Sirvius Darkmoon

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Sirvius Darkmoon

Postby Jain Zar » Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:08 pm


Polished tiefling rogue, trickster, magician, locksmith, shadow


Race : tiefling (Erinyes blood)

Gender : male

Age : 23

Place of origin : Gulashir

Deity : no specific

Alignment : neutral

Classes : rogue, wizard, arcane trickster, shadowdancer

Eye color : magnificent amethyst

Hair : long, shiny meteor black, and so fine that they are like millions of tight black cords with the texture of a cobraskin.

Skin : light colored, complexionless

Height : 5.9

Outfit : Sirvius wears black as if it’s the only color he trusts on himself. His outfits, often made of an odd stretchy material and a snug fitting pants with several hidden pockets down each leg, range from decent quality to fashion-forward without making him too conspicious in a crowd. He wears dark, soft-heeled leather boots. He does have a one or two exceptional (black) outfits for special occassions.

Appearance : Some may consider him hauntingly handsome. Sirvius seems as lean as an alley cat and can be just as quick and graceful in his motions. He’s not too tall of stature, clever-eyed and has rather clearly defined facial features. The corner of his mouth can be stained with sensual smiles, but he also can be a perfect gentleman with the highest simplicity.

Background : Sirvius is a young man with various talents. Back in Gulashir he grew up as an orphan after his mother was murdered by an unknown man. But he soon found his way around on the streets and didn’t even found the need to join a gang in order to survive since he stubbornly learned how to do things on his own. As a boy and growing into a young man he always had to look out for himself. It made him a bit of a solitary figure in ways, and he’s never been tempted to pick a side in anything... which makes him an independent man who has the courage to stand alone. Not that he has been alone in Gulashir. Not really, as Sirvius did have more than enough friends (from his perspective), with people among them he even truly cared for. Just not enough to stay in that place forever.
Ever since the age of nineteen he discovered he has a natural ability in magic, and since trying out and experimenting with various stuff has been part of his life, Sirvius decided to travel to Ravenswatch and Cear, intending to take classes at both the Arcanum College and Ordo Magica. He also seems to intend buying a big place in one of those cities. What he does for a living and where he gets all the money he seems to have, is unknown...

Relationship(s) : none

Theme song :

((more later))
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