I am even allowed to post here?

Come on in from the rain, and tell us a little bit about yourself.
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I am even allowed to post here?

Postby thedragonman12345678 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:48 am

hey, i've been here a while but my computer decided that it doesnt feel like running the game so i geuss im slowly morhping into yet another forum troll. hopefully you've at least heard of the lone wolfe backstory, which is my only real claim to fame around here since my game went belly up. (which is ironic since it's not even this genre till the very end.((its still in progress))so umm ya). any way i like werewolves, and im a very er... "Recreational" person. but hey whatevs anyway hello to anyone who doesnt already know me ^_^
"dont judge my path till you've walked my journey"
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