Das Grinding Rap (Back to Back spoof)

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Das Grinding Rap (Back to Back spoof)

Postby Domina » Mon Nov 09, 2015 6:58 pm

Oh man, oh man,
Oh man, not again.

Yeah, I learned the game from DM Gozer, you can never diss me.
Back to back for the grinders that disrespect me.
Back to back like my dice rolling 20s
Back to back like I’m Holly Fortinbras

Woah, very grindy and very dynamic.

When I look back I might be mad I grind so much.
Yeah, but its weighing heavy on my conscience.
But RP leave a home girl no options.

I wanna see my PCs go to 20!
You gon’ make me step out of my RP.
You gon’ make me buy bottles for Canas.
You gon’ make me step out of my dice checks.

I grind out for days, where y’all at?
I logged on here playing background rap.
Im not sure what it was that made ya all level.
But I guess this is what i gotta do to make you all quest.

I mean WOAH, can’t fool the DMs, they know whats up.
Second tier items, dropping loot.
This is for y’all that think i grind too much.
They just mad they can’t exp share.

You love me then you gotta party me.
Do you love me or the exp?
I know you gotta be 18 for that new feat.
But you need my rez when you lose all your heat?

This aint what i mean when they say you can party me.
Cant do level 20 with level 5.
Grindy needs become wanting needs.
Grindy needs become Das Rp.
Grindy needs become new stories.

You getting bodied by a Paladin
In not the gal to not let you join in.
Grind for that gear so i let you in.

I got the exp in me goin’ back to back.
Yeah, goin back to back
I got quests in das goin’ back to back.
Yeah, grinding hours back to back.

I don’t wanna hear you complaining about my grinding ever again.
Better you join so that we can be friends.
Not even when you saying, “Dommi do it again”

Please, check you level before you join.
Please, gotta keep up I’m getting levels.
Please, think before you go rush in.
Please, who’s a grinder and who aint one?

Please, somebody stop me.
I can’t stop getting that RP.

They gon’ ask if I can do those quest back to back.
Yeah, they want back to back.
They gon’ ask if I’m cheating cuz its back to back
Reportin me cuz I got Rp, now its Tick for Tac.


Das fo life, homie!
The night is far spent, the day is at hand;
Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us wear the armor of light.
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