Firin and Amora - The Union

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Firin and Amora - The Union

Postby Domina » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:00 am

So you two have been making little vanguards yet? *cel teases*

Hah. As if I could convince any offspring of ‘Mora to be anything but the world’s greatest thieves. *Firin comments*

Don’t tell me that! *Cel sticks her tongue out*

I mean, I can convince half the province to go march on Canas; but I’m not THAT good *Firin grins*

Hey... *amora sighs*


I’d let them do what they’d like, and teach them a bit of agility. *amora states*

So....have you thought of being Daddy D’Adlaer? Mama Amora? *cel smirk wider*

We have given it thought, just gotta actually settle down rather than travel away all the time. *amora nods*

What is the plan with you two?

Not sure if we’re done traveling yet, we did just finish our elopement though. *amora ponders*

*Firin looks up at Amora - Want to get married sometime?

Woah... *watches the sudden proposal*

Someday, sure, why not *amora kisses his cheek.*

I suppose I’ll need a better outfit, huh?
*looks down at himself*

*Cel studders* W-what should I do! *excitedly* I need to do something!

I like the grubby peasant look though *amora gives him a hug*

Heh so do I - makes me feel like a real seadog *smirks*
*hugs her arms as she hugs him*

You don’t need to do a thing. *she says to cel*

I do!!!

Unless we do this right now Firin.
*tickles Firin’s sides*

Well we could - but don’t you have people you want to invite ‘mora?
I mean as a Vanguard Captain, I probably - should - do something more festive *smirks*

I can make a pretty dress for Amora!! *Cel suggests*

We could just do something quiet and private and festives later. *amora asks*

We could do that, aye.
We have a fancy lightbringer, make it all official.


She can bring so much light, neither of us can sneak off *grins up at Amora*

Psh, *shakes her head* and I could just counter with my darkness and run away.

True. And I have invisibility spells

Too bright~ I got much better at my powers and i can seeeeee you, firin.

And yet I still snuck up on you!

Humph, i wasn’t paying attention to you!

*chuckles* Fair fair. I did take the long way around after all
*looks up at Amora again* So, now? Then we can let Cel organize a proper festive party later; with all the vanguard and lightpeople and our friends.

*rolls her eyes up as she thinks, tilting her head back and forth*
I suppose *she sarcastically sighs* just let me get changed into something not armor.

*firin grins*


*cel hops in her seat excitedly*

*slips off of Firin and slides into the shadows*

Damn you look good. *firin states to the now appearing amora*

*amora slides back out of the shadows visibly in her favorite purple tunic*

Well thank you Firin. *amora notes*

So do we go to Ravenswatch Cel?


Maybe I should’ve asked before you changed Amora

*Cel hops up*

Ahh well, if I can fight on Spider Island in cloth; I’m sure we’ll be fine going to Ravenswatch. *firin remembers*

Amora Reaver: *huffs and flails* oh sure, now you want me to change back.

*giggles* We’ll be fine!

Not at all; you can ride with me.
Less armor digging into my back; more Amora *smirks*

Naughty! *cel laughs at them*

I think I do more damage to your back than your armor some nights Firin. *amora counters*

Naaaaughty! *cel smirks again*

Yup! Good battle scars. Well, shall we ladies?

*amora chuckles at Celestia*

Mhmm! *cel hops*

Sure, why not. *amora states*

*The trio heads to ravenwatch atop horseback to Rel’s Temple*

*holds out an arm to Amora* Shall we?

*slips an arm around his waist and cuddles against him* yep, can’t believe we’re finally doing this.

*hugs amora to him before they start walking*
We just needed to find the right god-liked person.
You know, in hindsight, Ishtar’s temple would make more sense...

I’m banned from there for a month...

I don’t want to know what you did to get that.

I think they’ll make an exception *amora notes*

Ramsay and Lachdanon committed sacrilege...*cel sighs*

But your temple makes more sense as our lightbringer anyways!
Morel isn’t really a place I’d want to be without armor.

The temple is all cleaned up too! I spent hours yesterday...*cel notes*

Terrible place for a brothel, really.
You’re fine with Rel’s temple, Amora?

yeah as long as they don’t mind demon bloods.

