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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Maxdc2 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:56 pm

Maximillian Ashald, latest addition to a line of great magicians, rogues and lords, and one simple farmer. Growing up, Max was always expected to perform great feats of heroism. Unfortunately, he never showed any ability in the fields of his ancestors. His voice was never quite able to master the intricacies of spellcraft, his hands fumbled whenever he tried to pick locks, or pockets, and his blood was never blue enough to be granted land. (Also, he sucked at farming, but we try not to mention that.) Considering himself a failure, Max entered a self-exile in the Ashald family, until the day his home was attacked by assasins, after his father's life. Unable to get to him in time, Maximillian burst in on the killers cutting apart his father's spell barriers, and him, with ease. Grabbing a ceremonial sword from the mantle, the teen cut them down in a bloody storm, eyes unusually calm and focused. Seeing this, the rest of the Ashald family determined to turn Max into a fighter. Spending the next 8 years of his life as a soldier, Max fought in many wars, becoming a hardened veteran. A freak incident with a ghoul robbed him of his finest abilities, but not his pride. He comes to Dasaria on a fresh start, to regain his power, and bring honor to his family name.

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby randomrper » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:55 am

Linah Senderlin stood beneath "her" lamp post in the North of Caer, a few notes from her lute hung in the air. Taking a moment to tuck her auburn hair back behind her ear, strummed another chord. She let her eyes close for a moment.

-The docks of Caer were unforgiving and cold. It was raining. It always seemed to rain on the docks. The child-catcher was coming. Had to hide. Had to get away. Under the stairs, this looked safe. And the black-robed man... he didn't see her, the little girl shivering in the wet and the cold under the dark stairs. He went off after slower, easier prey. She stayed there, shivering. For hours to make sure he didn't come back. But she fell asleep.

"What's this?!" A voice woke up her. A large man, barrel chest and pot bellied, with an apron. "Please sir! I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything!" The girl cowered from the large man who leaned in to pull her out from beneath the stairs. "Bah!" he says, spitting onto the ground. "A whelp... you have a name whelp?" "Li... li...linah...." "Well then Linah... you gots a home." A shaking of a head. The man regards her. "Well then... go talk to th' cook through that door then... might have use of a scullery girl to sweep an' such..." -

The young woman under the lamp post opened her eyes to see a few people standing about. She had been strumming her lute rather randomly, but smiled at the impromptu audience. "Any requests?" her melodious voice asks out. A few song names, a tuning of her lute, and some songs to be sung.

-The young girl, now having lived in the SeaRat Inn and Tavern on the Docks of Caer for several years now fiddled with the lute in her hands. The sound was terrible... "No no no, hun, like this..." the older woman, who also worked and lived at the large in instructed her. "Press harder on these strings here and then strum like this." the young girl nodded, eager toplease the other waitress of the inn. she'd be playing on the stage soon and needed to get better at playing, so she could gain some of her own money in tips and keep the customers happy. Must keep the customers happy, that mkes them spend more. Right?-

After the music ended, Linah collected someof the tip money handed to her by the audience. "Hey you! Whore girl! Get off the street an' go back to the docks!" A call is heard from another. She looks up and around, frowning. "Beg pardon?" she replies. "You heard me! Get back to a brothel where you belong... all dressed like a hussy!" Another frown. Not particularly pleasent, but she could see where some people might get the idea of such. She did sometimes dress a little more risque than other "adventurer" types. Not that her current dress was all that bad, but it did have a slit up the left leg fairly high...

-"And here... that should do it..." The older woman stepped back and admired her handiwork. Linah looked into the mirror. Her dress corsetted her torso and pushed her bosum up in a bit of a display and her makeup was rather extreme. At least in the opinion of the teenage girl wearing it. Maybe 15 or 16 by accounts. Noone really knew, not even her, as she was an orphan from the streets. "Do I really have to do this Bellah? Really?" "Yes dear, it's time you helped out the other girls with the customers' other needs. And you know what it is, we ahve to keep the customers happy. Happy customers spend more, right?" Linah nodded. "Right..." She stood up, smoothing out her rather tight-fitting dress and went out into the busy room. A man, catching her eye beconed her over. She flashed her most brilliant smile and sashayed over to him.... -

Collecting her earnings, she turned to go to the bank. The clouds were gathering to rain soon. Linah sighed and cast a spell to make her move quicker over land to get to the bank before it rained. Casually cast the spell as a matter of fact. She chuckled.

