Character History/Dasaria I Tie In Policy

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Character History/Dasaria I Tie In Policy

Postby Jehannum » Sun Sep 24, 2006 3:22 am

We are going to be implementing a DM approval mandate for any character that will have any direct historial ties to Das I.

We will also be implementing a two-week waiting period post launch on all approvals. Characters that have a direct tie in will be put in hold until the approval process is complete.

This is a departure in some ways from the "dasarian philosophy", but a characters back-story can affect the game play of others and we want any choices made to tie in to Das I to be informed and well placed. Now...dont take this to extremes...Saying your dad was born in Dasar does not need approval, but if you said you were the son of Ergg (poor soul)..that would!

Please send requests including a summary of the characters background up to this point as it will be played in the game. We will need a fully developed background to be considered.

PM apps to:

The Dasaria 2 Staff

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