Kimiko Guard Report!

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Kimiko Guard Report!

Postby Domina » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:45 am

"Guard! There are two who make the trouble!"
*the Anjiran woman states, with some broken common*

"One is an orc! This Adrian orc. They called him flamebarer! He holds flames I think! He make threat to squish Calimus! Calimus Vells made small with MAGIC! He was tiny and he got called bad names and more by some Artemis. He say something and make the man small! Witch craft? I do not know!"

*Ironically enough...this goes on infront of a guard, in HD...Kimiko otherwise leaves a description of Artimis and big orc threat person Adrian*

*of course magical inquires get sent to ORDO...*
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