-The door to the cellar was locked They had forgotten she was down here to get the wine. Gods... she hated the dark down here... damp... with the rats and the spiders.... gods... please... Teshalia, help.... Whispered prayers... suddenly a light, but not the door opening... just a light. Something was glowing. Did she do that? she did... and kept it going all night... and Olaph was less then happy when he saw it in the morning.... with a right smack across her face and a warning not to do it ever again. None of that "magic" in his inn. No sir... now get upstairs and get cleaned up. Customers were coming in soon....

A few days later a custmoer.. upstairs alone wit him, undressing for him. He hits her. Hard. She cries out. He does it again. And again. She screams,throwing her hands up at him. A flash of light. The man crumples into the corner, blinking and swearing. Olaph is there, and some of the other girls. Olaph is not happy. He beats the man silly for hitting his girl, but then realizes when he cries witch what has hapened. Grabbing the 17 or 18 year old girl but the throat he drags her through the inn, tossing her half-dressed into the rainy eve. "You're done here!" he roars! "I'll not have any of that nonsense in my inn!" the door slams shut amid protests of the other women. She pulls herself up, hugging her arms to herself and wanders into the streets.... into the streets...-

Ah, the Misty Vale Inn, dry, warm, and with plenty of food. A few coins tossed onto the counter and a meal handed to her with some ale. After eating it the 20 something Linah climbed up to her room, resting on the bed, looking across where her armor, katana, and bow rested against the wall. Making a trip to Ravinswatch soon to sell those things she got from the bandits the other day. They attacked her. She killed them like they were nothing., dancing from shadow to shadow. She liked the shadows now, and she'd always been good at dancing. She smiled. Might see if the Koalisk had robbed anyone on her way up... Some day.. maybe... she'd go back to find Olaph... his bar was closed now. He took out a loan and had to sell it to pay off his debts. But he was still alive she was sure. Might find him sometime, just to show him what an orphaned whore of a witch could become...

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Malekyth_Bloodmane » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:18 pm

The Iryrodian Emissaary:


Name: Malekyth Illithana
Gender: Male
Age: 79
Height: 5'9 ft


With a warriors physique this proud Iryrodian elf stands as an epitaph to his ancestral heritage. His chiselled features suggest a youth not of his seventy nine years, Lochwar preserving his youth well. His pale skin reflects the light, a light blue tinge suggesting a high~born heritage within his home, Iryrod. Above his proud brow he wears his long hair in a lengthy tail, sprouting from the back of his head, hair pulled back with a golden clasp. Further accentuating his noble heritage is his garbs, typical Iryrodian armour which is tintied similarly to his skin, a pale blue plate mail with ancient Iryrodian glyphs decorating the edges of each individual Mithril plate. Remarkably, on his armour, he bears the insignia's of various factions, later added as his fervour during the war against Canas rose. On the breast plate rests a white dragon insignia, reaching to the sky with a great taolned hand. About the bracers of this suit he clads the insignia of the Free Vanguard and on the high collar the glyph of the Ordo Magika.

It's clear that Mal'ekyth Illi'than'a is a trained warrior and skilled wizard, known as an Iryrodian Arcane Knight he utilizes both skills to a startling efficiency, willingly engaging a foe in melee while weaving magic in order to better his foes. His nobility afforded him the training required to become an Arcane Knight and, as such, it was soon he was to be recognized and became one with the Odro Magika and the Free vanguard.

History: - - - Coming soon - - -
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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Sahji » Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:07 pm

Brief Highlights on the Life of Fyvre Aeltheart

Undeniable, the beauty of this elf woman. But next to her soothing, incandescent manner, the energetic bundle in her arms...
"I can't take this babe." Said the traveler. He already had difficulty feeding himself.
"You must. I trust you will find a suitable home." Stubborn. The Traveler considered her proposal, habitually wiping sweat from the back of his neck. As he thought, the toddler reached around the blanket, forcing it away impatiently.
Indignant, the blond stared up at the mother who had wrapped her, much more preferring to be let loose unclothed. When her bluish-green eyes fell on the traveler, she immediately reached for him. With some difficulty, the mother restrained her.
"Shouldn't you be afraid of strangers?" The Traveler laughed. The Mother's face became more serious.
"You understand. She cannot stay here."

