Clan Stormbeard

The Stormbeard Clan is a gathering of lost dwarves that were scattered across the lands of Dasaria by the Varanite invaders. The Stormbeard Clan has arisen and calls all the lost and clanless dwarves to them. The Clan is the Dwarf and the Dwarf is the Clan.

“Come all dwarven wayward sons, come all dwarven wayward daughters, heed the call of your blood and remember your heritage, know again the right of the Clan. There is a rising of the way of the Dwarven Clan again. In the hills south of the town of Tristan follow the water’s edge into the mountain cove. Climb the stairway to the mountain’s peak. There you will find the Stormbeard Clan and the gateway of Stormhold of Kharadur. Enter kin and be welcomed home.”
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