Edge of the Coin

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Edge of the Coin

Postby Karma » Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:53 am

A coin flips, end over end tumbling through the air. One side bearing a crown, the other etched over with a skull. It falls to the ground and bounces, then stops. Teetering to a rest on the edge between both sides. Which way will it fall?

Pacing the streets of Ravenswatch the White cloaked man in dark armor brooded. It had been months since he had slipped into this mindset, one so close to the edge of madness one might say. To try so hard to do things right, and lose face, to find your efforts in vain despite your accomplishments, it taxes a man. But a man survives, one way or the other.

I have the power. I could make them listen, make them do as I wish, for fear of the calamity that would reign down like hellfire. In these, the low hours of our world where one can vanish without so much as another noticing...

He paces up to the ramparts of the cities outer walls.

No. I cannot allow such hate to fill me such voracious malice does not belong in the heart of one bearing the mantle such that I have. I must endure. There are always new prospects, the apprentice, the hunt for knowledge, more ruins to pour over again and again until their secrets are exhausted. What I wouldn't give to feel alive again, like I did in those day when I was challenged. I need a light...
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