If they do, they need a good smiting. *firin plays*

They don’t mind. I’m really the only demon hunter, hehe.

Well no hunting Amora. *firin jokes*

*They enter the temple of light*


*smiles as she looks around* it’s wonderful.

Yay! I’ll go get priestess like n all!

You sure about this Firin?

Are you?

I... *glances to Celestia* what a lovely dress *smiles change the subject*

*blushes* T-thank you!

*amora lies...*

*clears his throat and wraps an arm around Amora*

We can wait, dear.

I’m just... It’s a big commitment and all.

*nods slightly and kisses her forehead*

*cel peeks around with a hint of paranoia*

Everything ok Cele?

Huh? Oh...don’t mind me!
Are you all set?

Give us a minute Cel *firin smiles*



*Cel walks away for now*

You are the most special person I’ve ever met Amora, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you - but I don’t want to rush you into anything. I don’t want there to be doubts or worries *smiles*
I can wait as long as you need.

I know, and you mean the world to me Firin, and I don’t want to lose you. I just, *hugs him around the waist and lowers her head* you know what our kids will be, my life was horrible growing up.

We don’t have to have kids.
We can just keep traveling.

Are you sure?

It isn’t like we can’t change our mind.

And we can always adopt.
You had a kid living with you for a while, if I recall. *he states*

Yeah, I did. just... don’t run away on me ok?

I promise, I won’t. Unless it is to get you a really delicious treat or something *grins*

Ok *amora sighs and then stomps on his foot* just be serious this once, I am, this is serious! *she glares at him*

Ow! Sorry Dear-heart

I promise I will never leave you Amora

*amora searches him for any sign of any reason to not believe him.*

Diplomacy Check vs Target: Amora Reaver

*amora sighs and nods* alright, lets do this.

*gives her a hug*
*holds out an arm*

*amora returns the hug tightly and then takes his arm*

*the chalice shines with its seemingly eternal glow...the light exemplifying the elven craft*

Before we begin, It is customary in my house to give a dowry. It is a gift from the husband’s house to the wife so that she may have her own wealth....Mind you, Amora probably has more gold than I do, but that is besides the point. My gift, my dowry to you Amora, I give you two diamonds.

*she chuckles* maybe I do

Two Sapphires, And... Well, you’re you. So a vial of spider island poison, some really dangerously deadly stuff *smiles*

*her eyes glitter at the shiny gems and raises a brow at the poison and chuckles*

Maybe I never deserve you using it on me.
I’m ready now *smiles at Cel*

*Cel gets out some holy water and dabs her forehead with it and takes a deep breath...she begins...*
Shine home and give rise to the two bright suns before you. Their dreams and hopes to soon rise into the sky. Let their passion and love be a beacon of hope to those around them. That as the sun and moon...they are eternal.

Blessed be your light, Firin D’Adlaer and Amora Reaver.
One Sun

*looks on the two* Would you to like to exchange holy vows as I, Celestia L’Crana Domina, and Utu as your witnesses?

*amora and firin nod together*

*he takes Amora’s hand as he waits for Cel’s instructions*

*Cel motions to begin gently* May your words ring eternal in these halls.

*she sighs a bit nervously* Firin, I love you, I remember the first time we started flirting, it was just ever so harmless and now, here, being with you, I cannot ever imagine being with anyone else. You’ve treated me with the most respect...even with your past with my kind. I can only offer you my heart and a warm place at home. I promise to always be faithful and honest to you. To always support you and stand at your side when you need me. *she nods as she finishes and bites her lower lip*

*Cel wipes her eye quickly*

Amora, I remember every moment we’ve shared fondly, every moment has been a new adventure. You are the only person for whom my heartsong has sung, for whom I would go to the ends of the world and beyond for I love you as dear as I possibly can and I cannot, will not imagine a world where it does not include you by my side. I promise to never leave you, to always be faithful and honest with you, to always support you and help you feel safe by my side. I will stand for what you stand and put you before all else and all others, for you are my life and heart-soul.