The woman was not impressed. "You expect me to take"
The Traveler nodded. "I'll send back money to help with costs."
"Forgive my skepticism Uncle, but since when have you been timely on your debts?" The Husband inquired, with a slight smirk.
"I will be this time."
His wife still shook her head. "This is ridiculous. What will Beatrice think, when I have this one on my hip?"
"That you're a generous, unbiased woman of great esteem, who can shoulder the burden of raising orphaned children."
"Well I do try. But still, there are churches for these types of..things."
He raised an eyebrow.
"Alright, so maybe they won't be as..accepting of her..interesting heritage, but--"
"Nephew. Your debt."
The Husband stiffened, drawing pale. "Well, Annie, a farm full of children gets a lot of free labor."
"And I'll pay for the food that she eats and the clothing she wears." The Traveler reminded.
The Wife considered. With some difficulty: "...As you wish."

She could hear them, but the other children couldn't.
"That's the third fight in one week. By Ineania, there's something severely wrong with that girl."
They'd called her a weakling elf. She had to prove she was stronger, even if that meant getting in trouble again.
"So she has a temper. She'll grow out of it."
"Not before destroying house and home. Every time we go to pray, we get stared at. OUR children are rumored to be half blooded too."
"She does good work though, in the fields."
"When she isn't wandering around town, causing mischief. Which is most of the time."
Chores were boring. Watching the militia--now that was interesting.
"She's unbalanced, for whatever reason. Dangerous. Feral. She doesn't belong here."
Silence, for a bit. And then: "I'll send word to Uncle."

"So there I was, a hoard of zombie orcs on the left, and a whirling pack of demon hounds on the right.."
She giggled. Last time it was giants and succubi.
"Where could I go, but UP! At the last moment, I charged at the cliff. With both hands aloft, I leaped clear off the edge, snagged the rope hanging from the beak of the giant eagle, and held on for dear life. To this day, I thank Teshalia I made it out alive."
Huddled over their campfire, the girl ate sizzling meat with her dirty, calloused hands. She loved every second of it.

"You won't get away with this! I won't let you get away with this!"
Pain; blood; helplessness.
"Why not? You're nothing, a Nobody. I'm Somebody. That's the way the world works."

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Niryain » Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:52 pm


Name: Kiralia Lormac
Age: 23
Build: Short, lithe.
Nationality: Varana Empire
Profession: Wanderer, Adventurer, Amateur Archeologist, occasional thief.
Hair: Coarse, dark brown, more often than not tied back in a practical fashion.
Eyes: Intelligent, dark green, usually curiously looking about.
Usual Possessions: Various books, scrolls, food, a weapon or two for self defense, and a few 'thiefy' things about her person. The latter are usually hidden or dispersed in bags and the like. She prefers to travel light.

History: Kiralia usually is not one to talk about her early life, preferring to shift the conversation to something more current and relevant in a friendly manner when the situation comes up. Truth be told, though, there is little spectacular about her history. She was born in a decently-sized city in Old Varana, to a poor family in what could charitably be described as 'slums'. Her father had no job she was aware of, but as a bright lass she could deduce where the money and food he occasionally brought back without explanation were coming from. Her mother, as well, had no stable employment. The family got by mostly on doing odd jobs that no one else wanted to do, usually only receiving a pittance in return. She grew up with two brothers, one younger and one older. Both of which, however, she no longer keeps in good contact with. It is simple, in the case of the younger one. He involved himself in the type of gangs that are typical in a city's slums and was killed when a brawl grew out of hand. As for her older brother, he took the only way out of the situation as far as he could see, joining the Legion. He didn't fully forget about his family, though, sending back a portion of his pay now and again.

As for Kiralia? She was a smart enough woman, just wanting a way out of the situation her birth forced on her. As well, between her nineteenth and twenty-second birthdays, her parents both died, due to largely natural causes. Some hunger and poor living likely contributed to that. After a small period of mourning, Kiralia decided to turn her attention to what she might make of her own life. The Dasarian province seemed ripe for adventure and opportunity, certainly more than Old Varana. The issue was, of course, finding a way there. She was not without her talents, though. She could sneak about well enough, and after some time spent 'finding' food, she stowed herself away on a ship heading to the province. Now there, with little to her name other than intelligence, some food, a book or two she also 'found', and comfy leathers, time will tell what living she can etch out.

