his daughter tightly. They bow many times to the pair. Once the pair are back on the cart, both refusing reward of course because they are both blooding hearts, the people can be heard cheering as they ride off. On the road back Cel tends to his wounds. Even with a bit of shaking, she is blessed in the medical arts*

“ugh.... well... unpleasant... hmmm?”

*she smiles gently*
“I suppose you got the most of it. I'll let Ada know you did really well.”

“well... eh... i suppose the man who died was fairly vile. And the girl... i really hoped i could have saved her. Hmmmm…. So, damaged gear, wrecked a house, and one dead in collateral.... hmmmm.”

“Sorry, hun. Demons often wreck the bodies of the possessed in their own defense. But on rare occasions...we can save them.”
*she looks down and puts his hand on his reassuringly*



*They both arrive at Ravenwatch and they are met by Ada at the Wagon's stop*

“Good evening. That seemed to be a quick job. Did you both succeed?”
*Ada winces once she notices Lach is quite wrecked*

“That was moderately unpleasant.”
*Lach frowns and scrubs a hand across his mouth*

“Well, I can see you are both healthy enough to retort on the session. Rel's blessing is surely strong this day. There is not much in reward money in our coffers, but we can spare armor, a weapon or some medical supplies.”
*the convenience of her offers...*

“Ahh i need no rewards. I do need a bath though.... hmmmm...”

*Cel coughs*

“Ahh... r-right…”

*Ada and Cel both look to Lach, his armor half missing, body exposed, and they both nod in unison*

“Err…” Embarrased.

*Ada gives a throat clearing and nods*
“Yes, armor you shall have. I will have it delivered on the morrow.”

*He sighs*
“…my thanks.”

*Cel smiles cutely*
“Thanks, Ada. You're the best. Thank you for the job and give the others my love, ya?”

*Ada nods respectfully*
“Keep well knight sister. Brother. Walk in the Light.”

*Ada bows and takes her leave. With that, Cel and Lach make their way to the inn to mind their business after an excessively painful day…at least for Lachdanon, Paladin of Rel*
The night is far spent, the day is at hand;
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