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Geographical origins
Indistinct, wanderer, from the regions south of Old Varana and north of Rell.

Appearance and First Impressions
“A human form carved of stone within the deepest of winter’s grasp would have a warmer heart.”

Though unquestionably beautiful, Crysari seems to radiate an aura of emotional coldness that has unfathomed depths. Only slightly taller than average (approximately 5’ 10”), her thin, athletic body and stiff, upright posture gives the impression of an unsympathetic arrogance. Fair clear skin, sandy brown hair that is cut short contrasts starkly with dark iridescent eyes that vary with the ambient light from pools of darkest indigo to the intense green of the forest depths. When she speaks, her voice is lilting and smooth, tending to a mixed accent of the southern lands of Old Varnite culture and the hardened folk of rural Rell.

Apparent Racial Origin: Undifferentiated aside from notable human features with the exception of slanted eyes and high cheekbones.

Age: 22 years

Gender: Female

Notable Historical Events: Orphaned by first her father’s death at age five years, then the death of her mother in suspicious but uninvestigated circumstances at age ten years she became homeless. She wandered for some time, generally northward, after finally leaving the town of her birth within several months.

Unusual Events leading to critical early development: Rescued during an assault that would have invariably been her death, she was taken in and educated by a wealthy but reclusive woman while trespassing on the woman’s estate lands. It was during this period of her tutelage that she learned of her own arcane powers, though undeveloped and obviously uncontrolled, and became enamored of those eldritch powers possessed by her benefactor. It was at her fourteenth year that she devoted herself entirely to those dark energies promised by the pact she had slowly formed as a result of her mentor’s teachings.

It was during this time that Crysari discovered that she had some telltale racial heritage indicating her mother was possibly a tiefling, although Crysari displays none of those outward characteristics. It was possibly and, some would say, probably this racial ‘taint’ that invariably lead to her eldritch calling.

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