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Artisan Smith

Postby Artisan Smith » Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:58 pm

On a clear star filled night in the recent past, an oblong boulder cracked like an egg revealing a man of indeterminate age wearing earth brown clothing and a holy symbol of Brintha. Wiping dust from his face and clearing stone from his body his awareness of the world returned. "Where am I", the man thought. A voice from the earth answered "You are near Cear". Rubbing his head the man thought "Who am I". The earth answered "You are Artisan Hero-Smith". Looking up to unfamiliar star patterns Artisan asked "When am I". "You are now" came the reply. Artisan sat mulling an odd assortment of memories about crafting, enchanting, lore, and manners. "Peculiar" Artisan said aloud as he stood, sighting an arrow formed by rocks arranged on the ground.

As dawn broke Artisan considered his course of action and the earth spoke a final time. "You must seek your destiny." Artisan began to walk the path set before him. "Hero-Smith" sounds pretentious was his first decision on a nascent journey.

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Postby Artisan Smith » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:33 pm

Awelilolulyn arrived determined and destitute on the docks of Cear. Come to join the fight against the Canites and Varanites so none would again suffer the loss of her true love to Culnul or Lochwar.

Setting foot on dry land, Awen thought back to the day decades ago when a dwarven brinthan cleric presented her with her husband's wedding ring as evidence of his death. The magnificent ring was crafted from mithril with a blue diamond, faceted to look like a vial, set between a coldiron book and an alchemical silver sheaf of wheat. Smiling Awen recalled how her husband signed his works with a stylized symbol of a drake, his first name.

Walking from the docks to North Cear Awen's thoughts turned to her wedding ring, an exquisite adamantine wedding ring with a diamond set between a coldiron anvil and an alchemical silver hammer. She silently cursed the Morellian thugs who took the two wedding rings, her precious keepsakes.

Arriving at length in the Mistyvale Inn, Awen considered her course of action. She knew she could not see her true love again for that was the cost Ishtar said she must bear for him to rejoin the living. It was enough to know that one day he would return, possibly to forge a weapon gods would fear, for that was the reason she was given for his death.

Awen set about preparing herself for the future.

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Naoko Fujiwara

Postby ditkadog » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:25 pm

Naoko and her family stepped off a boat on the docks, arriving in Cear as part of an embassy from Anjiro to investigate the rise of Canas.

That meant little to Naoko. She was born in Cear, but has no memories of it. Her family fled for Anjiro when she was just a child. Her father gave her a new name, in the hopes that she would fit in better in Anjiro, and not be treated like an outsider. He had no plans to return to his homeland, and wanted his daughter to fit into her new culture. She is able to speak both languages with ease, but knows little of her former culture.

She was married, at a relatively young age, to Hiroshi Fujiwara. Her father said he would be a fine husband and felt she was now safe with a large and influential family. He did not have to worry about her safety anymore. And hoped she would never have to go back to Cear.

Naoko never knew she would return "home" though she has no memories of this place, only the language, which her parents always spoke at home, that was different than all of her friends. That skill is helping her now.

A simple, uncomplicated child, she kept to herself. She dreams of a simpler life, a calm life. But she knows it is her duty as wife to follow her husband, obey her husband, and stay with him to stay safe. She does not understand politics, clans, factions, arguments and war. She does not see why one person can not face another person with respect and kindness. She does not know what makes one man right and another man wrong. She has simply been taught to respect and obey.

She is small, and clumsy at times. She has had difficulty sleeping since she was a child, does not know why, and does not know a life of peaceful sleep. She prays to Nuarari nightly to help her rid her sleeping hours of terrible visions and confusion. She wakes each day hoping to settle down someplace and learn a trade. Instead, she continues to follow Hiroshi and Matsudo in their quest for information, and to help quell a rising force that they deem a threat to Anjiro.

Yet somehow, she feels she has a role to play in this new world, and continues to seek a place where she, alone, can be of use to others...