I love you Amora. *nods and scratches under his eye subtly as he finishes*

*wipes her eye really quick again and dabs another touch of holy water on her head*
Teacher of the Broad Earth, shine your light on these two and enlighten your kind as these two become one. One Sun
*ends the prayer and looks up at the two*
You may sweep her off her feet now and forever.

*firin grins*

smiles watery eyes at Firin*
leans in for a kiss, his own eyes watery*
leans forward and up on her toes to kiss him*

*cel wipes her eyes as tears fall happily*

*a very happy, passionate, mwah at that*

*amora wraps her arms around his neck as she returns the kiss*

So beautiful.... *cel whispers as sword hums brightly*

*firin wraps his arms around amora’s waist*

*breaks the kiss and rests her forehead on his chin* So I suppose now is the time we start practicing for kids?

Or, we go on an adventure.
Somewhere exotic.

Because I’m not exotic enough *she playfully chides*

Have to show the exotic places what real exoticness is!

*pokes him in the chest playfully* good comeback

*grins and wraps her in a hug*

*amora turns and looks to Celestia* Thank you Cele *and is pulled into the hug*

Yes, thank you Cel - now plan our party! *firin asks*
And make Amora a gown that will make all the men even more jealous than they normally are.

*smiles lovingly* Aye! I will rock the city to its foundation!

*chuckles* crack that whip any harder Firin and you’ll break your wrist.

We can hold it in the Chapterhouse - there is lots of room.

Y-yes! *cel plots in her mind*

*grins* Hey its good to have lightbringer slaves.

*takes out her journal*
Oyy! Ya in my house!

So what do you want to do, dearheart?

Head back home and crack a wine bottle... or cask? *amora replies*

Lets swing by the Chapterhouse - I ordered a case of expensive Iryodian wine
Aged for the last 125 years

You know...Calimus made a new chocolate red wine. *cel plugs*

Elves know how to age things

well then, sounds like a treat! *she giggles*

Amora Reaver: Cal is still making wine! *gasps*

Last wine of Calimus’ I tried was almost strong enough to smite undead
And knocked out a half orc in one gulp

This one is pure Bliss

Oh I have to try it!

Well it does have chocolate.
He still lives next door to you ‘mora?

Ill get it all arranged!! *cel waves*

I do belive he does yes.
excellent, cel!

*cel hops cheerfully*

Thanks Cel *smiles*
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy *smiles to Amora*

*cel writes more in her journal and smiles cheerfully as she writes down...all the words*

Well that’s because I am happy Firin! *amora smiles*

*grins and steals another kiss*
So am I. *pulls out his flute* Up for a tune?

Sure why not.

The song I wrote soon after we started dating, thinking of you *he smirks*

*amora wipes a tear from her eye as he plays the low and beautiful melody*

*cel wipes tears on her sleeve* So....sweet.

*puts the flute back away with a smile*

Thank you Firin.
*amora hugs him tightly*

*firin returns it fiercely*

Shall we go home, Amora?


Goodnight Cel, thank you again - it means much *firin nods*

*Cel mega hugs the pair*
So much happy!! Eeeee!

*hugs Celestia back*

*firin hugs her back as well*

Now go do the marriage thing! *cel winks*

Didn’t need marriage for that *smirks*
I’d scope you up and carry you to the horse Amora, but I think you’d kick me in the head if I tried.
Will you let me carry you to our horse?

I suppose

*Cel runs to the door to open it*

Have a good night Cele.

*scoops her up, one hand under her back, the other under her legs*
*wraps her arms around his neck*
Goodnight, Cel *firin bids farewell*

*Cel sits and sighs happily and runs to the chalice*

"Can you believe how happy they are, Utu! They are too adorable for words! I have to make an amazing party for them and I'll make sure everyone is invited! I'll talk to Calimus about the drinks since im sure he'll be happy that his drink will get plenty of attention now! And then I have to get the invites out and make her much to do! It's for Firin and Amora, so i'l make sure everything is beyond perfect, Utu! I'm so happy!"

*She lets out a teenish squeal and spins around...slowly the gorgeous day ends on the brightest note*
The night is far spent, the day is at hand;
Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us wear the armor of light.
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