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The strength and stability of the Empire lie in these virtues of its people: Honor, Service, Respect for the Law and the True Gods -- For if any of these are lacking, the Empire fails. The fighters of the Empire defend it with their swords and with their honor bring it glory on the field of battle.

To all members of the Military and Chivalric Orders across this Empire --

BE IT KNOWN, Elias Dairamik, Princeps Iuventutis Siril II, Praetor-General of the Tenth Legion, Son of MARCUS IV, TRUE EMPEROR OF VARANA, being desirous of affording to his loyal servants a public and signal testimony of his regard for their conspicuous merit and loyalty, is graciously pleased, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the his father, to discharge the Knights-patent of Argentum Vigilio of their duties, and release them from the command of Praetor Phillip Augustin Pontius and the Fourth Legion.

The Knights-patent of Argentum Vigilio are hereby reassigned to the command of the Tenth Legion at the Fortress of Lendose, under the command of Centurion Magyar Leonis, Battlepriest of Lochwar. The Prince does further charge them with the duty of protecting the innocent and providing safe conduct along the supply lines from Talonhold to the Battlefields of the West, which failure shall carry the penalty of ignominious death, and in defending human civilization from annihilation at the hands of the abomination Canas and his armies.

By his word and hand this sixth day of the ninth month, Year of Marcus IV, 636.

SIRIL II, Princeps Iuventutis for
MARCUS IV, Imperator

Cum eos testibus arripuisses, eorum corda mentesque sequentur


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