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The Golden Knight

Postby Daimondheart » Sun May 20, 2012 4:46 am

Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Body build: Lithe
Skin type: Smooth
Hair style: Long Mullet
Scars: None
Tattoos: Various Gypsy tattoos cover her body save her face
  • Hair: Golden Blonde
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Skin: Gold
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Orimh Macnith

Postby Orimh » Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:26 am

“Your grandfather was an honorable man, son. His Knights stood fast against the Empire as they burned
everything in their path.”

The man tells his son, near a fireplace in a hut made of straw and mud with a straw-thatched
roof. The man telling the story had a strong jaw, stubble from the lack of a shave the last few days, and
dirt stains upon his skin due to the absence of a bath for the week. His voice soft, and tender, but in his
eyes you could see the betrayal between heart and spirit. Wounded but strong, tears in his eyes as he
has continued to try to hold it together for his family for many years – not allowing himself to deal with
the hand the Empire gave him.

The boy, nearing his 7th winter, looked up at his father with intrigue – begging to finish the story
of his honorable grandfather, a knight among knights, a defender of Dasaria. His hair black, his eyes ice
blue, his father always told him he had the look of his grandfather, which made playing in the fields with
the sticks he had fashioned into mock swords far more interesting. He looked up longingly, begging his
father to tell him more.

“House Macnith’s banner, a white rose on a black field, was a banner raised on the Southern
borders of Dasaria. Our family was nobility, Knights of their own order, and loyal to Queen and Country.
Your grandfather, Valek Macnith, was the Lord Knight of the order, as was his father before him and his
father before him. This Order was our family, our family was the Order.”

Magnus looked down at his son, patting his head and offering the boy a smile before continuing,
his gaze lingering upon his song for a moment.

“Your grandfather and his Order were ambushed by the Empire as they patrolled a southern
road, but they fought until the end. The Knights numbers were less than thirty, but took more than one
hundred soldiers with them to the afterlife..” He smiled, wiping a tear from his eyes, finishing the
story “They say.. the only thing that remained on the field after the battle, was the banner of the Black.
The Black Knights of the White Rose’s banner stood along that road for weeks before nature tore it
down… it is a symbol that the Knighthood would not die, but live, and you.. son.. are charged with
rebuilding the honor of our House.”

He smiled, patting his son once again – using his crutch to push himself up. Magnus, was
crippled since a child and could not fight, nor take up arms against the Empire. He was not capable of
rebuilding his father’s House and Order, but he was capable of raising a son who could. Magnus was
Valek’s only child – hidden during the end of the wars as to protect him – and his bloodline.

Orimh was Magnus’ only son, and since he was able to play with a mock-sword he had been
training with it. Magnus did not over pressure him to fulfill the legacy that he believed was Orimh’s
destiny, but encouraged it heavily. Orimh knew what his duty was. His duty was the same as his
grandfathers, to protect Queen, Country, and rebuild the Order that he was once a part of.

Older, armored, and alone after his father and mothers death he is beginning his journey of
rebuilding his families honor. To join a Knighthood, or begin from the ground up, he has yet to decide.

He knows that Rel has called him to fulfill his purpose. This, though, added a new stress to his
ambitions, as Rel has blessed him with many gifts – despite Orimh’s feeling that he does not deserve it.

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Amora » Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:17 am

Amora Reaver

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Body build: Lithe
Skin type: Smooth
Hair style: Long braided pony tail
Scars: Arcane brand on her left arm
Tattoos: none

Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Pink
Skin: Pale

Personality: Amora is a reserved woman, quiet most of the time around people she doesn't know. More so an observer than anything. She likes to hide and listen from the shadows. Around people she knows and trusts, she is open and acts a bit mischievous and speaks bluntly to them. She has a particular hatred for magi, and those that use the arcane arts.

History: Amora was an orphan in Caer's old orphanage. She was left there a babe wrapped in a blanket with but a pendant around her neck with the name 'Amora' etched into the surface. Knowing nothing else, the orphanage took her in and cared for her. Little did they know the child had dormant demonic blood strong within the little raven haired girl. As she grew into adolescence she was quite the trouble maker. Always claiming the victim and when her lies were found, she was punished twice as hard as those she got into trouble.

