Winter Wonder - Leena Baraan

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Leena Baraan
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Winter Wonder - Leena Baraan

Postby Domina » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:37 am

*The winter nights are cold and enticing as the snows fall from above. Snow seemingly not forced down by the Frostlaver of the Ravenwoods. The winter beauty of white and light keeps the land on ice even as a war rages on. There is little to imagination when it comes to the harsh reality of the land, but for now the illusion of a peaceful winter will bring some manner of peace to some.*

*Leena sits and wipes off her brow after picking the last of the tobacco for the Stormbeards before the winter comes to coat the land with snow. A smile comes over her face as she thinks of Ioe and Lachdanon. These may be the only two she has come to really enjoy in the year. Though there are Two, they have her admiration. But the winter leaves a cold that brings back memories despite the warmth she has gained from her heart. The young Baraan speaks over the hillside...*

"Mother...Father...I wish I could be in your arms again so desperately. Nothing can heal the wound that has been left on my heart and soul with your loss. And my your loss kills me. I'm sorry...I wasn't strong enough then. I'm sorry that I could not keep my home safe. I'm sorry that I get to live on while everyone dead. B-but i'm learning! I'm getting stronger a-and i've made allies who can hurt Magnus and Varana when the time comes."

*Leena flattens out her farm hand clothes and sits on the edge of the cliffside. She looks over at the sky as the sun begins to set behind the mountains*

"Canas...our ancient enemy continues to harass the land even with his d-death. He sends minions to try and invade the tombs, to raviash the lands we held dear, and to warp the world to his desire. I have decided to stand up against this cursed soul to preserve the lands that you loved s-so much before. The Stormbeards have been so good to me and I know they want the same things that I do. Our clan..."

*she wipes some tears from her eyes*

"Some nights...I dream of home and the sweet meads of the Torinvolk, the laughter of mother as you tease her for her overwork, your shouts as you trained with the sword and my dear friend's hardy passion for life. I feel so lonely with your loss. I hate Varana...I hate Magnus...I hate the people who set us up to be c-chased from our home near Durace. And I just...feel so much hate! But I know I will make my revenge pure with Marduk's blessing...I will carry a war against everyone who has left us to rot as reality b-begins to leave us behind..."

*Leena finally stands and shouts Marduk's name in the Baraan tongue...deep into the valley. Might their dying tongue ring out through out the land...*
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