Winter Wonder - Riddel

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Winter Wonder - Riddel

Postby Domina » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:21 am

*The winter nights are cold and enticing as the snows fall from above. Snow seemingly not forced down by the Frostlaver of the Ravenwoods. The winter beauty of white and light keeps the land on ice even as a war rages on. There is little to imagination when it comes to the harsh reality of the land, but for now the illusion of a peaceful winter will bring some manner of peace to some.*

Riddel wakes up with cold sweat and a scream in a room of the Inn in Lendose. She pushes purple hair aside as she looks around the near empty room. With nothing but a desk, bed with some stiff furs, and a cracked mirror to be of note. Riddel ties close her half open robes...the pale skinned woman raised of nobility and hardly sun kissed by Rel. Her devil red eyes look to her clammy hands as the thoughts of fear subside for now. She speaks to herself reassuringly...

"The winter is truly here now. To think I used to spend them with cups of chocolate, warmed by rare furs, in the company of my handmaidens and with my love, Durio. I hate this...I hate all of this. I hate everything."

*she throws a pillow at the cracked mirror, further enticing the cracks to meander about more*

"Daniel brought me here with good intent. I know he...has affection for me, yet Durio has been flung in his face and lives. I suppose I should not be so harsh with him. He...has done a lot for me. I did not even begin to imagine Durio was alive. I did not even begin to imagine that Crash would really do what he did to drag me out. I felt the touch of insanity on my mind and even now I still feel my head spin when I think of the house Daniel kept me trapped in. He could not defeat possessed Durio. How could this happen to him! HOW!"

*Riddel screams out and falls to her knees slowly. Tears running down her face as rage and depressing and confusion creep over the broken woman*

"I wish Crash was dead. I wish he was dead! I WISH HE WAS DEAD! I wish I had my life back. I wish I could reweave the webs of reality and make the ebb of time...mine. I wish to be greedy..."

*she cries into her hands*

"Lochwar...Farallis...I beg you for the power to make my revenge as dynamic as the torture Crash has forced on my mind and heart. I beg for the power to rip him from the fabric of time, reality and existence!"

*Lady Riddel spends the rest of the day contemplating revenge and simmers in her hate. And with a whisper to whoever the universe decides to allow in her earshot...*

"Lochwar preserve me..."
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