When the orphanage burnt down, Amora was one of the few children to survive, mostly because her blood allowed her to slip through the flames and the ashes while other children screamed in pain and burned alive. She was found mostly unharmed with a few scrapes and bruises, covered in ash. A child catcher came along and whisked her away, and rather than pressing her into child labor for the empire, she was sold to a Archmage for her unique bloodline that he saw in her.

This Archmage was none other than Iraeiymraema, the Mystic Thurge of the Shadowmages of the Black Sphere and it was under her that all sorts of vile experiments were performed for various reasons and goals to further the power of the shadowmages. As she matured as a woman, her tarished blood began to show, she started to grow horns and a tail by the age of twelve, and her yellow eyes faded to a stark and bright pink. Amora thought that it was the magi that caused this, but infact would have happened anyways had they not enslaved her. They forced her to learn Fiendish to better facilitate communications with devils, to work out pacts of power. Once her horns and tail were fully grown, they pinned her to the ground, silenced her with a spell, and cut off her tail. All to distill it into alchemical reagents which proved useless in the long run. For every time she tried to rebel, and was caught, she was beaten and battered from spells til near death, then healed, and beaten again. This could continue for hours, even sometimes days depending on the infraction.

One day, the captors dragged Amora to the top of the Theurge's highest tower and prepared a censor of burning oils into which she was to be thrust at the height of their experiment. As far as she could make out, she needed her soul for some sort of twisted experiment in hybridizing humanoids with various fell creatures in order to build some kind of army. The Shadowmages had thought her long broken, but she secretly still clung to a sliver of will deep inside. She knew she must make her escape now, or never.

When her captors were momentarily distracted with their magical ritual, she took her chance, upsetting their experiment. The Theurge was badly burned. In the midst of the chaos Amora jumped from the tower in desperation, miraculously a tree broke her fall breaking only a few ribs and a sprained ankle, and rolled away to her escape. She started running as best she could and never looked back.

In the days and weeks afterwards, Amora would slowly make her way towards civilization, eventually finding the Great Talonroad South towards the shining City of Cear. She promised herself she would find out all she could about these Shadowmages, and someday extract her revenge upon them.

(((OOC Wired aided in helping flesh out this bio, and it was his Idea for Iraeiymraema, and the Shadowmages of the Black Sphere to be a part of it. so thank you to him for helping me bring this character into server lore.

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby Peregrinus » Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:53 am

Sir Phelan "Tennick" Almaran
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Build: Slim
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green-Gray
Skin: Light
Ethnicity: Dasarian
Place of Birth: Almaran Farm, Iryrod
Distinguishing Marks: None
Affiliations: Knight-Patent of the Argentum Vigilo, Member of the Ordo Magica

Phelan Almaran is the son of Tilirin Almaran, the second son of Falson Almaran, and Miriam Almaran. Like many in his family, he manifested his sorceric powers very early in life, around five years of age, and grew up learning how to use those powers on his grandfather's farmland in the Iryrod province of Varana. When he came of age he was inducted by his family into the Plowmen and decided that his skills would be better put to use in his family's historical homeland, Dasaria.

Early Life in Cear
He came to Cear in 633 under the name Phelan Tennick long before the Canite War even began, but generally lived a quiet life and kept to himself. He kept his heritage a close secret due to the mixed legacy his grandfather left in Dasaria, to the point where in all local records and to most people his descent was completely unknown. He spent much of his time outside the city itself working as a Plowman.

Adventuring and the Argentum Vigilo
He was not well known until he began adventuring with his cousin, Amelia Almaran and a local fisherman turned cleric, Darius. While working with them he became involved in unraveling plots by a cabal known as the Pentacle. Further, he was one of the ones trusted enough to become a founding member of the Argentum Vigilo, and took to those duties and responsibilities, becoming one of the more public faces of the new knightly order, and the second knight from his family. After the Vigilo successfully saved the Prince's life in 636, he began publicly using his family name, Almaran, once again.

Later in 636, Phelan married his recent apprentice, Naralia Deladralie. Shortly thereafter, Phelan traveled well away from the front, both spending time back with his family in Iryrod and later fighting far beyond the normal lines of action with his cousin, Amelia, in Varana proper, raiding and scouting Canite held territory.

He recently returned to the Dasarian province, and is once again working openly.

Phelan is a devout follower of Ineania and that, combined with his complex family history and desire to bring honor to his family name, define his more than many other things. Generally friendly and outgoing, Phelan tried to befriend nearly everyone he encounters. He tried to be humble concerning his rank as feasible, but is proud of the position and tries to live up to the expectations of that being a Knight brings. He is more tolerant than many when it comes to races considered evil, and seem to be always willing to give a person a chance to do the right thing, and generally encourages people to do so. Despite being human, he seems to take a much longer view of how to deal with issues, being more willing to work within a system to reform it than rebel against it, but at the same time, willing to quietly destroy things behind the scenes. He is very loyal to his family and friends, and takes betrayal or perceived betrayal very personally. When pushed to fight, he generally hold himself back, preferring to fight with his swords until such a time the stakes are to high and then he can become exceptionally ruthless, unleashing dramatic arcane power.
- Peregrinus
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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

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Name: Ashan Brino

Occupation: Wizard

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Eley Khasker: Vagrant, Artificer, Rellite Deserter

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Name: Eley Khasker
Height: 5'8"
Build: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Skin: Tanned
Ethnicity: Rellite (Adopted)

Abandoned at birth, Eley was found in the forest near Cerevallia, barely a month old. After an unusually short time in an orphanage, she was adopted by a widowed blacksmith, living near the outer wall.

Almost immediately after she was old enough to walk and follow simple instructions, her father took her under his oppressive hand as smith's apprentice. A few short years later, Eley was sent to military school to "Break her rebellious spirit." In the school, her aptitude as a magic showed itself in a short argument with another child, and she was pushed into training for magic.

After finally finding something she excelled at, Eley revelled in the attention she received as a star student. She began to study more and more, hungry for the attention that she received. As she continued in her classes, she grew more and more eager to learn, and made a number of friends similar to herself. Finally feeling integrated in Cerevallian life, Eley became more and more integrated with her small clique, spending nearly all of her time with them, when she wasn't at work smithing or at school.

When she turned fourteen, her heritage started manifesting itself in the form of mottled skin on her forehead and small horns. She began wearing a wrapped cloth over her head to hide them, rarely taking it off even to sleep. She quickly learned to shy away from conversation with her friends, and grew distanced from most of them. Studying overtook her life, but she now hid anything she learned, avoiding answering as many questions as she could in class, and hurrying home to the forge afterwards.

As her abilities in magic continued to grow, her father pushed her into enhancing his smithed weapons, using her abilities to gain fortune and position in the city. As he made coin, he began drinking more, becoming more abusive and rageful. After close to a year of this and in a fit of drunken rage, he commited Eley to military service, effective the day she turned seventeen.

When she entered official military training at 16, Eley applied for the mage's battalion. A medical examination revealed her secret heritage, and she was immediately banned from using magic within Rell. The skin around her eyes were lightened with a pair of fangs, similar to markings made in some Gnollish tribes. This mark of shame was then enchanted, to prevent fading, and to allow magical compulsion through them.

After the completion of these marks, Eley was assigned to supplies, to help with logistics. The night before she was supposed to report for service, Eley drank for the first time. Her father passed out in the house, she snuck into the forge adjacent to remove any enchanted weapons he might have, and unmake whatever she could. She decided, that since she must join the military in what was viewed as a degrading position, she would commit one last act of rebellion and use her magic. Gathering the weapons near the forge, she did, but instead of destroying the weapons, she accidentally lit the forge and attached house on fire.

Eley escaped quickly with a small nuber of items from her father's house: her mother's journal, her sword, a few choice books from her father, and a small luck token from one of her former friends. She used the chaos caused by the fire to steal a horse from the closest stable, and make her way out of the city, to the north. She rode it north a far as she could, avoiding settlements and other travelers alike. For nearly a full week, she went without food, sleep, and water, constantly checking to make sure that she wasn't being followed, becoming more delusional and paranoid as time went on.

After finally convincing herself she was free of the city's reach, she set her stolen horse free, pushing it to the west, and continued north. The further she went, the more bold she became, eventually taking most insignificant items as she pleased. Though she felt free of Rellite rule, she still avoided giving her real name, and rarely stayed in any established inn or roadhouse. Her curiousity pushed her to explore a number of ruins along the way, occasionally finding trinkets or knowledge, but more often finding only dust and recent footprints.

Her journey north brought her the the Whitesand wastes after a considerable amount of time. An isolated crypt, supposedly containing the key to immortality, lay near the center. As Eley followed the map in her father's book of myths, feeling of dread continued to grow in her, but she pressed on. As she finally arrived at a low-lying entrance for some temple, a sharp pain hit her head, and shortly after several other places besides. Before she succumbed to the pain and fatigue, a bright light flashed out before her, letting her fde into the serenity of sleep...

She woke up just outside of the wastes, the only note left to her a single word, "Cear." Making her way towards the trade city, she felt that her past life could finally fade away, and she would be given a new one. The note's contents left her with an escape she could finally trust in...

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Re: CHARACTER BIOS! Let's see them here!

Postby fashionisdanger » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:59 pm

Name: Eve [real name: Evelynn Paleraven]
Race: Planetouched, Tiefling [1/4 Erinyes]
Age: 25
Height: 5'10" ft
weight: 127 lbs
Build: Thin, tall and well-shaped. Rarely gets sick, though she does not look phisically strong
Nationality: Unknown
Profession: Illusionist
Religion: Farallis
Hair: Long, snow white, straight
Eyes: Intelligent, amber colored
Skin: Pale and flawless
Other: Her hands look soft and neat, but her fingers end with tapered white claws. On her back there are two long parallel scars... The remainings of two severed wings?
Never the less she looks very, and almost supernaturally, attractive.
Psichology: Eve appears well-mannered and cultured. Although initially reserved with strangers and cautious about opening herself, the more she feels in harmony the more she will tend to assume an extroverted and practical attitude.
Hobbies/likes: Fairy tales, books, theatre, music, making new acquaintances, red wine, milk, fish, soup, apples, pie, mirrors, pillows, challenges, color white, color black, a wealthy life style, diamonds, jokes, a dark humor
Dislikes: Raw meat, honey, bad smells, stupidity, lack of sleep, pusillanimity
Fears: Dizzy heights
Flaws: Doesn't really accept failure
Weapon of choice: A well developed-plan, a deadly spell, deception

Portrait: Comprehended in Sahji's portrait pack 1.0

A very young Eve.

History: As long as she can remember Eve was raised by a powerful young wizard by the name of Elyn Elenesse. It is certain that he brought Eve to his laboratory while she was still a newborn to make her his apprentice. His best hopes was pleased by the fact he noticed that the child had an extraordinary propension to assimilate the Arcane Knowledge he was dispensing to her. In other words, the girl was a spellcasting prodigy.
Time after time he started become obsessed about his excellent pupil, and deeply interested into studying her inner and yet mysterious nature. In a short time, he forced her to a complete isolation, letting her enjoy the company of books only.
According to Elyn's opinion, wizardry had had to become the only purpose of Eve's existance, aiming to make her reach the greatest heights of power. It was a matter of time, of course, and in Eve's heart a feeling started to grow: hate for her mentor.

As her mind has always been sharp, Eve began to focus her studies on Illusions for the final purpose to trick her mentor and win her freedom. One day Elyn, during one of his conjuration experiments, managed to summon a fiendish creature. Aiming to interrogate it, Elyn was keeping the devil chained in his laboratory, thanks to a confinement spell.
With a simple illusion Eve pretended to be busy studying her tomes in her room, so she went to meet with the outsider. Though it was difficult, she turned that terrifying meeting in a deal: the freedom of the creature, whose name was Alhazahar, for the freedom of Eve. Using a powerful artifact that was being kept in the laboratory, the tiefling dispelled her mentor's confinement spell and went to sleep getting ready to take advantage of the upcoming chance to change her life.
The day after Elyn came to question the devil, who were pretending to be still in a condition of obedience. When the wizard started to talk to Alhazahar he got killed by the devil with a single deadly blow. Eve was finally free form her constrictive mentor! So Alhazahar left, bringing with him the dead wizard's spellbook to prevent Eve, from that moment on, to conjure him back.
After those events, Eve decided to walk to the city of Cear, the only place she knew to be close to her position. On the way she heard about an Order of scholars committed to arcane knowledge, the Ordo Magica, and so she started looking for some of its members, willingful to send her application, start a new life and grow her own power.
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